Chapter 3 - Love Him in the Living Hell

“ Mommy...”

Grace opened her eyes. A dizziness came to her, blurring her vision. She could not remember how many times it was. The group injected sperm in exchange for 1000cc of blood.

For three months, it seemed that this has happened every time. Ethan, unwilling to touch himself, so injected sperm into her and exchanged 1000cc blood at the same time. There was only one transaction left between them.

Slow down, she saw a small face in front of her eyes, blinking those clear eyes and looking at Grace,”Mommy, you finally wake up. Do you feel pain?”

Emma touched the needle eyes on Grace’s arms and wrinkled her pale face together.

“ Emma felt a lot of pain when I was injecting before. Mummy had so many needles on your body that it must have hurt badly. Can I blow to Mommy and you won't hurt, okay?”

Emma Harrison’s hair had all fallen off because of chemotherapy, leaving only a bald little head. She wore a baseball cap all day, but she was very filial, even if the chemotherapy was painful and the injection was painful, she never said.

Such a lovely child, but Grace had no way to give her a healthy life and a complete home.

Hugging her daughter tightly in her arms, she comforted her by saying, “ Oh dear, Emma, Mommy doesn’t hurt. For Mommy's Emma, Mommy can tolerate anything.”

“ Mommy...”

Mothers and daughters hugged tightly together, but the door was kicked open. “bang”.

Emma in her arms trembled all over. When she saw Ethan’s face, she was afraid to hide in the arms of Grace.

Grace also subconsciously protected her daughter,” What are you doing here again, Ethan? You've taken the blood this week. What else do you want to do?”

“ What do I do?! You don’t have any idea?”Ethan sneered and looked at Emma in her arms.

It was because she who made him feel shameless. She was unmarried, and had an illegitimate daughter with a adulterer. Everyone laughed at him for this unlucky marriage.

If it hadn't been for Grace, he would have married Bella and had his own children. All this was Grace’s fault. It was this vicious woman destroyed his life.

“ Grace Harrison, I give you freedom. But I would not let you show off in front of Bella. You knew she was ischemic and needed blood transfusion to save her life, so you ran up to her and told her the blood was yours. Now she is crying and refuses to transfuse. Are you happy?”

“ ...”

The neck was severely pinched.

Grace had a glance of Emma who standing on the ground to see her. She felt she was filled with grief.

“ Don’t go mad in front of your daughter.. Don’t you know she'll be afraid?”

“ Oh, daughter? She's your daughter, not mine. Everyone knows that you were an unwanted woman before you married into the Davis family. This bastard maybe was born by you and an unknown adulterer.”


Grace gave him a big slap.

Looking at Ethan angrily, she shouted, “Ethan, anyone can say that Emma is a bastard, but only you can't say that!”

The woman’s eyes were tearful and her eyes were red. It seemed that she was sad extremely.

Ethan’s face turned blue and black, and his anger was suppressed,” Ha-ha-I can’t say that? Well, then I’ll let you never see your daughter again! Take she away!" He shouted to the bodyguard outside the door.

“What are you going to do? What are you going to do?” Grace watched the bodyguard rush into the room and take Emma away.

Emma struggled desperately, while Grace was pressed by Ethan. she was confined to her limbs and could not move. She could only watch the children being taken away.

“ Ethan, you madman, let me go! Let me go!”

“ I’m crazy, then I'll show you how crazy I am!’ He ripped open the Grace clothes and bit the her white neck.