Chapter 1 - Love Him in the Living Hell

On the white sheet, the woman was weak and tied to the bed. Her limbs were handcuffed, and her tender arms were full of needle eyes, connected with various needle tubes. Her blood was drawn out.

“ Mr. Davis, that’s enough. I’m afraid your wife won’t be able to bear it.”

“ Take it more. She’s strong and has a lot of blood.”

“ But...”

The doctor looked at the thin woman lying in bed and shook his head.

Grace Harrison, who had been closing her eyes, heard the man’s flirtatious words without any surprise.

Hah, couldn’t bear it?

For three years, Ethan Davis never thought I would not afford it.

As long as it was for that woman, even if I was drawn out, he was also very pleased.

“ Take another bag of blood and then finish.”

When the man’s indifferent voice sounded, even the nurse who was in charge of blood drawing of Grace Harrison could not help shaking her hands.

When blood from the thin body of Grace Harrison ran out to empty plasma bags, the man standing next to Grace finally showed a relaxed expression.

With a snap, the handcuffs on all limbs were unlocked, and the woman on the bed looked up at the dazzling chandelier.

And she spoke emotionless,” If you want to draw my blood, there’s no need to handcuff me. It's too shabby. You might as well give me a child directly, and I will volunteer to donate blood to save your sweetheart.”

Ethan was suddenly provoked, turned his head and put his hand on her chin: “ You dream it! Grace Harrison, you want to save that bastard with bearing my child. Don’t think about it. I won’t let you succeed! Draw your blood, that’s what you deserve. You owe Bella a life.”

Hearing the sound, the woman who was pinched could not help laughing.

It would still be painful, even the heart was hard to numbness.

Originally, until now, Ethan still thought that she had hurt Bella Harrison.

In his eyes, three years ago, if she hadn't calculated her sister Bella Harrison, Bella would not have a car accident before her engagement, which caused hematopoietic disorders. It happened that only she matched Bella’s blood type perfectly and could supply blood for a long time. How could Grace have the chance to marry into the Davis family with a unlawful daughter?

So not only was Ethan Davis, but even the whole city of A thought that Grace Harrison married her brother-in-law with two-year-old illegitimate daughter by fair means or foul.

At the beginning, Grace Harrison tried very hard to explain, but when her explanation became only a cunning argument in other people’s mouth, she chose to be silent and no longer speak.

It didn’t matter what other people think.

She only cared if she and Ethan Davis could have a child.

A child who could save her daughter’s life.

“ Oh, even if I owe Bella a life, you can’t really kill me. After all, she still depends on my blood, do you think so?”

“ Grace Harrison!”

Seeing the woman’s complacency, Ethan Davis wished to strangle her now.

If it weren’t for her, Bella would not have been like this.

If it weren’t for her, he would not be shamed by an illegitimate daughter.

His disgrace and disaster were brought about by the woman in front of him.

But Grace Harrison was so shameless, it seemed that nothing could break her armor!

“Give me a child. I donate blood automatically. Otherwise, I will make my blood dirty. I can bear it, but your sweetheart can’t bear it.”


Ethan Davis was so angry that she wanted to bite the woman to death. Why could she be so cheeky?

He reached out hands and buried her face on the pillow.

“Well, if you want, I’ll make you.”