Love in full bloom

Love in full bloom

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Read Love in full bloom by Lu Xiaoguo. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereBefore the wedding, her elder female cousin disappeared suddenly, she was forced to marry her brother-in -law. The man had endless desires to her , indifferent and ruthless. He pressed her on the operating table and forced her to have an abortion. she desperately fled. However, the man wanted to find her crazily even if digging to a depth of three feet,"You are mine no matter you are alive or dead!"
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Chapter I will marry instead of her

Hotel Jen Room 1202 Mo Qinyu put the takeout box on the ground to knock the door, just finding that the door was open andleft a gap. She knocked the door politely,” Hello, this is your takeout.” There was no replying in the room, only a cold wind blew through the gab with a frozen feeling. She couldn’t help shivering and raised her voice,” Anybody here? Here is your takeout!” It was still quiet inside. She p

Chapter chapter5How about an Artificial impregnation?

"Dirty woman, why are you still so pretentious?” He thought she was a virgin, but out of expected, she was already a second hand woman! Then, he rushed to the bathroom and washed the dirty from her. She gritted her teeth and got up to put sheet on floor. She had gotten married with Qin Yichen, if they slept apart, Mr Qin would ask and control them. So itwas the best idea to sleep on the floor now. And nobody

chapter 6The rival in love appeared

“I think it will be good to both of us.” she said it carefully. This kind of thing...she needed not to make it clear directly? He should understand her. A gay would be excruciating to have sex with a woman. And she would be more miserable if he had sex with her every day. “It’s up to me.” his cold eyes swept over her face, just like knives to cut open her skin. “I just want to discuss with you.” she murmured

chapter 7Conquer the hedgehog

When he walked downstairs, Pang Xiaofan immediately greeted him,” Yichen!” Qin Yichen lifted his thin lips lightly and smiled,” Xiaofan,why didn’t you call me before coming?” “Do I need an appointment to meet you?” Pang Xiaofan raised her hands and crossed his arms, as ifshowing how good they were in front of Mo Qinyu. Qin Yichen moved his arm and wanted to pull it out. However, he stopped when he saw Mo Qin

chapter 8Don't you just like the feeling being in the hell?

“ Qin Yichen, you are a devil!” she gritted her teeth with muscles tightened all over her body, just like astone. She could feel his change of his body. The fear overwhelmed her all over. That huge one was as fierce as him, it nearly killed her last time. Wasn’t he a gay? Why did he has reaction to woman? Was he really a bisexual? His attractive thin lips were lifted and showed a fierce sneer,” Don’t you lik

chapter 9Half of the bride-price was robbed

Qin Yichen stirred up an unpredictable mood in his heart, like anger or something else. “ Sharp teeth! I will see how long you can insist on!” He pushed the door open violently. She suddenly fell down on the floor like a deflated ball. The one should marry him was not her. He should be her brother-in-law. If Mo Mengshan married him, she would be better. She was brought up according to the standard of arich w

Chapter 10 She spilled you and you spilled it back.

The next morning, Mo Qinyu went to the tea room to make coffee. Zhangyan and Pang Xiaofanfollowed her. “ Fan, your civet coffee is deserves to be the best of coffee.” Zhangyan said deliberately. “Of course, ordinary people can not afford it. The poor can only drink instant coffee.” Pang Xiaofan saidwhile peering at Mo Qinyu. Mo Qinyu was about to making the bag of instant coffee in her hand. She

Chapter 11 100 degrees, can’t be lower!

Mo Qinyu didn’t expect that Qin Yichen would choose this way to handle the thing. It didn’t mean that she could be bullied by an intern. However, it’s the first day to work, she didn’t wantto make too big movement, that would be bad for her. “Boss, ask her to apologize to me, the matter passed, Okay?” “Ok, I apologize, sorry Mo Qinyu, sorry !” Zhang Yan was so frightened that she trembled all over andrepeate

Chapter 12 She complained first

Qin Yichen raised his eyes and saw her glumly. Pang Xiaofan was arranged to come here by his mom, he had to achieve her mother’s wishes. “Only if you have the ability, you can get rid of her.” the low voice was giving her the right. “I don’t have that ability.” she put out her tongue. “ Coward!” he scorned. ” She was the daughter of a wealthy family. I have no money and no power, how can I fight againsther?

Chapter 13 Did she see the ghost?

“ Mom, I haven’t finished my words.” Mo Qinyu lifted her eyebrows lightly,”Here is what happened. Thismorning, Miss Pang, Zhangyan and I were drinking coffee in the tea room.Miss Pang said my nescafewas for the poor, the rich usually drink civet coffee.the name is very weird, so I searched it on theInternet. You know that I’m a cock wire, I was really surprised after seeing the explains on the int