Chapter 5 - The Lycan King's Gamma

Gamma Kailen Steele

Even though I was sleeping beside Hunter, I didn’t get much sleep. My mind was racing with the thought of having to return to my old pack and to have to see my ex-mate again.

I loved Owen and the moment I saw him with Maya, my heart was crushed. I fought so hard to survive, to get back to him. Just to find out that he never looked for me, he moved on while I was being tortured and raped. He never truly loved me like I loved him. He was my everything, and he just replaced me.

I arrived back at my pack, broken, but I left an empty shell of my former self. Everyone there only thought of me as a stupid omega, but my parents were actually Alpha and Luna of my former pack. They were both killed in a challenge and my mom’s best friend Cathy took me and ran. I never told anyone of my former pack until I had to reject Owen. You have to use your full title to reject your mate.

We ran until we came across Blue Crescent and the former Alpha, Alpha Landon, took us in. Cathy ended up being mated to a warrior, and we all moved into a home together. That’s when the abuse first started. Jim, her mate, hated me. He hated that Cathy wouldn’t give me up, that he was stuck raising another man's child.

Cathy never gave him a child, and the abuse became worse after that. I never told her about it. It was her mate and I could never become the rift between them. The abuse became worse and worse and I spent a lot of my time at the pack house with Owen, even before we started dating.

It was just better to not be around. I missed Cathy and I will always be grateful for what she did for me, but I had to move on with my life. In the last four years, I’ve only ever spoken with Jim. He would call every few months, wanting money. He was a terrible gambler and as much as I hated him, I always helped. I didn’t want Cathy to be hurt in the crossfire. I even paid off the mortgage on their house.

To say my whole life has been fucked up would be an understatement. I was only four when Cathy and I arrived at Blue Crescent, and I don’t remember my parents. Cathy and I had to run with just the clothes on our backs or they would have killed us both. I don’t have anything left of my parents, not even a photograph.

I was lying beside Hunter in our room, staring up at the ceiling. I wasn’t the same person I was four years ago. I had Hunter. I had Greyson and Zach. I had my title that I worked my ass off for. I was stronger than I'd ever been before. And I can do this. I could walk in there and make Owen regret ever leaving me. I would have been a perfect Luna for him and he fucked it up.

Hunter rolled into me, wrapping me in a tight squeeze.

“How long have you been up, Beautiful?” He grumbled while kissing my shoulder.

“I don’t think I even slept.” I sighed, turning to face me.

“What’s bothering you?” He asked me.

“I was just thinking about my life there, and how it’s so different now.” I told him.

“Different, better. I hope?” He asked. He leaned down and started to kiss along my collarbone, causing goosebumps to erupt all over my body and making me shiver.

“Hunter?” I breathed out.

“Mhm.” He said into my skin.

“Aurora wants to mark you.” I whispered. He shot up to look at me.

“And what did you tell her?” He asked while sitting up on his elbow.

“I told her I would talk to you when we got home. But for now, I don’t think we should give her any opportunity to try.” I told him. He leaned down and started to peck my lips and jaw.

“We can always do it from behind?” His voice came out husky, and I knew he was turned on.

“You’re so dirty,” I giggled.

“And hard.” He crushed his lips to mine before he flipped me onto my stomach, pulling my ass up by my hips. We were both sleeping naked, and thank goodness for that. We have ripped a ton of clothes over the course of our relationship.

He started to rub his tip around my entrance, making me moan out.

“You’re so wet, Beautiful.” He groaned out before he thrusted his full length into me. I was moaning and biting at the mattress while he thrusted into me harder and faster. I could feel my orgasm building and he felt so good, buried deep inside my pussy.

He leaned down and wrapped a hand around my throat, pulling me back to his chest. He started kissing and sucking my neck, while I was a moaning mess. I was so close to the edge now.

He threw me over the edge when he sunk his teeth into my shoulder, causing my orgasm to rip through me.

“Baby.” I screamed out while he trusted harder and faster, chasing his own release. He stilled behind me and pulled his teeth out of my shoulder. He started to lick up the blood that I could feel running down my back. We were both breathless when he finally pulled out of me. I fell onto the bed on my stomach while Hunter flopped onto his back beside me.

“When did you start biting?” I asked him, panting. That had to be the best orgasm I’d ever had.

“You started it.” He looked over at me and laughed.

“That had to be the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Ever.” I panted out. He leaned over and started to kiss the angry bite mark he left.

“Now you know how I felt yesterday.” He whispered in between kisses.

“I’m sorry I ruined it.” I told him, and he stopped kissing my shoulder to look at me.

“You could never ruin anything, Beautiful. Now get up, we have to get ready.” He kissed my lips before he climbed off the bed. He smacked my ass when I wasn’t moving fast enough, making me jump. I was now tired and ready for a nap.

“Come on, Beautiful. Unless you want to smell like me and sex, which I’d be okay with.” He called out from the bathroom and I groaned. To be honest, I thought about showing up there covered in Hunter’s scent and smelling of sex. It would be a slap in the face for Owen. Payback can be such a bitch.

But instead, I took a deep breath and got up to get ready. After showering, I side braided my hair, leaving some hair to frame my face. I walked out of the bathroom to find Hunter pulling up his dark blue jeans. He was shirtless, and I noticed the bite mark I left him.

“The bite I gave you yesterday doesn’t seem to be healing?” I walked over to him to inspect the wound. It was still red and angry. I was confused as to why it hadn’t healed yet. He was of royal blood, and he should have healed up yesterday.

“Yeah, I’m not sure.” He shrugged. I was standing there, wrapped in a fluffy white towel.

“You should probably get dressed. You won’t have time for another shower.” He leaned in and kissed my cheek. I gave him a smirk and rolled my eyes.

I pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans, a white v-neck tee and a dark grey zip-up hoodie. I sat on the edge of the bed to tie up my hiking boots. Hunter was already dressed and was waiting for me. He had pulled on a dark green hoodie to go with his jeans and boots. Honestly, that man looked sexy in everything he wore.

I grabbed my purse and my laptop bag and we headed down to the breakfast area to eat before we headed out. I made sure to cover the bite mark that Hunter gave me.

We met Greyson and Zach. They were eating breakfast already. I guess the warriors went to make sure the vehicles were gassed up before we headed out.

I grabbed a coffee and sat down while Hunter was grabbing some food. I pulled out my phone to check my emails while I sipped my coffee. I didn’t feel like eating. My stomach was already starting to knot up.

Hunter put a plate of food in front of me before he sat down beside me. I looked at him, confused.

“What’s with the food?” I asked him.

“You need to eat. Coffee isn’t enough.” He told me and I rolled my eyes.

“Fine.” I grumbled as I picked at the food. And he smirked at me. When we were finally all done, I grabbed another coffee, and we made it out to the vehicles where the warriors were waiting.

We all hopped into our vehicles. Hunter was driving my SUV. We all pulled out and Hunter reached over, interlacing our fingers together. He brought our hands up to his lips, kissing mine. At that moment, I decided that I was going to tell him everything. I just pray to the moon goddess that he doesn’t walk away.

“You okay, Beautiful?” Hunter asked me.

“Yeah.” I looked over at him and smiled. I squeezed his hand before I looked back out the window. I can do this as long as I have Hunter by my side.