Chapter 5 - Life at the Top

With the president doing things for him personally, all the procedures were completed smoothly.

The interest Jasper received was thrice the normal rate. This was the most premium treatment one could apply for in this small town.

Jasper did not really care about how much interest he received. He just wanted to let the Commercial Bank know his financial power.

Not long after, something would occur in the international futures market for crude oil. As an ordinary person, it was impossible for him to go overseas to start an account and begin speculating the prices of crude oil. He needed to do this through his connections with the Commercial Bank.

At the same time, the Commercial Bank gave him a premium credit card with a quota of a million dollars as well.

If this was 20 years in the future, the Commercial Bank would not hand a card like that over to someone with a cash deposit of ten million dollars. However, this was the year 2000, and ten million dollars was enough to let Jasper become a premium client in any banks out there.

Jasper was overcome with mixed feelings as he looked at this card.

In his past life, Jasper’s cards all got swiped past their limit because of Penelope Hunt. Those days, he could only imagine having a credit card with a larger quota. However, now that he had achieved everything so easily, having the card did not mean much to him anymore.

After completing the procedures, Jasper left the bank with John’s well wishes. While hailing a cab, he thought that it was about time for him to buy a car as well. It would be too much of a hassle to hail a cab every day.

On the other hand, he intended to sell the house that he was living in right now.

If he did not do so, Penelope Hunt and her family would continue bothering him till the end of time. There was no way to know how far they would take things.

He intended to buy two houses in the city. One for himself, and another for his parents to live in.

Now that he was wealthy, he could bring his parents over and let them enjoy their lives!

However, buying property required a large number of funds. Although Jasper had the money, he wanted to use this amount of money as his principal. He needed it to earn a large sum of money in his upcoming mission regarding crude oil futures trading.

If he had not recalled wrongly, for every extra 10,000 dollars he had in his principal, he would earn 1,000,000 dollars more in his future revenue!

With this thought in his head, Jasper found the name card given to him by John and called the number on it.

The phone call went through very quickly.

“Mr. Laine, how can I help you?”

John Jackson was very happy to receive a call from Jasper. Although this town was well-developed, there were not many wealthy people here. Jasper was the only client John had with more than ten million dollars in cash deposit, so he needed to get on his good side.

Jasper smiled. “You’re being too courteous, President Jackson. There’s something that I’d like to discuss with you,” he said.

“I intend to gain the rights to open an international futures account at the Commercial Bank. Will you be able to help me do so?” he asked.

John sounded stunned on the other side of the phone. The atmosphere turned serious.

As the president of the Commercial Bank, he had his ways.

Furthermore, Jasper’s account was bound to a domestic securities account. He knew that Jasper was probably the mysterious retail investor who rose to fame in the mung bean futures market not long ago.

His principal of 800,000 dollars had turned into 13 million dollars in five months’ time. It was a miracle.

However, he did not expect that this mysterious retail investor, whom many were curious about, actually intended to trade international futures.

If this went well, he would not have to worry about his work performance this year.

“That will be no problem. We run this kind of business as well.”

John clapped his hand against his chest and continued speaking. “Mr. Laine, what product do you intend to trade futures for?” he asked carefully.

“Crude oil!”

Jasper smiled. There was no need to hide it from him. Besides, he would have to sign a contract regarding the product type he intended to trade when he opened the account. The Commercial Bank would eventually know.

Although he knew that Jasper was someone who managed to turn the tides in the domestic futures market, breaking into the international futures market was not a trivial matter!

However, once he heard that Jasper’s target was crude oil, John’s heart lurched.

As a strategic supply, crude oil was not something someone ordinary could set their hands on!

Jasper intended to do too much. Besides, all the major countries in the world were interested in crude oil. Who dared to speculate crude oil prices without having the nerves to do so?

The next day, Jasper appeared in the Commercial Bank once it opened.

This time, John was waiting for him at the door personally.

Compared to their first meeting, they were now much more familiar with each other.

John sincerely wanted to hold onto a big client like Jasper. Jasper was also happy to maintain a good relationship with the current president of the district branch. After all, he would be the future president of the town district and become the second-in-command of the province district.

Networking was equally important when one was earning money.

After talking to Jasper, John’s admiration for him grew. Jasper was only in his early 20s, but he had already gathered an astonishing amount of wealth.

A determined young man would act arrogantly no matter how much he tried to conceal it. However, John could not detect that sort of arrogance and oppression from Jasper.

Nevertheless, how could John have known that Jasper had lived for two lifetimes? He had way more experience than him. The frivolity of his youth had long been tempered in the warmth and coldness of his past life.

Now that they were more familiar with each other, instead of calling each other with formalities like ‘Mr. Laine’ or ‘President Jackson’, they called each other ‘Jasp’ and ‘John’.

In the reception room, Jasper smiled and took a sip of earl grey tea. “John, I’m an impatient person. If there are no problems with the procedure, I plan to complete it today,” he said.

“No problem. The Commercial Bank has a specialized agency to deal with the international futures market, including currency exchange and agency trading. Everything is available,” John promised him.

As he spoke, John picked up the phone on the office table and called a number. After exchanging two sentences with the other person, he hung up the phone.

After putting down the phone, John chuckled and stared at Jasper with a meaningful gaze. “Jasp, the opening of the international futures account is operated by the securities company under the Commercial Bank this time around. Therefore, I’ve arranged a personal assistant for you. She’ll listen to your instructions at all times. She’s well known for her beauty within the industry,” he said.

Jasper did not expect John to play this card. Just as he was about to say something, someone knocked on the door of the reception room.

A woman clad in a black suit entered.

The woman was extremely pretty. She was tall, slender, and curvy with delicate, pale skin. Her eyes were bright while her teeth were brilliantly white. The sight of her alone made one’s heart skip a beat.

Most importantly, she had an impeccable aura. She seemed smart and capable, but she also gave out a comforting sense of gentleness at the same time.

A woman like that would be the center of everyone’s attention no matter where she went.

Jasper was stunned as well, but he was not attracted by her beautiful looks. She was someone he knew very well.

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