Chapter 5 - Love Him in the Living Hell

Ethan was extremely angry.

In front of Grace, it seemed that he would never take advantage of anything. This woman seemed to be so fierce forever. She never was threatened, and never coquetted and begged for mercy. Her back was always so straight.

It was just a scheming woman . Why was she so pride?

In the room.

Only Grace and Bella were left. Grace sat on the chair. The transparent tubes slowly pumped blood from her body through instruments into Bella’s body who was lying on the bed.

Looking at the bright red pipeline connecting two people, Bella could not help sneering,” My big sister, do you think that this is very similar to the way we were still in our mother’s belly. Two twins are connected with the same umbilical cord, gestated together. You have me, I have you. But...”

Suddenly she sneered,” It’s really disgusting.”

Grace closed her eyes and the blood was drawn more and more. She blacked out and didn’t want to talk to Bella.

But apparently, Bella was not going to let her go.

“ Sister, I said you can’t surpass me, whether the name of Harrison family’s daughter or father’s love. It’s all mine. I should be the only one existing in the world. You can’t scrape anything that belongs to me!”


Grace still ignored her.

She and Bella were half-sisters of the same father.

Twenty-five years ago, father had an affair. Grace’ mother got divorced and took her. Until ten years ago, her mother died unexpectedly so she was taken back to Harrison family. However, the Harrison family did not admit her. She and Bella were from one place to another, let alone that incident happened.

“ Well, do you know why Ethan likes me since five years ago?” Bella suddenly laughed.

She slowly said,” Five years ago, at that night, Ethan did not leave actually. It was you who had been changed, and it was me who stayed here to replace you. So when Ethan woke up, the first person he saw was me. As for you, you might have been forgotten in a corner.”

Suddenly Grace opened her eyes.

She stood up trembling and looked at Bella,” It’s you! Everything was done by you, five years ago!”

But Bella had a beautiful smile,” Yes, my good sister!”

She raised her hand with a smile, plucked the pipe off her body and threw it on the ground.

Before Grace could react, she screamed hoarsely,” Ah ah - help ah!”

“ You!”

Grace was shaking and stunned. A man rushed into the room. She was thrown away while Bella was hugged tightly.

“How is it? What’s wrong with you?”

“ Ethan, my sister didn’t want to give me blood transfusion, and she pulled out my pipeline. Even she wanted to hit me... I’m so scared.”

Bella cried bitterly in Ethan’s arms.

Ethan stared at Grace with his red eyes,” I knew you were not so kind to save Bella. Come in, locked her up! Give her little food on time every day and draw blood once a week! “

When the bodyguards rushed in.

Grace stood aside and felt cold in her heart.

She never thought that Bella was so scheming.

And Ethan could be so cruel.

“ Ethan Davis, you do forgot everything five years ago. Do you think your innocent and kind Bella is really the one you know?”

When she finished talking, she fell down and fainted.