Chapter 2 - Life at the Top

“Jasper! Wait and see, I’ll definitely not let you have your way!” Penelope blurted out in anger and left.

There was not a hint of regret in Jasper’s gaze as he saw Penelope leave in a fit of rage.

He should have dumped this woman a long time ago!

In the evening, the sky gradually darkened.

Jasper wrote down all the opportunities to earn money he could recall from his memories in his notebook in case his memory deteriorated in the future. This was the most important thing in his life right now. He could not be careless about it.

Someone knocked on the door out of the blue.

Jasper opened the door and was met with the sight of three people—Penelope Hunt, her brother, Calvin Hunt, and her mother, Susan Jones.

Susan had a snarky expression on her face. Once she caught sight of Jasper, she pointed a finger at him and shouted out loud, “Jasper Laine! I let my daughter date you since I thought you were honest and genuine. How dare you dump my daughter, you cold-hearted b*stard?! Are you still human?!”

Jasper glanced at Penelope, whose eyes were red due to crying. “I broke up with her on good terms. Please keep your mouth clean,” he said calmly.

“What f*cking bullshit!”

Calvin Hunt roared out in anger. He pointed at Jasper and shouted, “Look at how much my sister is crying! Don’t try defending yourself anymore. Don’t think I don’t know that you did this just because you can’t bear to give us some money.”

“Mother, I’ve told you a long time ago that people from the countryside are extremely calculative. His parents never managed to achieve much throughout their entire lives, so how can you expect their son to achieve anything? How can they compare with people from the city like us?” Calvin blurted out.

Susan Jones laughed coldly. “I must’ve been blind to allow my daughter to date you then. My son is right. Wretched parents sure do raise wretched children. From this small sum of money, we can tell that your personality is trash,” she said.

“Do you think you can get away like that after wasting my daughter’s time all these years? What wishful thinking! Either way, you must give us 300,000 dollars!”

Jasper remained impassive in front of their antics. “I don’t have money,” he said.

Susan scoffed. “No money? Won’t you have money after selling off your parents’ house?”

“Exactly!” Calvin said matter-of-factly. “They can rent a room or sleep on the fields after selling off their house. Anyways, they have been farmers for their entire lives and only know how to plant crops. Maybe they’ll feel more at ease living in the fields.”

As he continued speaking, Calvin’s eyes shone with a greedy glint. “Hand over this property to me as well. I’m going to get married by the end of this year. I’ll need a place to live after getting married. If you do this, I’ll advise my sister to get back together with you,” he said.

Susan’s eyes gleamed. After that incident, not only would her son have to pay a compensation fee of 300,000 dollars, but he would also have to marry this girl as well. He was worried because he did not have property of his own. Was there not a piece of property right before their eyes at this moment?

“Yes, this property seems like a pretty good place for Calvin to live in after he gets married,” Susan said happily.

Jasper laughed aloud at the schemes of this greedy mother and son. “What an excellent plan. Not only do you want me to sell my parents’ house, but you want this house as well? My parents used all of their savings to buy this house for after I marry!”

“You’re such an idiot!” Calvin said impatiently, “If my mother and I do not agree, who else will marry a wretched country boy like you? What do you still want this house for? Isn’t this house for you and your wife to live in? You can express your sincerity by giving this house to me as your wedding gift for me.”

Right then, Penelope started speaking as well. “That’s right, Jasper. He’s my only brother. We’ve worked so hard just for him all along, isn’t that right? Listen to them now. Call your parents and ask them to sell their house, then hand over this property to my brother tomorrow when you go to work. If you do so, I can forgive you and will agree to marry you.”

“Have you guys gone insane?”

Jasper gazed at the three of them coldly. “Do I owe your family anything? Or have I not told Penelope clearly enough this afternoon? I told her to scram. I’m now asking the three of you to scram. Penelope and I aren’t in a relationship anymore. What right do you guys have to order me around?” he questioned.

Jasper’s words infuriated Susan even more. She stared at Jasper pointedly and gritted her teeth. “You’re really an ungrateful b*stard! F*cking b*stard!” she yelled.

“Jasper Laine!” Penelope shrieked. “Look at how much you’ve angered Mother! Apologize at once! Do you recall what you told me when you were chasing after me in the past? You aren’t even willing to do this for me right now. Are you still human?” she asked.

“F*ck it, he chased after my sister like a dog in the past. Now he’s just walking away from her like that. Jasper Laine, you’re f*cking despicable. You wretched b*stard. Your entire family is wretched as hell…”

Before Calvin could finish speaking, Jasper glared at him coldly.

“This is my house. Let me tell you one last time, scram!” Jasper yelled. After that, he slammed the door close with a loud bang.

Looking at the closed door, Susan trembled in rage.

“Mother, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that he’s someone like this…” Penelope cried.

Calvin’s expression darkened as well. “Mother, what shall we do now? This b*stard doesn’t want to sell his house. I can’t go to court! My life will be ruined. What about my house?” he asked.

Susan stared at the door angrily. She said spitefully, “It’s late now, let’s go back first. There will come a time when this ungrateful b*stard will be hit by karma!”

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