Chapter 3 - Love in full bloom

“I think it will be good to both of us.” she said it carefully.

This kind of thing...she needed not to make it clear directly? He should understand her.

A gay would be excruciating to have sex with a woman.

And she would be more miserable if he had sex with her every day.

“It’s up to me.” his cold eyes swept over her face, just like knives to cut open her skin.

“I just want to discuss with you.” she murmured.

“You don’t have the qualification.” he went upstairs after leaving the words, as if she would sully his noble identity if he talked to her one sentence more.

She was only a puppet, a decoration. she only had the obligation to obey but no right to negotiate.

Mo Qinyu couldn’t understand him. She felt that he wanted to torment her and force her to leave.

She wouldn’t follow his wishes. She would insist on for her brother although how bad her life was.

In the afternoon,a beautiful girl came to the manor.

Her name is Pang Xiaofan, the daughter of Pang company.

Seeing Mo Qinyu, Pang Xiaofan asked casually,” Aunt Mei, is there a new maid in Qin family?”

“This is childe’s wife!” Aunt Mei said it word by word, clearly and forcefully.

Pang Xiaofan was shocked, as if thunder fell on her heart. She felt she had a spasm just now.” the girl from Mo family?”

“Yes, the second daughter of Mo family.” Aunt Mei said.

Pang Xiaofan’s face was in convulsion, as if being stung by wasps.

The bitch of Mo family finally marry in.

She looked her up and down carefully, plain and neat face without makeup, cheap clothes that even the maids would not like.

How could the bumpkin marry to Qin family?

“ Miss Mo, you should dress up carefully, I am sorry to mistake you a maid.” she pulled her stiff mouth and showed an exaggerated smirk.

She was scorning her appearance.

How can’t Mo Qinyu know her meaning.

She felt a faint of hostility form the girl, she seemed to love Qin Yichen, didn’t she know his sexual perference?

“ What’s the matter for Miss Pang come here?” she asked in a polite and formulaic tone.

“ Is aunt Chu in?” Pang Xiaofan raised her neck lightly to keep noble in front of Mo Qinyu, so that she can highlight the difference between her and Mo Qinyu.

“My mom came out.” Mo Qinyu replies quietly.

“That’s all right. I can find Yichen, where is MY Yichen?” Pang Xiaofan deliberately accentuated her tone on the word “MY” to show her sovereignty.

“Childe is in the study.” Aunt Mei replied.

“ Okay, I will find him.” saying this, she was about to go upstairs. But later, she was stopped by Aunt Mei,” Miss Pang, you know childe’s temper, he hates being disturbed.”

Pang Xiaofan withdrew her steps,” Okay, I will wait for him here.”

She walked to Mo Qinyu with a subtle cold light in her eyes,” Miss Mo, shall we enjoy afternoon tea together?”

Mo Qinyu didn’t refuse her. She was boring now and she was curious about the relationship between the girl and Qin Yichen.

The maid served them tea and cakes.

Pang Xiaofan picked up a cup of tea and took a sip gracefully.

“ I grew up in America. My mom and aunt Chu are very good friends. And I knew Yichen in

America,too. We have common interests. Horseback riding, playing golf, playing speedboat... Yichen always said that I am the most special girl he met.”

There was deep love in her eyes when she was talking. She didn’t hide her love to Qin Yichen. Mo Qinyu was surprised now, so the girl indeed didn’t know Qin Yichen liked men!

He covered up the secret very well.

Qin family was the first family in Jin city. They had rigorous rules. If he was exposed that he was a gay, it was sure that it would be a big scandal in the upper class. And lost Qin family’s face. So he had to hide the secret well.

“ Was he as handsome as now when he was in America?” she asked deliberately.

Qin Yichen was a 260- pounds- fat before the surgery. And he was very ugly before. Shouldn’t she fall in love such a man?

Pang Xiaofan glanced at her calmly with an ineffable sense flashed in her eyes,” only if souls can be together, we can get love. It has no relationship with appearance. If I only care about the appearance, that would be shallow.”

Mo Qinyu sipped her tea. She didn’t believe that Pang Xiaofan would love Qin Yichen before he had a surgery, he must have succeed in that cosmetic when they met.

Her cousin got a picture of him before he had that surgery.

“ Did you date with Yichen before?”

Pang Xiaofan lifted the hair on her chest,” we are bosom friends to each other. There is an old saying in China, If love is always in your heart, don’t care one day or one night. I know that he has to follow his grandpa’s last wish to marry you, and I won’t prevent him, only if I’m in his heart.”

After a pause, she added,” I don’t mind your existence. You are his wife, and i am his confidante. We can get along well.”

Her words might misunderstood others that she was the wife and Mo Qinyu was the mistress.

What’s more, her words were not sincere, she just wanted to paralyze her.

Qin Yichen was hers, she would never share him with others!

And the position of the female master of Qin family was hers, she had many ways to make the poor bumpkin go away.

Mo Qinyu played the cup in her hands. She thought her rivals in love would be males, but there were also females. Qin Yichen covered up his sexual preference deeply.

“Miss Pang, I am a generous woman. Yichen was so excellent , how can he have only one woman? No matter you or anyone else, I won’t care about it.”

She smiled gently and kindly.

A gloomy light flashed in Pang Xiaofan’s eyes.

The bumpkin must be pretending and scheming with her. It would be strange if she became generous.

“Miss Mo, it would be good if you have such thoughts. An arranged marriage doesn’t represent anything, it’s the feeling that counts most, right?”

Her words implied that Mo Qinyu was the third one between her and Qin Yichen.

“ Yes, but the law only protect marriage, not the feelings.” Mo Qinyu smiled lightly. She squeezed a hard bone into Pang Xiaofan’s mouth, she couldn’t swallow it and couldn’t spit it out.

Her face turned to black, then she tightened her hands slowly.

Upstairs, in the study.

Qin Yichen was calling his assistant.” do you find the woman in that Hotel?”

“ Not yet. We have asked all the restaurants around the hotel, nobody sent takeout to the hotel that day. And they don’t have any waitresses with plum blossom tattoos or birthmark on shoulder.” Feng replied him.

Qin Yichen’s eyes darkened. He wanted to find the woman, the scene that night always haunted him.

He didn’t see her face clearly, only noticed a plum blossom tattoo or a birthmark on her shoulder through the moonlight.

Who she was? Where was she?