Chapter 10 - Life at the Top

The man was dressed in casual clothes, but he wore an impressive Cartier men’s watch on his wrist that was also valuable.

As for the woman next to him, she was pestering him to buy her a bracelet.

“Felix, why won’t you buy this for me? It’s not expensive. It’s only a little more than 30,000. You spend more than that in a card game.”

Felix ignored the woman next to him and stared fixedly at Wendy instead.

“Wendy Schuler?” Felix called out.

Felix did not expect that after graduating from high school, he would still meet his dream lover here.

He and Wendy were classmates from high school. He had already frantically pursued Wendy at that time, but it was a pity that Wendy did not even give him a chance.

After going to university, Wendy went directly to the capital to study at a university with her excellent grades. Although Felix had some money in the family, they were not able to send him to that kind of university, so he was arranged to go abroad instead.

After years of absence, Wendy became a real beauty. Though she was a bit less youthful than he remembered, she was more mature and feminine!

Felix’s heart jumped wildly. He wished to get Wendy immediately.

Facing Felix, Wendy frowned slightly and then said something that made Felix extremely depressed.

“You are?”

Without a doubt, Wendy had forgotten all about him.

“I’m Felix West. We were classmates in high school. At that time, I sent you love letters every day.”

Felix walked to Wendy and said with a smile. Hearing this name, Jasper also remembered who he was.

During high school, there was indeed such a character by the name of Felix West. He was a typical second-generation from a rich family. He went abroad for university and they never met again after that.

The reason why he had a deep impression of him was that Felix often bullied him when he was in high school!

“Felix West, it’s you?”

Wendy finally remembered and smiled politely. At the same time, she also recalled that Felix often bullied Jasper when they were studying. She quickly said, “I didn’t expect to meet you here, but I still have a lot of things to do today, so let’s talk another time!”

After speaking, Wendy pulled Jasper along and said, “Jasp, let’s go. Don’t buy me any gifts. I really don’t need it.”

Wendy’s words, combined with her intimate actions and address toward Jasper, made Felix immediately focus on Jasper.

Looking at Jasper, Felix found him to be more familiar with each passing second.

“Jasper Laine?”

Felix suddenly recalled who Jasper was, and his expression became very animated. “Isn’t this the poor wretch from high school? How did you two get so close?”

In the second half of the sentence, Felix’s tone and demeanor were almost reproachful. It was as if Jasper had desecrated his goddess just by standing beside Wendy.

At this time, Lindy Manson, the female companion brought by Felix, also came over.

“Felix, who is this person?” Lindy asked.

“A classmate from high school!”

Felix sneered with disdain, “He was the poorest dude in the entire high school, wearing the same school uniform every day and only eating two meals a day that consisted of bread and jam. He was also often bullied. I thought he looked quite pitiful, so I occasionally let him run errands for me and rewarded him a few dollars.”

After speaking, Felix looked at Jasper cheerfully. With a sense of superiority in his eyes, he continued to belittle Jasper in front of Wendy. “Jasper, am I right?”

“Yes, you are!”

Jasper’s straightforward response was out of Felix’s expectations. “My family had always been in a difficult state, so it was impossible for me to have much pocket money when I was studying. It’s good that I even had enough to eat, so I’m very grateful for my parents’ hard work.”

In Jasper’s view, being poor was not a fault, let alone a shameful thing. It was because of poverty that they had to work hard to make money. To be precise, those big figures who truly reached the pinnacle were those who started off from the lowest point.

Jasper’s open-mindedness made Wendy look at him with higher regard, and she could not help her gaze from focusing on Jasper.

This scene angered Felix even more.

With a mocking smile, Felix said sarcastically, “After a few years, the boring recluse with low self- esteem has become talkative and a show-off. I heard that you’re looking for a necklace from the Étincelle de Cartier collection when you came in just now? I know that necklace, but it’s very expensive. Can you afford it?”

As he said that, Felix shook his wrist and said, “See this watch here? I bought it here for 200,000. Have you ever seen so much money in your life? Even I don’t dare to say that I can buy that necklace, let alone you!

“Wendy, although he’s also our old classmate, you have to see things clearly. What future can you have with this wretched bloke? He’ll only drag you down. With your appearance and ability, you can find a man far better than him.”

Lindy already bore deep hostility against Wendy just because of Felix’s attitude toward her.

Immediately, she bragged, “Yes, as a woman, we must look around carefully when finding a boyfriend. Just look at me being all lovey-dovey with Felix.

“A few days ago, he gave me an LV handbag that cost more than 10,000. And today, he’s going to buy me a Cartier bracelet. A poor man like this, what can he buy you? Even if you go out for breakfast, he can’t afford eggs and ham on that piece of toast, right?”

Wendy did not say anything and merely glanced at Lindy with pity.

In Wendy’s opinion, when a woman reached the point where she had to brag about the man she was relying on having money, it was a very sad thing.

This pitiful look made Lindy, who felt inferior after being crushed by Wendy’s appearance and temperament, surprisingly angry.

“This is not the place for poor people like you. Get out!” Lindy shouted directly.

Jasper said lightly, “Does this Cartier store belong to you? What right do you have to tell us to go out?”

With that said, Jasper turned to the salesperson who was at a loss on how to handle these two groups of customers. He said, “Do you have any necklaces from the Étincelle de Cartier series here?”

Felix scoffed. “Still pretending? So disgusting.”

The salesperson bit the bullet and said, “Yes, and it’s the last one in the entire region too.”

With that said, the salesperson hurriedly took out the necklace.

Cartier’s Étincelle series was the more famous collection.

36 perfectly cut diamonds surrounded the necklace, and in the middle, there was a pink diamond that no woman could refuse!

The value of these diamonds alone exceeded 400,000 dollars.

As soon as this necklace appeared, even Wendy, who was used to seeing jewelry, was amazed—not to mention Lindy who was staring at it in a daze.

In contrast, the bracelet that she pestered Felix to buy for her earlier was simply a piece of rubbish on the side of the road.

However, Felix was still reluctant to buy that rubbish bracelet for her.

“The necklace is here, but can a poor wretch like you afford to buy it?” Lindy sneered.

Felix snorted and said, “You don’t have to pay to look at it. Maybe this bum is just fulfilling his gratification. Since he ran into us, he was forced into a corner and can’t turn the situation around!”

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