Love at First Novel by Gu Lingfei

Love at First Novel by Gu Lingfei

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Chapter 1983

Kevin returned to his car, the security captain waved his hand, and the door of the company wasopened.Kevin swaggered into Queen Enterprise in his Maybach.After a few minutes.Kevin walked into the office building of the Queen Enterprise with a few bags in one hand and a largebouquet of flowers in the other.“Mr. York.”“Mr. York.”All the way in, everyone who saw him greeted him respectfully.Kevin had a good te

Chapter 1984

These elderly people belonged to the same generation as Donald. Donald’s character and ability werevery clear.They admired Hayden regardless of his identity and hoped that their daughter would win Hayden andbecome their son-in-law.Kevin, who came out halfway, relied on his identity as a man and was also the third young master ofthe York family. Anyone who wanted to do anything to him had to consider the York

Chapter 1985

“Mr. Queen, Mr. York is here.” The secretary said respectfully.Hayden didn’t turn around, she just waved her hand to signal the secretary to go out.The secretary asked Kevin to sit down in front of the sofa in the reception area, went to pour Kevin aglass of warm water again, then silently exited the president’s office, and closed the door for the two ofthem.When the secretary went out, Kevin got up, walked

Chapter 1986

Hayden: “I only smoke because of your arrival. I usually don’t smoke when I’m in a good mood.”Kevin smiled, “So I made Mr. Queen feel bad? Mr. Queen, tell me, how are you feeling? What’s wrong?Am I ugly? I’m not ugly, you will only find it pleasing to look at me.”Hayden stared at him.Kevin was not afraid of her stares, when she stared at him, he even had an urge to touch her beautifulbig eyes.Of course, at t

Chapter 2

“I won’t back out on a promise.”It took Serenity a few days to consider before reaching a decision. Now that she had made up her mind,she was not going to go back on her word.There was nothing more Zachary could say at that point. He took out his document and placed it in frontof the officer.Serenity did the same.The pair swiftly went through the formalities in less than ten minutes.Once the officer issued t

Chapter 3

“I will, Nana.”Serenity casually responded.Although Grandma May was nice to her, Zachary was her blood relative while Serenity was only relatedto the family by marriage. Serenity found it hard to believe that the Yorks would stand by Serenity duringa conflict between the couple.Such was the case with her sister’s in-laws.Pre-marriage, the in-laws were nothing but good to Serenity’s sister to the point their

Chapter 4

“You said it yourself, Liberty. It’s his prenuptial property. It doesn’t make sense to add my name to the titledeed since I didn’t pay a penny for the house. I think we should forget about it.”Zachary did Serenity a huge favor by handing her the key to the house the moment they got married.She could move in right away, solving her housing predicament.Serenity was not going to request that of Zachary. Of cour

Chapter 5

With his game face on, Zachary said, “Back to the meeting.”Sitting nearest to Zachary was his cousin, Callum. Among the cousins within the same age range asZachary, Callum ranked second.Callum drew close and whispered, “Zack, I overheard your conversation with Nana. Did you really marrythat Ser- girl?”Zachary shot him a glare.Scratching his nose, Callum straightened his back and ended the probing.Even so, Ca

Chapter 6

Serenity said with a smile, “What do I need your cousin for? He has a girlfriend. It’s too late now becausethe papers are signed! Keep it between us and don’t let my sister know. I don’t want her to be sad.”Jasmine, “…”Her best friend sure pulled one heck of a move.“There are all those Lifetime movies and romance novels about blindly marrying a multi-billionaire.Maybe that’s the case with you too, Seren.”Sma

Chapter 7

Zachary got into the Rolls Royce and instructed in a husky voice, “Don’t forget to bring around thenational car I bought.”It was a façade to fool his wife. What was his wife called again?“Oh, right. What’s the name of the missus again?”Zachary could not be bothered to dig out the marriage license. Oh, it was likely Nana did not return it tohim after he showed her. Anyhow, the marriage license was not with hi