Chapter 6 - Love Him in the Living Hell

“ Hey, Grace don’t pretend to be dead . Do you think you can escape punishment? You give me...” Ethan kicked the woman on the ground angrily, but only then he found out that there was blood on her thighs.

Ethan’s eyebrows couldn’t help wrinkling.

“Damn it! Come on, call me a doctor at once.”

He picked up Grace and rushed out. Bella followed him closely and saw the blood flowing from Grace thighs. Bella bit up the back alveolar teeth.


“ The patient is weak and can’t stand much stimulation. The blood is the sign of abortion.”

“ Abortion?” Ethan twisted his eyebrows together and paused for a long time before he began to say,” You mean she... Pregnant?”

“ Yes.”

The doctor nodded.

“ But...”

“ But what?”

“ Mrs. Davis is no longer suitable for continuing to give Miss Harrison blood transfusion in this state.

Pregnant people can not transfuse blood. Moreover, her current situation is unstable. If she persists in transfusing blood, I’m afraid not only the child can’t be alive, but also Mrs. Davis may be easy to become ill from now on.”

When Bella listened, she quickly took Ethan’s arm and said with tender vioce, “ Now that I don’t mind. My sister is pregnant. I also hope that this child belongs to you can be born. The blood stock should be enough for me until the baby is born. I’m all right. We can also find blood from other people. My sister is not the only one who has the this blood type in the world.

The doctors can't help agreeing what Bella has said. But Ethan knew that the blood type of the Harrison sisters was inherited from the paternal family from generations to generations. Only 0.0001% of the people in the world had this blood type. At this time, without drawing blood from Grace, Bella would die!

What was more...

“ All these were the sins of Bella. If she hadn’t designed to harm you, you wouldn’t need blood. As for the child in her belly, it’s a kind of evil that shouldn’t exist. It’s just as good to be able to do it all together. Two weeks later, the blood will be taken as usual!!”


It was unbelievable. Grace’s mind burst in an instant.

She closed eyes and could not help shed tears.

Just a little sober, she heard the news of pregnancy, but before she had time to be happy, she heard

the words of Ethan.

She should have known it would be like this. In this man’s heart, Bella was always the only choice.

Even if she and her two children were worthless in his eyes.

He never wanted to let she alive!

Ethan, were you really so cruel?

“ Ma’am, you have heard that, right? In fact, you can’t blame Mr. Davis. The blood type of your sisters is very rare. Even if in the world blood bank, you may not find the right one. You are the only one who has the right blood type. Wish a good luck.”

When the doctor saw the tears of Grace, he could not help consoling herself.

But when a person has been hit hard, she could no longer comfort by other words.


Ethan cruelty never disappointed Grace

After keeping her children, she was imprisoned in the attic of home. The attic was very high and four stories away from the ground, from which she could jump unless she wanted to die.

Every day there was nobody. Except for the food and drink and the clean clothes would be delivered on time.

Ethan’s goal was to have a very obedient mobile blood bank.

But Grace could not submit. She needed these foods. She wanted to protect her children. This child was her hope and love who could save Emma’s life.

Ten days later, Grace became more and more agitated. She knew that Ethan would do what he said. He said that he would come to collect blood in two weeks, and he would really come.

The hands were squeezed.

At that moment, the door opened.