Chapter 3 - Life at the Top

Jasper did not bother about them. He did not give a damn about what they said at all.

Now that he had money, he could become a millionaire or a billionaire in the future. Would he still be afraid of a few rogues pestering him?

In the week after, the Hunts did not come over to look for trouble with him. Jasper felt at ease as well.

However, he did not spend his time in vain either. Based on his memories, he knew that something huge was about to happen in this small town.

In his past life, he knew that a ruby pendant had appeared in a jewelry shop called Glory Jewellers within the town.

The boss of the shop promoted this ruby pendant as an antique piece, but this pendant was once worn by an English monarch in the past!

Therefore, the pendant was being sold as a treasure of the shop. However, with a price tag of 500,000 dollars, nobody in town would buy it.

Despite the gimmick, no one believed in it.

They had to be kidding. An antique ruby pendant worn by a monarch was selling for only 500,000 dollars?

This was obviously a promotion scheme.

However, nobody would have expected the pendant to be sold off to a merchant who owned a foreign business. The boss of the jewelry shop even laughed at him for getting scammed by a fake product.

Half a year later, the ruby pendant appeared in the country’s largest auction event and was identified as a genuine piece!

It got sold off at a monumental price of 40 million dollars. It was rumored that the boss of the jewelry shop was so angered by the news that he had to be sent to the hospital.

According to his memories, today was the day the ruby pendant would be listed for sale!

This time around, Jasper would definitely not let someone else get the chance to buy it with 500,000 dollars and sell it off at a price of almost 80 times higher.

Jasper left his house early in the morning. He took a cab to the Grand Plaza and headed straight toward Glory Jewellers.

When he arrived at the shop, a bunch of customers was already there.

“Richton, thank you so much!”

Penelope happily gazed at the ruby bracelet on her wrist. It cost 3,000 dollars. It was not a gift that anyone would simply purchase for someone else.

The person called Richton was a middle-aged man. He had a large head, big ears, and a protruding belly. Clad in a suit, he smiled cheerily at Penelope. A glimmer of satisfaction and greed flashed across his eyes.

He had his eyes on Penelope from a long time ago!

It was just that he did not have the time to chase after her, but she recently started to approach him voluntarily.

There was no way Richton White would not go after her. After all, it would only cost him gifts that cost a few thousand dollars. He could afford that much.

“It’s just a small gift. What’s important is that you’re happy.”

Richton White laughed aloud. He turned over to look at Calvin and Susan, who were both staring at him in admiration. “Calvin, Mrs. Jones, each of you should choose a piece that you like as well. It’ll be my welcome gift for you,” he said.

Looks of surprise appeared on Calvin and Susan’s faces. They smiled from ear to ear and showered Richton with incessant praises.

Right then, Jasper entered the shop.

The sight of an enemy tended to make one feel vengeful. “Hey, isn’t that the calculative and wretched country bumpkin? Why are you here? Everything here costs a few thousand dollars at least. You cannot afford any of it,” he drawled on in a joking tone.

“Maybe he’s here to apply for the position of a security guard,” Penelope said condescendingly with a cold smile on her face.

Susan scoffed. She took hold of Penelope’s wrist. “Tsk tsk, look at this bracelet. It costs 3,000 dollars. Someone with taste and class bought it at a whim. People like you can only earn that much if you work for two months without eating or drinking, isn’t that right?” she asked.

Richton White stared at Jasper with a meaningful gaze.

He knew that Penelope had a boyfriend. It seemed like he was the one.

Richton smiled faintly. There was a nonchalant expression on his greasy face. “It’s nothing at all. I’m not good at much, but I can’t stand seeing the ones I care for suffering from injustice,” he said.

Upon hearing his words, Penelope was touched. She leaned on Richton. “Richton, you treat me so well, unlike someone who’s poor and calculative. He deserves to remain as trash for the rest of his life,” she said.

Jasper ignored their taunting.

He and these people were from different worlds ever since the moment he was reborn.

Walking straight toward the counter, Jasper asked the sales assistant, “Excuse me, can you please take out the antique ruby pendant?”

