Chapter 6 - The Lycan King's Gamma

Gamma Kailen Steele

We pulled up behind our warriors at the Blue Crescent gate. I didn’t wait to speak to a guard. I got out of my vehicle and headed to the shack they had for the guards on duty. Hunter was yelling at me. When I entered the shack, it was small and was only there to keep the guards out of the elements.

I didn’t care about the guards. I was actually looking for the pack land map that they have hanging on the wall. I was studying the map when one of the guards spoke to me. I took out my phone and snapped a picture of the map.

“Miss. You can’t be in here.” He growled out.

“That’s Gamma Steele, to you. And I’m here on official business, from the Ivory Moon pack. Now, tell me why there is a new body of water on pack lands that wasn’t there four years ago?” I demanded.

“It’s a flood reservoir. It was built a couple of years ago, Gamma Steele.” He answered.

“Thank you. Now open the gate.” I commanded, while I moved past him to go back to my vehicle. Hunter was now out of my SUV and talking with another guard.

“Ma’am..” The guard started to say, but I interrupted him.

“I’m Gamma Kailen Steele of the Ivory Moon pack. Open the gate.” I demanded. I turned on my heel to head back to my SUV, with Hunter following me. We hopped in and waited for the guards to open the gate to let us in.

“What was that about?” He asked me.

“They have a pack land map hanging on the wall in the shack. It’s the most up-to-date map, as the guards and warriors need to know the layout.” I told him.

“And?” He asked, confused.

“I took a picture of it,” I told him.

“Fuck, that was hot as hell.” He laughed. We finally started moving through the now open gate.

“Should I start bossing you around?” I smirked.

“You want to start now? We have time.” He pretty much begged, and I laughed.

“If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get lucky tonight.” I told him while chewing on a nail.

“Is that a challenge, Beautiful?” He smiled.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.” I told him, blowing him a kiss. He groaned while he had to readjust himself.

“You’re such a tease,” he grumbled.

“And you love it.” I giggled. I was glad for the distraction. I may seem all confident on the outside, but I was in a storm on the inside.

We pulled up to the all-too-familiar pack house, and my stomach was in knots. I looked towards the porch to see Alpha Owen, Luna Maya and Beta Finn waiting for us.

“You got this, Beautiful.” Hunter whispered, squeezing the hand he was holding. He always held my hand in the car. I nodded to him before I let go of his hand and exited my SUV.

Hunter walked over to the three. They had walked down the porch stairs to greet him. I walked to the boot of the SUV to retrieve my camera. I wanted to take a look at the body first. I placed the strap over my head and closed the boot. Zach and Greyson were now standing with Hunter and, to my surprise, the warriors were standing around me.

“What are you guys doing?” I whispered.

“Orders, Gamma Kailen.” One whispered to me and I sighed. I knew Hunter must have told them to stick with me. I took a deep breath and squared my shoulders. I was trying to look more confident than I was feeling.

I walked up to the group and Zach moved over so I could stand beside Hunter. Hunter was just introducing everyone. I tried not to let seeing Owen affect me. He looked like the same boy I fell in love with all those years ago.

He was tall and built, like an Alpha should be. He had light brown hair and amber eyes. Once upon a time ago, I used to get lost in those, but looking at him now, I just feel angry.

“Alpha Owen, Luna Maya, Beta Finn.” I greeted them.

“I would like to see the body first,” I told them.

“Of course, Gamma Steele. Follow me.” Owen said, and I nodded.

“Kailen, you can’t just show up here and make demands.” She huffed before anyone could move.

“Maya!” Alpha Owen growled at his mate.

“What? She’s just a fucken omega!” She yelled. And that’s when Hunter let out his murderous growl and everyone froze.

“Actually, Luna Maya, I’m a gamma to our king and the only one here with a title above mine is the Lycan Prince. So I can and I will come in here and make demands. And if you’d like, I could always bring my team in here and we can go through everything.” I told her. She was opening and closing her mouth and then crossed her arms over her chest.

“You can’t do that?” She stuttered out.

“I can and I will. I’m pretty sure a luna of a pack this size doesn’t get paid enough to afford $1500 designer shoes.” I smirked at her, and Owen’s face fell. I almost felt bad for him, almost.

“Now, the body, Alpha Owen.” I ended my conversation with the Luna and just wanted to get back to the task at hand.

“Follow me.” Owen said. He walked around us because the pack hospital was behind us. My group turned to follow and Luna Maya just had to open her big mouth.

“Kailen, you’re such a fucken bitch.” She growled out, making me turn around. Hunter was about to say something, but I held out my hand to stop him.

I turned to look at Zach, and he seemed to get the message. He pulled out his phone.

“On it boss.” He said loud enough that she could hear and her face paled. I turned back around to see Alpha Owen staring at me.

“The body, Alpha Owen,” Hunter ordered, and Owen nodded. Alpha Owen led us down to the basement of the hospital where the morgue was located. And the most disgusting smell hit me. I was covering my mouth with my hand, trying to will myself not to throw up. I’ve never thrown up over a body and I refuse to start now.

“Kailen, you okay?” Hunter nudged me.

“Do you guys not smell that?” I mumbled through my hand. I was starting to gag. I was trying really hard not to show my disgust, but the smell was churning my stomach.

“Gamma Steele, you alright?” Alpha Owen asked me, concerned.

“Yes, of course.” I told him through my hand. I didn’t trust my stomach enough to remove my hand.

Alpha Owen led Hunter, Zach, Greyson and me into a room where the victim was already lying on a table under a sheet. Beta Finn came in behind us and our warriors stood in the hall.

I walked over to the table, and the doctor pulled back the sheet. The smell hit me like a ton of bricks, making me turn around and gag. The smell was coming from her.

“Gamma, are you alright?” The doctor asked, concerned, and I felt embarrassed. I’m not weak, and I have no idea what’s happening.

“Yes, thank you. Please explain your findings.” I told him. While he was talking, I was only half listening. There were two smells, not just one.

“She was pregnant.” I blurted out, and the doctor was stunned.

“How did you know that? I just got the test back.” The doctor asked, and now all eyes were on me.

“She has two smells, one is hers and the other is the father of her child.” I told them.

“That’s not all,” the doctor said. He motioned for his assistant to help him. They rolled the body on to her back and I gasped.


I am coming for you

<3 M

“I’m not sure what this means.” The doctor told us.

“It’s okay, I do. Were there any drugs found in her system?” I asked, changing the subject.

“We did.” He started, but I didn’t let him finish.

“Was the drug called conceivable?” I rushed out. And he looked at me, shocked.

“How did you know that?” He asked.

“I did a drug bust a few years ago. This was one of the illegal drugs we found. It’s the only drug I could think of that would lead to a pregnancy in an unmated wolf.” I explained.

“And why is the drug illegal?” Alpha Owen asked.

“It’s illegal because it will cause the user to become rabid. And if they become pregnant, they become almost demonic. It’s horrific to witness and all the victims had to be put down. I’ve never heard of anyone surviving.”

“Is that everything, Doctor?” I asked him.

“Everything is in the report, but that was most significant,” he answered. And I nodded. I took a picture of the message on her back and turned my attention to Owen.

“I need to see the scene,” I told him. And then I left the room. I needed to get out of there. It was Marcus’ scent that was causing me to feel sick. He’s behind all of this and he’s coming for me.