Love Him in the Living Hell

Love Him in the Living Hell

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Chapter: 15
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Synopsis about Love Him in the Living Hell

Read Love Him in the Living Hell by Xiao Saya. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereLiam Harrison sat in the empty house of Harrison family. Suddenly, he began to miss the once warm Harrison family, Grace and the one he loved. All hatred seemed to vanish overnight. Those who owed his family, Ethan Davis used his own power to take everything back bit by bit. But in this world, the one who hurt Grace most was him. She... should come back for revenge. Her biggest enemy was him. But... Why... she's not coming back...
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Chapter 1:I Will Make You

On the white sheet, the woman was weak and tied to the bed. Her limbs were handcuffed, and hertender arms were full of needle eyes, connected with various needle tubes. Her blood was drawn out. “ Mr. Davis, that’s enough. I’m afraid your wife won’t be able to bear it.” “ Take it more. She’s strong and has a lot of blood.” “ But...” The doctor looked at the thin woman lying in bed and shook his head. Grace Ha

Chapter 2: Grace, You Are So Cheap

She felt her lower body was tearing, and upper body was suffocation and humiliation with face buried inthe pillow. Except that night, it was the first time they had sex since they had been married for three years, but itwas totally different from the tenderness before. “ Ah... How long has it been since you had a man? So you are so cheap!” The insulting words of Ethan came from behind, and each word was fast

Chapter 3: An Intact Home

“ Mommy...” Grace opened her eyes. A dizziness came to her, blurring her vision. She could not remember howmany times it was. The group injected sperm in exchange for 1000cc of blood. For three months, it seemed that this has happened every time. Ethan, unwilling to touch himself, soinjected sperm into her and exchanged 1000cc blood at the same time. There was only one transactionleft between them. Slow down

Chapter 4: Can You Remember the Night Five Years Ago

“ Ow” Grace was so painful that she struggled desperately to kick the man out. " Get out, you asshole! Get out!” “ Didn’t you beg to be with me before? Now I will, and you won’t?!” “ Get out of here!” Grace struggled like crazy. She wanted to get pregnant just to rescue the Emma with umbilical cord blood, but Emma had beentaken away. How could she want to get pregnant? “ Pah!” Another slap on the face of Eth

Chapter 5: It was Because of You Five Years Ago

Ethan was extremely angry. In front of Grace, it seemed that he would never take advantage of anything. This woman seemed to beso fierce forever. She never was threatened, and never coquetted and begged for mercy. Her back wasalways so straight. It was just a scheming woman . Why was she so pride? In the room. Only Grace and Bella were left. Grace sat on the chair. The transparent tubes slowly pumped bloodfr

Chapter 6: You are Nothing for Him

“ Hey, Grace don’t pretend to be dead . Do you think you can escape punishment? You give me...”Ethan kicked the woman on the ground angrily, but only then he found out that there was blood on herthighs. Ethan’s eyebrows couldn’t help wrinkling. “Damn it! Come on, call me a doctor at once.” He picked up Grace and rushed out. Bella followed him closely and saw the blood flowing from Gracethighs. Bella bit up

Chapter 7: Is That What You Said You Were Devoted to Him?

Grace looked up and saw it was the servant who often sent meals. That time it was a bit different. The servant handed over a note after putting down the plate. Grace were surprised, but she was relieved after saw the contents when she unfolded. It was Leo Austin. He knew that she was imprisoned in Davis family, then he was coming to save her. Itwas great. Until the evening, when the servant brought dinner a

Chapter 8: Ethan, I Want Divorce

In the presence of so many people, Ethan's words are almost like bullets. It hits Grace's heart withriddled holes. When she saw the smugness in the eyes of Bella and the anger of Ethan, Grace smiled ironically. "Yes, you don't want to be with me now, but I never lack the person who has sex with me. Ethan, doyou think that I really love you so much? Actually, I just lied to you. I just want to be pregnant wit

Chapter 9: Did You Fall in Love with My Sister?

His hands, stopped suddenly. Ethan even forgot to hide. He was beaten by Leo Austin. His face was burning with pain, but it seemedas if his ears had heard hallucinations. He just... Heard that Grace said "divorce" ! He must had been beaten up. Grace would like to divorce him? "Ethan, let's divorce." Grace repeated. She looked up at him quietly, as if waiting for an answer, as quiet as when she was married.

Chapter 10: Don’t Want to Upset Him

On the bus. Leo carefully placed Grace on the seat in, then turned to drive. "There are clothes in the back seat that I asked my secretary to deliver, and partition curtains. You canpull them up and change your clothes." "I don't need partition curtains, I believe you." Grace smiled. It was Leo who was stunned. "You don't doubt me at all?" When the man asked this, his mouth raised, but he didn't mean to peep