Chapter 9 - Love Him in the Living Hell

His hands, stopped suddenly.

Ethan even forgot to hide. He was beaten by Leo Austin. His face was burning with pain, but it seemed as if his ears had heard hallucinations.

He just... Heard that Grace said "divorce" !

He must had been beaten up.

Grace would like to divorce him?

"Ethan, let's divorce."

Grace repeated.

She looked up at him quietly, as if waiting for an answer, as quiet as when she was married.

No matter how, in three years of marriage...

No matter how she treated this woman, she would always be quiet, never said a word, even with the three years, regular blood. At the beginning, she was also angry and furious, but when did it start...?

She no longer said one more word, and she was getting less and less angry?

From beginning to end, she only asked him for one thing that's left a child.

The man was silent for a moment. Bella was rushing in when she heard Grace would divorce and she

almost clapped her hands.

The bitch finally figured it out.

"Sister, why do you suffer so much? If you had divorced earlier, Ethan would not have done that to you..."

"Ha ha..." Grace was uttered: "Really? I hope you get married early, and I hope your fake face don't been see through soon. Bella, god always knows what you have done. You will get nothing that don't belong to in the end and the lies you told will eventually be found out.

Grace's voice sounded, but Bella wanted to rush up and tear her mouth.

Fortunately, Grace dared not say anything except sarcasm.

After all,she couldn't fight me.

Just when Bella was proud, Grace was picked up and taken away by Leo Austin.

Before going out, Grace opened her mouth just said to Ethan.

"Blood will be sent to you regularly. Divorce agreement, I will send it to your company. Please sign it and send it back to me. Then, hope we will never meet again."

After said that, they left, but Ethan's body was stiff in place, hanging around the hand tightly grasped.

"Ethan, are you unhappy? You can get divorced and you will not be laughed at. We can get together all open and aboveboard finally . Aren't you happy?"

Bella stood beside him and asked Ethan anxiously.

She couldn't see any joy in his face.

She lowered her head and asked slowly, "Ethan... You... Did you fall in love with my sister?


Ethan's eyebrows stumbled, but what followed was the pain of his heart.

He fell in love with that woman?

"How could it happen?" I love you all my life! How could I fall in love with that wicked woman?! No, it won't."

He shook his head desperately, trying to persuade himself that he did not love the Grace at all.

Knowing that she was going to divorce herself, he was too happy.

He just felt humiliated. He just felt that woman had his baby that had achieved her goal. She went away with other man which made him very dishonorable!

"Yes, that's it!"

How could he like that promiscuous woman?

That dirty... vicious woman!

He didn't like her... at all!