Chapter 10 - Love Him in the Living Hell

On the bus.

Leo carefully placed Grace on the seat in, then turned to drive.

"There are clothes in the back seat that I asked my secretary to deliver, and partition curtains. You can pull them up and change your clothes."

"I don't need partition curtains, I believe you."

Grace smiled.

It was Leo who was stunned.

"You don't doubt me at all?" When the man asked this, his mouth raised, but he didn't mean to peep at the back seat.

listen to the faint voice of the female behind: "If I can't believe you, an old friend who has known for more than ten years, there will be no one in the world who can be trusted anymore."

Leo was stunned and laughed, but in his heart he secretly said, "If I don't deserve your trust, would you be very sad?"

They chatted all the way, and finally knew the reason for the incident. The servant came to the house deliberately. The note was not given by Leo. When Leo had just returned home, he was kidnapped at the airport and was unconscious with medication. All these were Bella's tricks.

Bella was so tricky.

"Why don't you tell all about your sister's schemes?"

"Do you think Ethan can believe it?" Grace, asked.

Leo's face sank instantly.


In fact, as long as the photos in Grace were carefully examined, they would know that wasn't Grace. If they were herself and the child. As long as DNA has been identified he can know who is the baby's father. About the accident happened five years ago if Ethan looks into he can find the truth.

It's just a pity...

He's not going to investigate.

Because he didn't believe in Grace at all.

All he believed in was Bella.

So no matter what Grace said, it was in vain.

"There's another reason you don't want to talk about..."

Leo said with a smile.

"You love him . You don't want him to regret knowing the truth, do you? Otherwise, you won't be willing to donate blood to your sister, and you won't still think about your sister's life. All you have done is... you don't want to upset him."

Grace heard with a bitter laugh.

Didn't want him to be sad? Maybe a little.

But Leo must didn't know what she was more afraid of was that even if Ethan knew the truth, he would still don't believe in her even with no hesitation. At that time, she would only be more embarrassed.

Loving him ... has made her so scared.

Grace was really taken away by Leo. The next morning, just after he started to work he received the divorce agreement sent by Grace.

Looked at the lower right corner there were two words - " Grace Harrison".

The tightness in his chest began to leap out again, making him restless.

She really sent the divorce agreement. How eager she was to leave him!

Ethan was angry and swept everything on the table onto the ground.

Bella's face was pale with fear when she saw such a situation.

"Ethan, what's wrong with you?"

"Why are you here? Don't take good care of yourself in the hospital. What are you doing here now?

"I just care about you."

"Ethan, I know that sister's departure makes you lose your face. At least we can be fair and aboveboard together, and finally I can... Brightly enter your office..." Bella's face flashed a happy smile.

In previous Ethan 's favorite was such a laugh. It was clean and pure, but he didn't know why, the sentence that Grace said yesterday, always hovering in his mind.

“The lies will be found out one day."

What were the lies?