Chapter 6 - Life at the Top

They were classmates of six years throughout junior high and high school. During high school, they were even once deskmates.

Wendy Schuler was the prettiest and smartest girl in school. Other than being competent, she had the looks as well. After all these years, she had become even more feminine and pretty!

Meanwhile, Jasper was a completely different story. He constantly got bullied as his family was poor. Wendy was the only one who never bullied him.

At that young and ignorant age, Jasper had once imagined the possibility of being in a relationship with her.

Nevertheless, the gap between them was way too large. Eventually, Wendy managed to get into a top university whereas Jasper attended an ordinary one. The both of them lost contact after that.

Then, Jasper met Penelope and applied all the hidden feelings he had for Wendy to her instead.

From the way things turned out, Penelope was not worth it at all. However, this did not affect the lovely memories he had of Wendy.

“Jasper Laine, is it really you?”

Wendy gasped upon catching sight of Jasper. A glint of disbelief and shock flashed through her pretty eyes.

When she heard that the big client John wanted her to take on was called Jasper Laine, she simply thought that it was someone with the same name and surname.

As soon as she set eyes on him in the reception room, she knew that he was her old classmate. Although many years had gone by and their appearances had changed a lot, she recognized him right


The quietest and most ordinary person back in school then was now one of the Commercial Bank’s big clients? She even had to become his personal assistant?

Wendy could not believe it.

“Long time no see, Wendy,” Jasper said while smiling warmly.

“The both of you know each other?”

John was shocked upon finding out that the both of them were old friends.

“We’re old classmates.”

John laughed out loud. Since Jasper was reluctant to reveal much, he did not ask much as well. He simply instructed Wendy to serve Jasper well as he was a respected client.

After bidding John goodbye, the both of them headed toward the securities company. “I can’t believe that you’re a millionaire now. If our classmates find out, they’ll be shocked,” Wendy said.

“It just happened by chance. I never expected to meet you again one day,” Jasper said in response.

Wendy laughed softly. Her beauty was unbelievable.

Wendy’s beauty was not gaudy. She was as pure and genuine as a lotus flower. Each and every one of her small details made one’s heart skip a beat.

“I never expected to see you again too. You’ve changed… a lot!” Wendy exclaimed.

“How was I in the past? What about now?” Jasper asked.

Wendy burst out into laughter. “You’ve spoken more to me in the time we just met than the six years we were classmates. You were quiet back then. You did not fight back against others despite being bullied. You were extremely socially awkward,” she said.

As Wendy spoke, she set her clear gaze upon Jasper. His silhouette was reflected clearly in his eyes. “You’re immensely confident now. There’s an indescribable aura surrounding you. You seem like a really experienced person, but you have the liveliness one at your age is supposed to have as well. In conclusion… you’re different,” she said.

She laughed and extended her hand. “This is my first job. I want to do well. Let me introduce myself to you once again. Nice to meet you, Mr. Laine. I’m your personal assistant. You can call me Wendy Schuler!” she greeted him.

Jasper reached out his hand and clasped Wendy’s soft, delicate hand gently. “Don’t call me Mr. Laine. You can call me Jasp,” he said.

It was the first time the both of them were shaking hands, but it felt like they were holding hands instead. Jasper never imagined a day when Wendy would be his personal assistant!

When they shook hands, Wendy’s heart skipped a beat inexplicably. Maybe it was because they were old classmates!

It could also be due to… Jasper’s enormous transformation!

Looking at him, he was a confident man who oozed a sense of flamboyance.

A sense of admiration for him arose in Wendy’s heart. She even started thinking of her own standards for choosing a partner… A furious blush washed over her face!

Having reunited after such a long time, the both of them chatted happily on their way to the securities company.

The securities company under the Commercial Bank was the country’s largest securities company. They even had a sales department in this small town.

Working in conjunction with the Commercial Bank as Jasper’s personal assistant, Wendy was very familiar with the mandatory procedures that they needed to carry out.

After a moment’s wait, Jasper contacted the department manager at once.

Ordinary staff members were not qualified to handle Jasper’s business.

The securities hall was extremely lively. The number of stock traders was increasing daily as the market was transitioning from a bearish to a bullish trend. Hence, many people were coming forth to open a trading account.

Penelope Hunt and Richton White were among the crowd.

“Richton, there are so many people here,” Penelope told Richton, who was by her side, after looking at the crowded hall before them.

Richton chuckled. “The market is great right now. You can easily earn money. That’s why many people are here to open an account. You’ve made an excellent choice to follow me since you want to earn money. I’m a high-profile client here, so I have many close confidants. Therefore, you won’t have to line up like these ordinary people,” he boasted.

“You’re the best, Richton. You have close confidants everywhere. I’ve brought over the savings of my entire family. You must help me earn money,” Penelope said in admiration.

“Don’t worry, you’ll surely earn money if you follow me!” Richton chuckled.

As Penelope followed Richton into the securities company, she caught sight of Jasper some distance away. Her initial shock turned into a cold laugh. She took large strides and made her way toward him.

“The road of enemies is really narrow!”

Penelope did not expect to meet this jerk here!

It seemed that Jasper was here to open an account for stock trading. Thinking of his stingy demeanor, she immediately sneered at him, “Are you here to open an account to trade stocks as well?”

“Can’t I do so?” Jasper asked calmly.

Penelope scoffed after listening to what he said.

“I thought that you were brainless in the past. Now that I look at you again, you really lack the brains. Do you think that you can earn money just because others can? Do you think that it’s so easy to trade stocks?” she questioned.

“It isn’t easy for your parents to earn money by growing crops. Don’t dirty the stock market. Why don’t you look at your own self-worth? Do you even understand what the market is?” she added.

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