Life at the Top

Life at the Top

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Synopsis about Life at the Top

Read Life at the Top by Cold Night. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereA new shot at life with transmigration, where dreams become reality. The chance to change oneself and rewrite the future. This time, I swear to walk on the path toward life’s greatest pleasures!
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Chapter 1

17th May 2000[You have transferred 13666422.19 dollars into your savings card ending with the numbers 2022. Thecurrent balance is 13667922.19 dollars. (Commercial Bank)]Jasper looked at the text on his phone reminding him of his transaction details. He let out a deepbreath, a look of excitement emerging on his face.Five months ago, he was reborn and traveled back in time from the year 2020. He had wasted 40

Chapter 2

“Jasper! Wait and see, I’ll definitely not let you have your way!” Penelope blurted out in anger and left.There was not a hint of regret in Jasper’s gaze as he saw Penelope leave in a fit of rage.He should have dumped this woman a long time ago!In the evening, the sky gradually darkened.Jasper wrote down all the opportunities to earn money he could recall from his memories in hisnotebook in case his memory d

Chapter 3

Jasper did not bother about them. He did not give a damn about what they said at all.Now that he had money, he could become a millionaire or a billionaire in the future. Would he still beafraid of a few rogues pestering him?In the week after, the Hunts did not come over to look for trouble with him. Jasper felt at ease as well.However, he did not spend his time in vain either. Based on his memories, he knew

Chapter 4

Upon hearing Jasper’s words, the disbelief on Calvin’s face instantly morphed into an expression ofanger and jealousy.He gritted his teeth as he stared at Jasper pointedly. “Where did you get all this money from? You saidthat you didn’t have money a few days ago, but now you have 500,000 dollars to buy a ruby pendant?!”he questioned.“This is my money. I don’t have to tell you where I got it from. What I do w

Chapter 5

With the president doing things for him personally, all the procedures were completed smoothly.The interest Jasper received was thrice the normal rate. This was the most premium treatment onecould apply for in this small town.Jasper did not really care about how much interest he received. He just wanted to let the CommercialBank know his financial power.Not long after, something would occur in the internatio

Chapter 6

They were classmates of six years throughout junior high and high school. During high school, theywere even once deskmates.Wendy Schuler was the prettiest and smartest girl in school. Other than being competent, she had thelooks as well. After all these years, she had become even more feminine and pretty!Meanwhile, Jasper was a completely different story. He constantly got bullied as his family was poor.Wend

Chapter 7

Penelope’s voice was shrill and mean. At the same time, the hall was crowded with people as well. Allof a sudden, Jasper became the center of everyone’s attention as they all set their curious eyes onhim.“This isn’t your home. Me being here has nothing to do with you. Please don’t bother me,” Jasper saidwith a frown on his face.Penelope sneered coldly, “It’s true that it has nothing to do with me. I’m just w

Chapter 8

Although Wendy Schuler did not understand the stock market, she had heard of it and was eager to try.She hesitated a little but chose to trust Jasper and immediately went to open an account.“Tangent Technology, Cain Industry, and Phoenix Pharmaceutical. These three stocks.”With such a beautiful personal assistant as Wendy, Jasper certainly did not bother to do it himself. Afterthe names were given out, Wendy

Chapter 9

“What’s the matter?”“I want to find an opportunity for you to meet my dad!”After Wendy plucked up the courage to finish speaking, she saw Jasper’s stunned look. Her glamorousface flushed red as she quickly said, “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean it that way.”“It’s just that my dad has recently become obsessed with financial investment, but he doesn’tunderstand anything and lost a lot of money. I hope you can

Chapter 10

The man was dressed in casual clothes, but he wore an impressive Cartier men’s watch on his wristthat was also valuable.As for the woman next to him, she was pestering him to buy her a bracelet.“Felix, why won’t you buy this for me? It’s not expensive. It’s only a little more than 30,000. You spendmore than that in a card game.”Felix ignored the woman next to him and stared fixedly at Wendy instead.“Wendy Sc