Chapter 1 - Love at First Novel by Gu Lingfei

Kevin returned to his car, the security captain waved his hand, and the door of the company was opened.

Kevin swaggered into Queen Enterprise in his Maybach.

After a few minutes.

Kevin walked into the office building of the Queen Enterprise with a few bags in one hand and a large bouquet of flowers in the other.

“Mr. York.”

“Mr. York.”

All the way in, everyone who saw him greeted him respectfully.

Kevin had a good temper. No matter who greeted him, he always responded to the other party. The impression left on the people of the Queen Enterprise was that he was approachable and had no airs of the third young master of the York family.

In fact, of the nine young masters of the York family, except for Zachary, who was a bit more ostentatious, the others were very close to the people.

Zachary wasn’t just showing off, he was just bringing his bodyguards to prevent his admirers from approaching.

It’s not the first time Kevin had come to Queen Enterprise, he went up to the top floor with ease.

“Mr. York.”

Hayden’s secretary was already waiting for him at the elevator, and saw him coming out, and said hello respectfully.

Kevin smiled back, and asked the secretary: “Is Mr. Queen in the office?”

The secretary selectively ignored the large bouquet of flowers that Kevin was holding, and responded: “Mr. York, Mr. Queen is still in the meeting; you should wait in the VIP room for a while. Mr. Queen will meet you after the meeting is finished.”

Kevin: “Every time I come here, he is in a meeting, and he is too busy, where is Hugh?”

If Hayden were to inherit the Queen Enterprise in the future, it would be worthwhile for her to be so busy. If all of the Queen family’s assets were left to Hugh, Kevin’s fiancée would be so exhausted that he would be sewing wedding dresses for his brother-in-law.

The secretary: “Second Young master Queen always talks about business outside, so he didn’t attend this meeting.”

Kevin couldn’t say anything more.

Hayden was in a meeting, so he could only follow the secretary into the VIP room and wait for Hayden inside.

After putting down the bouquet and a few bags, Kevin gave a breakfast to the secretary, and said to the secretary: “I prepared this breakfast for Mr. Queen. Please, secretary, could you assist me in delivering this to Mr. Queen in the conference room?”

The secretary: “…Mr. York, Mr. Queen returns to the company after having breakfast at home every day.”

Besides, there were so many senior managers present in the meeting room, Mr. York, you asked me to deliver this breakfast to Mr. Queen, how does Mr. Queen eat? You can’t let everyone watch Mr. Queen eating, right?

Mr. Queen has a small appetite and doesn’t eat much. Even after his breakfast, she is probably a little hungry now.” The secretary said helplessly.

Hayden had nothing to do with Kevin, let alone him.

After pouring Kevin a glass of warm water, the secretary returned to the meeting room with a breakfast.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, he handed Hayden the breakfast that Kevin asked him to bring into the meeting room.

He whispered: “Mr. Queen, this is the breakfast that Mr. York packed. He was worried that you were hungry, so he insisted that I bring in a breakfast for you.”

Hayden: “…”

The meeting room was full of high-level management of the company. When the secretary handed the breakfast to Hayden, everyone looked at Hayden, and the meeting room became extremely quiet.

Hayden took the breakfast, but she didn’t eat it, she just got up, walked to the trash can, and threw the breakfast into the trash can.

She made such an action, and no one present felt that she was wrong.

In the eyes of everyone, their president was a man, a normal man, but Kevin launched a passionate pursuit of their president, if the president always accepts the bouquets and gifts sent by Kevin The breakfast is to give Kevin hope.

It became more and more difficult to get rid of Kevin’s entanglement.

In fact, Kevin’s pursuit of Hayden made many senior managers dissatisfied, and Hayden didn’t know how many times she scolded Kevin behind his back.

Because many of their daughters like Hayden.

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