Chapter 2 - Love at First Novel by Gu Lingfei

These elderly people belonged to the same generation as Donald. Donald’s character and ability were very clear.

They admired Hayden regardless of his identity and hoped that their daughter would win Hayden and become their son-in-law.

Kevin, who came out halfway, relied on his identity as a man and was also the third young master of the York family. Anyone who wanted to do anything to him had to consider the York family and the Bucham family behind him.

Even the Stone family, who had previously been at odds with the York family, would now assist the York family.

Therefore, no one dared to fight Kevin easily.

Hayden could only scold him behind his back for being shameless.

Forget about being crooked on their own, but wanting to lead Hayden, who was regarded as the most ideal son-in-law candidate by many elders, was simply outraged by the public.

After throwing away the breakfast Kevin sent, Hayden returned to her seat and sat down, continuing her meeting as if nothing had happened.

Kevin, who was waiting over there, was enjoying his breakfast.

It took at least an hour for Hayden to have a meeting. If he waited for an hour, breakfast could be turned into lunch.

Besides, Kevin, who went out early, also felt hungry.

After breakfast, Kevin sat on the sofa, took out his mobile phone, and leisurely watched videos or played game

after an hour.

The secretary knocked on the door and told him: “Mr. York, Mr. Queen is back in the office, please come over.”

Kevin stopped playing with his mobile phone, put the phone back into his trouser pocket, and said, “I was so engrossed in playing that I didn’t notice Hayden finished the meeting. I’m going to see him right away.”

Kevin picked up the bouquet, picked up a few more bags, and asked the secretary as he walked outside, “Have Hayden eaten the breakfast I brought?”

The secretary replied: “Mr. York, you will ask Mr. Queen later to find out.”

He didn’t answer.

That’s Mr. Queen’s private business, he shouldn’t meddle in his own business.

When the secretary said this, Kevin guessed that Hayden must have not eaten, and probably threw the breakfast he brought in the trash can.

No defense, it would be time for lunch again soon.

He tried his best to invite Hayden to dinner, or else, Hayden invited him to dinner, anyway, he wanted to eat with Hayden.

The strong girl was afraid of the stalking man, so he wanted to bring out the stalking nature of the stalking man to the fullest.

Kevin nodded to the secretary, then walked out of the VIP room with a gift and walked towards the president’s office.

The secretary knocked on the office door for Kevin.

“Secretary, thank you, but can you not follow in?”

Kevin whispered to the secretary when he was about to enter the office.

Secretary: “…”

He dutifully followed in, and always poured Mr. York a glass of warm water.

Hayden didn’t sit at the desk, she stood in front of the window, with her back to the two people who came in, the office smelled of tobacco.

Hayden was smoking.

Donald was in a semi-retired state. The Queen Enterprise was managed by Hayden, who was also the president. She had a lot of social activities, and smoking was unavoidable in her daily life. But most of the time, she didn’t smoke. Occasionally, when she was in a bad mood, she would smoke a cigarette.

At this moment, she was in a bad mood.

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