Calvin laughed out loud after hearing what he said. “Hahaha, has this fool gone crazy? Antique ruby pendant? Why are you asking someone to take it out when you can’t even afford it?” he asked.

Richton shook his head. Rash people like him were easily provoked. This man resorted to doing something illogical after they had taunted him a little. “Hey, acting cool comes with a limit. What if they really take it out? Will you buy it or not?” he asked calmly.

Susan smirked in distaste. “Maybe he wants to see it just to gain some knowledge about the world. Alas, lowly country bumpkins like him have never seen anything good. After looking at it, he may even go back to the countryside to brag about it,” she said.

Everyone burst out into laughter upon hearing what she said.

The sales assistant stared at Jasper with a questioning look on her face. She did not know him, but she knew Richton White. He always brought women here to buy gifts for them. From what he said, this young man before her did not have much money.

The sales assistant was too lazy to serve him as well. “Sir, that ruby pendant costs a lot. If you aren’t buying it, please don’t waste our time,” she said coldly.

“Who says I’m not buying it? Give it to the person who’s asking you to take it out. Will your boss forgive you if this deal gets delayed because of you?” Jasper questioned her.

The sales assistant’s expression changed instantly. She hummed coldly. “Alright, I’ll take it out. Let’s see if you can afford it!”

The sales assistant then turned over to open the safe. She retrieved a tray and placed it before Jasper. She sneered coldly, “My boss brought this ruby pendant over last night. It was once worn by an English monarch. It’s priced at 500,000 dollars. No bargain is available!”

“500,000 dollars?!”

Penelope and the others took in a sharp breath. Even Richton’s eyes began to twitch.

Not everyone could take out 500,000 dollars at a time like this. This ruby pendant was well-shaped and had a great luster, but it did not seem to be much different from Penelope’s ruby bracelet in terms of color or appearance.

Richton shook his head. He could spend a few thousand dollars to have fun with a girl like Penelope Hunt, but something like this was beyond him.

However… This was something that even he could not afford. What about this guy?

Richton laughed coldly. “What a nice piece. It’s a pity that my funds are still tied up to my previous investment. Otherwise, I’d buy one just for fun. I guess for someone like you, you can only take a look, right?” he drawled.


Penelope moved her greedy gaze away from the ruby pendant. She looked at Jasper contemptuously. “Now that you’ve seen it, can you scram?” she asked.

Richton pulled out his bank card and handed it to the sales assistant. He spoke cheerily, “Give me the bill. You need to look closely next time. Don’t let some poor b*stards enter the shop. People like me are the real customers. What can he even do? He even requested for the antique ruby pendant after entering the shop. How embarrassing!”


A black VIP bank card was slammed on top of Richton’s normal bank card. It glimmered in all of its luxurious glory under the light.

“Swipe this card,” Jasper said coldly.

The atmosphere of the jewelry shop dampened instantly.


Calvin pointed at Jasper and burst into a frenzy of laughter. “Has this fool really gone crazy? You want to buy something worth 500,000 dollars with a card like that? If this worthless card has 500,000 dollars in it, I’ll kneel down before you and call you my father!” He sniggered.

However, Richton could not bring himself to laugh out loud. His mouth became dry as he caught sight of the luxurious black bank card!

He knew that only those with up to ten million dollars in their savings account could apply for this card.

At least ten million dollars!

Richton had never seen so much money in his entire life!

One could lie, but there was no way for this card to be fake.

Richton stared at Jasper, the corners of his eyes twitching lightly.

Right then, the sales assistant took the card and swiped it on the machine.

Jasper entered his password and a beep sounded from the machine. After that, the machine printed out a long bill…

Everyone could see that this was the sign of a successful transaction.

He had really… paid 500,000 dollars!

Upon taking a glimpse at the balance of his bank card, the magnanimous amount of several tens of million dollars made the sales assistant’s heart lurch.

This was her first time seeing so much money in her life.

Keeping his card, Jasper turned around to face Calvin who had a stunned expression on his face. “You can kneel down before me, but there’s no need to call me your father. That would disgust me.”

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