Chapter 4 - Love at First Novel by Gu Lingfei

Hayden: “I only smoke because of your arrival. I usually don’t smoke when I’m in a good mood.”

Kevin smiled, “So I made Mr. Queen feel bad? Mr. Queen, tell me, how are you feeling? What’s wrong? Am I ugly? I’m not ugly, you will only find it pleasing to look at me.”

Hayden stared at him.

Kevin was not afraid of her stares, when she stared at him, he even had an urge to touch her beautiful big eyes.

Of course, at the moment, he only dared to think about it, and didn’t dare to touch her eyes, for fear that if he did, the two of them would fight and ruin his image.

Kevin said: “Mr. Queen, If you dare to prove that you are really a man in front of me, I guarantee that I will never appear in front of you in the future.”

Kevin knew that she was upset because of his pursuit.

Hayden was a little angry, and she reminded him coldly: “Mr. York, have you forgotten the wife your grandma chose for you? If your grandma knows that you are entangled with me and makes herself known as gay, you will be p!ssed off. As far as I know, you’re also very filial to your grandma, so you’re not afraid to p!ss off your grandma?”

Complaining to Zachary, Zachary expressed that he respected his cousin’s choice, as long as his younger brother lived well, he will be happy.

In the York family, the only people who could control Kevin were Zachary and the old Mrs. York.

It’s just that Mrs. York was not in Wiltspoon now.

Hayden had already asked people to find out that the old Mrs. York and Serenity were not in Wiltspoon.

Hayden didn’t have old Mrs. York’s phone number, so she couldn’t complain to the old Mrs. York.

Kevin finished smoking the cigarette, walked back to the table, threw the cigarette b*tt in the ashtray, then walked to the sofa in the reception area, picked up the bouquet from the coffee table, and walked towards Hayden.

“Although my grandma chose a wife for me, she also asked me to win her within a year. I always feel that marriage is a major event in my life, and I must cultivate a relationship with her before I can marry her. Basically, I can be happier after marriage. I don’t have the courage of my elder brother to marry first and then love.”

Hayden focused on the key point and said: “You are pestering me endlessly now, how can you develop a relationship with your fiancée? I’m afraid The other party heard that you are gay, so she dare not marry you.”

Kevin looked at her with a smile, and said with a smile: “She refuses to marry me, so I can only pursue you, because it is the reason of you, I bear the name of being gay. Mr. Queen, you made me bear the name of being gay, you must be responsible for me, right?”

Hayden was so angry that her face turned green.

She had seen shameless people, but she had never seen such shameless people like Kevin.

Obviously it was his sudden and high-profile pursuit of Hayden, Hayden was caught off guard by his confession and pursuit.

Now he actually blamed Hayden, saying that Hayden caused him to be called gay.

“Kevin, can you be more shameless?” Hayden always called him by his first name when she was very angry.

Kevin smiled and said: “Yes, there are ten levels of shamelessness. I can satisfy you no matter what level you want me to reach.”

Hayden: “…”

Kevin handed the bouquet to Hayden, looking at her eyes, made her feel a little hot, which made her a little flustered. Kevin was serious!

Kevin: “Hayden, this bouquet of flowers is for you. May your mood be as beautiful as flowers every day.”

Hayden could not accept his flowers, she said coldly: “Mr. York, If you want my mood to be like flowers, so beautiful, please don’t appear in front of me again, don’t pester me endlessly, I can’t possibly like to accept your pursuit.”

She didn’t emphasize that she was a man.

She was afraid that this shameless person would force her to take off her clothes again to prove that she was a man.

“Hayden, don’t talk too much, it’s easy to get slapped in the face.” Kevin said with a smile: “Like my elder brother who swore at the beginning that he wouldn’t chase his wife, he was slapped in the face in the end and hung himself on my sister-in-law as a pendant.”

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