Chapter 2 - Love Him in the Living Hell

She felt her lower body was tearing, and upper body was suffocation and humiliation with face buried in the pillow.

Except that night, it was the first time they had sex since they had been married for three years, but it was totally different from the tenderness before.

“ Ah... How long has it been since you had a man? So you are so cheap!”

The insulting words of Ethan came from behind, and each word was fastened on the heart of Grace.

Her heart was sad in bleeding, but she beat back,” No match for Mr. Davis’ dedication. Ah, but you're so dedicated, aren’t you still with me, a bitch?”

“ You!”

Ethan Davis was so angry. He thought Grace was extremely base, but every time she could pretend patronizing. She was a designer and married him cheekily with an illegitimate daughter, but she was just like a pure person who was framed by others.

“ You were really cheap, Grace!”

The painful tears rolled around her eyes, but she did not speak anything.

Five years ago, she waited hopefully for Ethan to marry her, but she did not wait until the young master of the Davis family paid a lot of money for Bella, While she was punished by her family to kneel all day and night in the ancestral temple, forcing her to speak out who was the father of the child in her belly.

She was proud. Since Ethan didn’t want to marry her, why did she stick it on herself? She ran away for two years. When her daughter was two years old and needed umbilical cord blood transplantation for hematopoietic stem cells, she dared to come back. But she didn't expect to be mistaken for the murderer of Bella and even become Bella’s mobile blood bank.

The nails clung tightly to the bed, almost scratching the sheet. The person behind her finally stopped to look at the woman lying on the bed. Ethan sneered, got up and left.

Grace was afraid to move. She had to make sure that she could increase the possibility of pregnancy as much as possible.

But a week later, when Grace shivered to measure her urine with pregnancy paper, it still showed a bar.

Then she broke down and burst into tears.

She was not pregnant!

What about her daughter?

“ Stop crying. It’s time to draw blood.”

Ethan stood tall in front of the woman and glanced at the test paper on her hand. When he saw a bar, he was relieved but somewhat irritated.

“ I’m not pregnant!” Grace stood up and looked at the man,” I said that only when I am pregnant, I would voluntarily donate blood.”

When Ethan heard this, his face was black with rage and he pinched her neck,” Grace Harrison! Don't go too far!"

“ Have a baby with me , or you won’t want to draw a drop of blood from me!”

“ You!”

Ethan’s eyes were red. He wanted to kill this woman now.

She threatened him everywhere and tried to override him.

In her eyes, was he just a tool to have children?

Ethan’s eyes were cold and his voice was like soaking in the ice,” Well, if you want to get pregnant, I’ll let you get pregnant!”

He turned and went out.

Grace didn’t know what he was going to do. When he came back, he brought in a large group of people in white coats who were doctors.

“ What are you going to do!”

When she was pressed on the bed, took off her pants, and her legs were forced to open, Grace seemed to understand something.

She never thought of...

Ethan could have done this.

When the needle tube penetrated into the body, Grace was tearing at the first time.

“You can be relaxed that it is my sperm. How much do you want and how much I will give you in the future! But don’t expect me to sleep with you any more! “ The man said coldly.

The heart of Grace sank to the bottom of the valley.