Chapter 9 - Life at the Top

“What’s the matter?”

“I want to find an opportunity for you to meet my dad!”

After Wendy plucked up the courage to finish speaking, she saw Jasper’s stunned look. Her glamorous face flushed red as she quickly said, “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean it that way.”

“It’s just that my dad has recently become obsessed with financial investment, but he doesn’t understand anything and lost a lot of money. I hope you can persuade him or point him in the right direction.”

Sure enough, it happened.

Jasper knew that Wendy was facing a real predicament at this time. He calmly said, “Why should I help you?”

Wendy was stunned. Ever since she was young, others would do all kinds of things for her. Especially people of the opposite sex as they would rush to please her. Was that not done out of their own volition?

However, Jasper was right. There was no relationship between the two. Moreover, Jasper was a veritable multimillionaire now and his future was limitless.

To put it plainly, they just used to be classmates, so why should Jasper help her?

Wendy smiled bitterly and was just about to apologize when Jasper continued, “I’m quite busy during this period and the crude oil market may start at any time. Wait for a while and I’ll go back with you later.”

Jasper’s words made Wendy’s mood swing high and low like she was riding on a roller coaster. Looking at Jasper in front of her who had a calm smile, Wendy could not help asking, “Why are you helping me?”

Jasper shrugged and said, “Maybe because… we’re classmates! I’ll help whenever I can.”

Wendy looked at the ever-calm Jasper. A knowing smile appeared on her face and she nodded heavily.

In the evening, Jasper went home in Wendy’s car.

It was not surprising for a person of Wendy’s identity to own a car, and it was a BMW 3-series worth 50,000 to 60,000.

It was an incredibly luxurious car for ordinary people, but for Wendy, it was the car of the lowest profile that her family could find for her.

This inspired Jasper to buy a car as soon as possible.

Back home, Jasper exhaled gloomily, picked up the mobile phone, and called John Jackson.

“Brother, I heard you made a lot of money today. Congrats,” John answered the phone instantly and said with a laugh.

Jasper laughed lightly and said, “It’s all small money. John, I need to trouble you this time.”

Jasper intended to move to a different place. After all, Penelope always came here to pester him, and besides, now that he had the money, he wanted to change his house as well.

“I have a house in Pioneer Homes right now. For some personal reasons, I’m planning to sell this house. Later, I’m also planning to get another two houses. Can you introduce to me any reliable agents?”

Upon hearing this, John immediately replied, “It’s just a small matter. I’ll send you the number in a while. Let me talk to them first and they’ll definitely help you get things done.”

“Thank you, John. Let’s have dinner in a couple of days,” Jasper said with a smile.

It was originally just a polite remark from Jasper, but John seemed to have thought of something and immediately chuckled. “There really is a chance to have dinner in a few days, but I’m not sure if you’d be interested in it.

“There are several investors in the city who dabble in stocks and futures. They’re considered big players in their respective circles. We hold an exchange meeting every once in a while. To put it bluntly, it’s to maintain the relationship with them.

“In business, especially in finance, contacts and intelligence are very important. As for the last time when you played the futures for mung beans, it made many people wonder who you are.

“So, during the exchange meeting that will be held in a couple of days, I’d like to invite you to join me. I wonder if you’d be interested?”

Listening to John’s words, Jasper understood.

In his previous life, he was in the financial industry and was no stranger to the small upper-level financial circle of this city.

The members of this circle were leaders in their respective fields. It could be said that this group of people dominated the city’s financial circle, and a stomp of their feet would cause a big earthquake.

However, he was just a low-level employee of a financial company in his previous life who could only get some information from other people’s hearsay and be envious about it.

In this lifetime, he did not expect to get the opportunity to join this circle.

From John’s words, he was obviously a member of this circle and had a certain status as he wanted to bring Jasper into this circle.

After living two lives, Jasper, who knew exactly how important personal connections were, did not refuse and readily agreed.

After exchanging a few more polite remarks and agreeing on a time, they hung up the phone.

Busy times flew by and a few days passed in a flash.

In the past few days, the international crude oil market had not yet arrived and several important happenings had not yet reached the time of the outbreak, so Jasper focused most of his energy on the domestic stock market.

With the memory of his previous life, it was like Jasper had a cheat code and his assets skyrocketed every day.

Any stock he chose would inevitably increase in price until it hit the daily limit.

The overall profit rate had almost reached an appalling figure.

The principal of 1.6 million became five million in just a few days.

Wendy’s 200,000 also became 600,000.

The speed of making money was not about making money any longer but about printing money.

The news about the local stock god spread like wildfire, and some people who got inside information knelt in front of Jasper’s record.

Most of them were indifferent, thinking that it was an erroneous rumor. How could there be a 100% accuracy when buying stocks?

Jasper did not care about the gossip and rumors that went on in the outside world.

He was trying on a suit.

This was the day he made an appointment with John to attend a banquet. When Wendy found out about it, she insisted on bringing Jasper out to buy a suit.

Coming out of the fitting room, Jasper’s appearance made everyone’s eyes, including Wendy’s, light up.

Jasper was quite handsome, and his sharply defined eyes and eyebrows looked very masculine. Although his figure was not extremely muscular, it was well-proportioned.

This suit was worn on his body as if it was made for Jasper. It fitted perfectly like a glove. Besides, his shoulders were broad and his back was straight. His entire appearance was refreshing!

“How is it?” Jasper asked as he stood in front of the mirror.

“Handsome!” Wendy commented.

“Bill please.”

Handsome and rich.

The salesperson’s eyes were shining when looking at Jasper, but when they looked at Wendy next to Jasper, they could only sigh. After all, most people had self-awareness.

Few women could maintain self-confidence in front of Wendy. She was too outstanding and could crush the opponent thoroughly.

After Jasper bought the clothes, he looked at Wendy next to him and suddenly pulled her to the Cartier store next door.

“Wendy, let’s go in and have a look.”

Seeing Jasper walking into the Cartier store, Wendy was stunned for a moment but did not think too much and went in with him.

Wendy thought that Jasper wanted to buy a watch to enhance his poise, but unexpectedly, he looked back at her.

“Wendy, I’ll buy you a gift!” Jasper smiled lightly.

In his last life, Jasper did not even have the courage to pursue Wendy Schuler and was very humble.

Now that they met again and he even had the capital to pursue her, Jasper naturally wanted to seize the opportunity!

While saying that, he disregarded Wendy’s stunned gaze and raised his head to say to the salesperson, “Do you carry the Étincelle de Cartier collection necklace in your store?”

When Jasper asked this question, both Wendy and the salesperson were stunned. After all, the necklace of this series was not affordable for ordinary people!

This necklace would cost nearly one million, and in this era, it was enough to buy a few houses!

Before they could react, another couple who were looking at the jewelry at the Cartier counter suddenly turned their eyes to the two of them.

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