Chapter 6 - The Lycan King's Long Lost Princess

Hunters POV

We finished talking about the festival and the wolf run we’re going to do during the full moon. Then we all said our good nights and headed for our rooms.

Tomorrow we’re going to spend the day looking around, talking to servants to see if anyone knows anything about the massacre. But the last thing I need is someone telling the Alpha we’re snooping, so I need to get in good with someone and hopefully get some intel. And I think I know just who.

I get to my room and undress as I make my way to the bathroom. I turn on the shower and step in, standing under the hot water. It feels so good. Today was long and stressful and this is exactly what I needed. Not everything, but some of it. I wish she was in here with me. I keep thinking about our skin touching and kissing her like there’s no tomorrow. I literally can’t get her scent out of my head.

As I’m washing myself, I realize that my d**k is so hard. Just thinking about “Jess” has me aroused as f**k. Her smell, her long raven-colored hair, her big hazel eyes, the sound of her voice. Ugh. If I don’t stop thinking about her I’m going to c*m.

“She’s perfect. I want her.”

“So do I Marcus but we can’t do anything, yet.”

“Yes, we can. We’re king, just take her.”

“I don’t want to cause trouble yet,” I said.

“I do. So what are you waiting for?”

I push Marcus to the back of my mind and finish washing. Turning off the water, I step out of the shower with a towel around my waist and use another to shake my hair dry. I throw on a clean pair of boxers and get into the bed.

Just then, I can hear someone talking. Or is it arguing? I’m uncertain. I stand up and walk to the door and crack it a little. Just enough for me to hear what’s going on.

“If I catch you alone with the king one more time, I’m going to beat the F**K OUT OF YOU.” the alpha growled. I can hear a heart beating so fast. Definitely not his.

And then I hear her voice.

“Yes alpha. It won’t happen again. He just wanted to know what I used for the steaks. I’m sorry.” I’m glad she caught my excuse. If we had different stories this probably would be very bad for her.


Then I hear a grunt and she falls to the floor coughing and trying to breathe. Did he just hit MY MATE?! I’m going to fucking kill him. Just as I’m stepping out of my room, my beta steps out and stops me. He opens a mind link.

“Hunter, we can’t interfere right now. Especially if she ends up not being your mate.”

“She is. I know it.” I growled.

“I know but still. We can’t. We don’t need to cause a scene until we get some information. We need to know if he set up the murders. Just a bit longer.”

“If he keeps this up I’m taking her and leaving. Mate or not. At this point, I won’t care about information.” I said as I walked back into my room and almost slammed the door. I closed off the mind link. This is bullsh*t. He’s beating her. And there’s nothing I can do yet.

“Our beautiful mate. Let's just go claim her right now. And bring her here. She’s safe with us.” Marcus whined.

“We can’t. She doesn’t even have her wolf. But soon, I promise.”

Finally, after thinking about her nonstop, I fall asleep.


Genevieves POV:

The alpha came to get me, pulling me out of my room. He’s taking me to his office. After a moment of silence, and feeling his rage he turns to me.

“If I catch you alone with the king one more time, I’m going to beat the F**K OUT OF YOU.” He growled. I’m actually kind of scared. The last thing I need is him beating me more or giving me more lashings. The ones I got earlier still sting.

“Yes alpha. It won’t happen again. He just wanted to know what I used for the steaks. I’m sorry.” He looked at me like he wanted to kill me.


Then he punches me in the stomach as hard as he can. I almost vomit when he does. He hit me so hard, that I fell to the floor coughing. He grabs me by my throat and drags me to his room, throwing me on the bed.

“You want to act like a sl*t, go ahead. But you’ll be my sl*t and that’s it. I catch you looking or even breathing near another man and I will gut you.” He started hitting me more. Punching me in my ribs and my stomach. I started coughing up blood, and when I do he starts ripping off my clothes. He then pulls his pants down showing his erection and pulls me by my legs to the edge of the bed towards him. And then I go blank.

This time, it’s the night of the murder. There’s chaos everywhere. There are servants slitting throats and stabbing the guards repeatedly in the stomach. I’m hiding under a desk in the main hall, and in front of me falls a dead guard. I squeal and that’s when I see a man walk toward me. He leans down and it’s a younger-looking Alpha Jaden.

He smiles at me, covered in blood with a knife in hand, and reaches for me. I scream at him but he grabs my arm and drags me out, throwing me over his shoulder as he throws the knife at another guard's throat. I close my eyes and start humming the song my mother always used to sing to me when I was scared.

That was the last time I’ve seen that castle. A few days later, I heard the alpha in his office talking to his beta about how they all slipped sleeping potions in the drinks that were served for dinner.

They also slipped everyone something that would keep them from shifting. He never would have been able to kill them all without those.

I come back to the alpha gone. I’m still laying on his bed, the sides of my hair soaked in tears. It’s daylight now. I try to stand up, but it hurts so bad so I just lay there for a moment. When I finally do get up, it takes all of my strength and I cough up more blood. I can’t wait to get out of this place.

I grab what’s left of my clothing, and steal the sheet that’s under me covered in blood and tears. I wrap myself in it, open the door and peak out.

There’s nobody in the halls. I make a run for my room and I take a clean rag and soap and use the bucket of water I have sitting in front of my cot and use it to wipe myself off. I feel absolutely disgusting. I finish wiping down and get dressed. Then stand up to head out of my room. I peek out and still see no one. So I head to the kitchen.

Heading to the kitchen, I see Serene. She’s following the king's Beta around like a puppy. Gross. Then he turns around and tells her to stop following him. She looks at him wide-eyed and turns my way looking p*ssed off. She comes barreling me and grabbed me by my hair.

She pulled me down to the ground and started wailing on my chest and anything she could get ahold of. I had my arms covering my face.

“It’s all your fault. The alpha is in a horrible mood and he got into an argument with the king and his beta over the alpha yelling at you and now the king's beta won’t f**k me.” She squealed. Her claws were out as she was scratching my sides, I could feel how deep there were cutting.

“No, it’s just because he doesn’t find you attractive,” I yelled back.

She grabbed my hair again and started slamming my head into the floor. She was screaming so hard in my face she was hitting me with spit.

I watched as she pushed her fangs out and tried to bite my throat. But before she can, I feel her lifted off of me and I turn to look. It’s the king. He’s got her by her throat.

“YOU DO NOT TOUCH HER AGAIN OR I WILL MAKE YOU REGRET IT.” He growled. You could feel his anger. And it made any wolf nearby cower with fear.

Then the alpha walks in. “What’s the meaning of this? Why are you choking my Betas mate?!”

“She was attacking your future luna. You should have her punished. She should be dead!” The king screamed.

“Guards, take her to the alphas cells.” He commanded. The guards took her and made the alpha show them.

“Are you okay little one?” He asked picking me off the ground. I pushed away from him.

“Yes, I’m fine. I need to go.”I said. I ran away into the kitchen. He just protected me. But then he called me the alphas future luna. I guess I’m the only one feeling the connection.