Chapter 2 - Love in full bloom

"Dirty woman, why are you still so pretentious?”

He thought she was a virgin, but out of expected, she was already a second hand woman!

Then, he rushed to the bathroom and washed the dirty from her.

She gritted her teeth and got up to put sheet on floor.

She had gotten married with Qin Yichen, if they slept apart, Mr Qin would ask and control them. So it was the best idea to sleep on the floor now. And nobody would find it if she packs it up in the morning.

Qin Yichen intent to kick the woman off the bed after he came out. Seeing the scene, he paused. She had good self-knowledge.

“I will sleep here and won’t dirty your bed.” Mo Qinyu said slowly with meek tone.

“ Your existence pollutes my air.” his voice was full of scorns and hatred. And he even didn’t look at her, as if she would dirty his eyes.

“ You can ignore me now.” she bate her lower lip with tears in her eyes. She raised her head higher and higher, trying to force them back and hide her recreance.

Her tears wouldn’t make him pity her although Qin Yichen had seen her movement. He satirized her,” do you know what’s the hell like?”

“I know, where there is you, there is hell. I’m now in the hell.” she turned to him with provocation in her obstinate eyes.

In this world , no women dared to resist him like that.

His eyes were full of furious fire, which was nearly burning her.” it is only the first floor of the hell. There are eighteen floors, I will help you to enjoy them.”

She pulled the quilt to cover her, the endless coldness appeared from her heart.

She was afraid of the man, he was the devil! And she could imagine how bad her life would be in the future.

However, she couldn’t step back, her whole life had ruined already.

This night, Mo Qinyu didn’t close her eyes, only staring at the star outside the window.

Cong must look at her on the paradise! Without that car accident, Xiaowu wouldn’t fall faint for so long time, and Cong wouldn’t die!

They must get married, they must be very happy!


The tears flew down on her face.

The next day , she got up early. Tidying up the quilt and pillow, she went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

She didn’t know what she should do in the family, if she became hardworking, maybe she can win their respect.

She boiled lean poke porridge, did pan fried pork bun and shrimp dumplings.

However, the substantial breakfast didn’t get Mrs Qin’s praise.

“ the cook makes the breakfast , you needn’t to do it, you have to remember your identity every moments, don’t do things which are incompatible with your identity and lose Qin family’s face!” she said with habitual disgust on her face.

“I see.” she nodded obediently, then tightened the hands in her pocket.

Mrs Qin didn’t like her, she could feel that.

Qin Yichen hated her too much, she couldn’t offend Mrs Qin, or she couldn’t stay here any more.

When Qin Yichen walked in, the hall became depressive. A strong feeling of oppressing sensation came over her, making her can’t breath.

Mrs Qin tasted the breakfast at least, Qin Yichen even didn’t give it a glance!

Actually, Mo Qinyu had good skills on cooking. Although the chef of Qin family had three Michelin stars, he couldn’t compare with Mo Qinyu in Chinese dishes.

Mrs Qin knew it after tasting the breakfast ,however, she wouldn’t praise her. It was normal for poor girls to cook.

“ Aunt Mei, order the chef to do breakfast childe likes.”

It meant that the breakfast Mo Qinyu did wasn’t liked by Qin Yichen.

After silence, her voice came to her again,” did you get along well last night?” “Yes, we got along well last night.” without waiting for Qin Yichen’s answer, she replied quickly.

“ That’s good!” Mrs Qin glanced her, “you job is spreading Qin family’s genes. I hope you can be pregnant in three months.”

Mo Qinyu was too scared to sit on the chair.

Bearing babies ? Would she bear a baby for Qin Yichen?

“Isn’t it too urgent to be pregnant in three months?”

Mrs Qin frowns,” don’t refute me! This is your obligation, the time will be enough if you are healthy.”

Qin Yichen kept silent here, he seemed to agree with his mother.

Mo Qinyu finally understood that why he would force her last night.

Even a gay had the responsibility to carry on a family line.

She needed to be like other gays’ wives, maintaining the marriage, assisting with the husband and

bringing up the child, then giving up the normal couple life.

Coming out from the dining room, she was really nervous and anxious. She was afraid that Qin Yichen would get crazy like last night, she would die she thought.

She needed to be preemptive.

She walked to Qin Yichen,” Well...about being pregnant...”

Without finishing her words, Qin Yichen interrupted her,” keep three meters away from me, don’t pollute my air!”

She took a deep breath,” can you hear my words if we keep such a distance? Do you hope me shout and scream and make others hear my words?”

“Go away!” Qin Yichen roared without hesitation, as if she was a disgusting cockroach, just wanted to crush it into pieces.

She bate her lower lip and forced herself to calm down,” I just want to say that we can accept artificial impregnation.”

Saying that, she stepped back and kept a certain distance, just as he expected. Qin Yichen paused lightly. Seeing that she had stepped back to the door of the hall, he felt his fist fell on cotton.

This woman looked frail and submissive, but there were always stubbornness and unruliness in her eyes, just like weed, it can’t be burned by dire, but grows again with the spring breeze.

“ Artificial impregnation? You have a rich imagination.”