Chapter 3 - Love at First Novel by Gu Lingfei

“Mr. Queen, Mr. York is here.” The secretary said respectfully.

Hayden didn’t turn around, she just waved her hand to signal the secretary to go out.

The secretary asked Kevin to sit down in front of the sofa in the reception area, went to pour Kevin a glass of warm water again, then silently exited the president’s office, and closed the door for the two of them.

When the secretary went out, Kevin got up, walked to Hayden’s side, and stretched out his hand to her.

Hayden turned her head to look at him, puzzled.

Kevin: “Mr. Queen gave me a cigarette. I haven’t smoked for a long time. Seeing Mr. Queen smoking, I’m a bit addicted to it.”

After Hayden was silent, he took out a pack of cigarettes and handed a cigarette to Kevin.

“Lend me the lighter.” Kevin borrowed the lighter from her.

He actually didn’t smoke much during normal times because Jasmine and his sister-in-law disliked the smell of tobacco, and Zachary and Josh almost never touched a cigarette, which led Kevin to believe that perhaps their fiancées felt the same way.

Therefore, several of them also reduced the number of smoking.

Not to mention Josh, after Jasmine got pregnant, he stopped smoking and drinking.

Zachary and his wife were preparing for pregnancy all the time, and they didn’t smoke or drink.

“The lighter is on the table, get it yourself.” Hayden said.

Kevin turned and walked to her desk, and saw a lighter that looked like a small car on her desk.

While lighting his own cigarette, he said, “Hayden, your lighter is quite special. People who don’t know it will think it’s a small toy car.”

Hayden didn’t answer his words.

After Kevin lit his cigarette, he returned to her side and looked at her while smoking.

Hayden: “Why is Mr. York staring at me in that way?”

“Hayden, you look more and more beautiful. I was thinking, if you put on a long skirt, a wig, high heels, and light makeup, you will definitely look better. You’re so beautiful.”

Hayden said with a cold face, “Mr. York, If you want to put on a long skirt, fake long hair, and high-eye shoes to show off in the market, come and tell me.”

When Hayden said that she was a man, Kevin just didn’t believe it, and still treated her as a woman.

He wanted her to wear a skirt.

She was so old that she never wore a skirt.

She didn’t like skirts either. Her mother once bought her a beautiful dress and secretly gave it to her, and she gave it to her cousin, which drove her crazy.

She said that it was very rare to receive a skirt from her eldest cousin, and praised her for her vision, and the skirt she bought was very beautiful.

Kevin smiled and said, “Is it because I dress like that, and Mr. Queen just wears like that?”

Hayden stopped talking.

She didn’t dare to promise casually, who knew if Kevin would really wear women’s clothing?

Kevin dared to pursue her openly, and didn’t care about being regarded as gay by others, which showed that this man was really thick-skinned, and it was really possible to wear women’s clothing.

Kevin: “It’s rare to see Mr. Queen smoking. I thought Mr. Queen wouldn’t smoke.”

After all, she was a woman.

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