Chapter 7 - The Lycan King's Long Lost Princess

Hunters POV

I heard screaming and growling and I ran into the main pack hall. I saw the betas mate slamming and screaming at my mate. I grabbed that b***h by her throat and started screaming at her.

“Rip her head off!” Marcus is fighting to take control.

“YOU DO NOT TOUCH HER AGAIN OR I WILL MAKE YOU REGRET IT,” I growled. I was so angry that I wanted to rip her f***ING throat out. I saw other omegas and servants bow their heads in fear at my command.

The alpha comes running in behind me.

“What’s the meaning of this? Why are you choking my female Beta?!”

“She was attacking your future luna. You should have her punished. She should be dead!” I was livid. I was screaming and even heard some of the other wolves' whimpers.

“Guards, take her to the pack cells,” I commanded. This little bitch will not get away with hurting my mate. I had the guards take her, and ordered the alpha to show them the way.

“Are you okay little one?” I asked picking her off the ground. She pushed away from me. Does she not feel any connection? It’s not in my head. I know what I feel. How can she not? Is it because of what the alpha said last night?

“She has to feel it. She’s mate.” Marcus was whining.

“Yes, I’m fine. I need to go.” She said and ran towards the kitchen.

A mind link opened.

“My king. Are you okay?” My gamma asked

“Yes, I’m fine. Do you know what that was about?” I asked.

“No. Mark, do you?” Mathew asked

“I think I might have an idea. The beta female was following me around, I told her to get lost. It was kind of creepy. I guess she was pissed and your mate walked in and the b***h ran up to her. She was yelling about how it was her fault that we got into an argument with the alpha over last night. I knew we shouldn’t have brought it up.”

“I couldn’t just not say anything. I’m the king. I will disperse his pack if I find reason. He’s lucky all I did was bring it up.” I growled. I’m so pissed. It’s my fault my mate got attacked.

“Go find gamma William. I need to speak to him. Tell him I want to meet in the main hall at 8 tonight.” I said. They closed the mind link and off they went.

Most of the alphas and their betas have arrived. The rest of the packs will arrive tomorrow afternoon. This packhouse is going to be packed full when everyone is here.

Since this is a once-a-year event. King Henry and his mate aren’t making it this year. She just gave birth a few days ago, otherwise, they’d be here. Since everyone besides them will be here, I'm hoping the alpha doesn’t act like a fool when I claim Jess as my mate.

Genevieve’s POV:

It was a little past noon, so I started making lunch for everyone. And as soon as I get done I’m going to go change out of these bloody clothes.

I finish making sub sandwiches and plating them up with chips when I have the other servants take them to everyone in the pack dining hall. I’m not going in there.

The servants always help when I need them. None of them are my friends, I don’t have those besides gamma William. And even him, I barely consider a friend because I don’t need him getting killed by the alpha.

The servants walk out with the plates, and I head to my room. Before I reach the door, I see gamma William walking toward me.

“I got what you needed. It will be where you asked.” He said as he walked back towards the main hall.

“Thank you,” I said.

I then grabbed the key and walked it back to my room and hid it under my cot. I quickly changed and fixed my hair back in a braid.

I walked back towards the kitchen to clean up the lunch mess when the alpha came up to me.

“Serene is in the cells. What did you do to provoke her?” He asked.

“Nothing, she said that it’s my fault the king's beta told her to go away. She said she heard you and the king arguing.” I replied, turning my fingers in my hand.

“We did. You will stay away from the king. I feel he is being protective over you. And not just because you’re going to be my luna. He wants you and I will kill them all if he tries to take you.” He snarled.

“Yes alpha. I will stay away.”

“Good girl. Tomorrow night before we shift for the run, I will claim you as mine in front of everyone. You’d better prepare. You will be MINE my little raven-haired wolf.” He’s always assumed I was a wolf since I obeyed his commands and never fought. Always cowered when he screamed and beat me.

“Yes alpha,” I said looking at the floor.

“Look at me little raven. You know I hate when you look down.” He said, roughly grabbing my face. Then he ran his hand down from my chin to my breast and played with it for a moment, before turning and walking back towards the dining hall.

Too bad I’ll be gone.

I finished walking to the kitchen and cleaned up my mess. I grabbed a sandwich I put aside and went to my room to read a book and eat.

Tomorrow is the festival and the castle is absolutely packed with alphas and their betas. The rest will be here tomorrow before the festival starts. It’s going to be so busy. Just about every pack will be here. Thankfully, I won’t be. I don’t want to be made a fool in front of everyone. None of the other alphas like him. Dinner was absolutely awkward, with him talking about me nonstop.

It’s getting close to midnight. I have everything ready. I just need to be super quiet, as everyone has super hearing.

I slowly open my door and sneak out. I creep through the castle, sticking to the shadows on the walls. I make it to the kitchen, and I quietly grab the other sandwich I had hidden in a cabinet under the island. I stick it in my little pack and head for the back door.

When I reach the back door knob, I go to use the key. But I don’t need to, it’s already unlocked. Maybe someone forgot to lock it? The beta always locks it. They have a lock on the inside mainly to keep anyone from escaping, like myself. And there are only two keys. The alphas, and the betas. I hope they just forgot.

I open the door and creep out slowly. My heart is racing in my chest. I get out, and I turn around and head closer to the patio when I’m hit with the amazing smell of the king. Sniffing the air, I turn to look, and there he is. Standing there looking at me. He walks up to me, and without saying a single word he pulls me in for a kiss.