Chapter 10 - Love in full bloom

“ Mom, I haven’t finished my words.” Mo Qinyu lifted her eyebrows lightly,”Here is what happened. This morning, Miss Pang, Zhangyan and I were drinking coffee in the tea room.Miss Pang said my nescafe was for the poor, the rich usually drink civet coffee.the name is very weird, so I searched it on the Internet. You know that I’m a cock wire, I was really surprised after seeing the explains on the internet. Then I asked Miss Pang was this coffee really delicious? Miss Pang laughed at me as a bumpkin. I have to admit it , I am indeed a bumpkin!” She paused and swallowed.” it’s just for fun. But zhangyan didn’t think so , she was very good in many aspects, only one disadvantage-she likes to flatter others. Zhangyan wanted to please Miss Pang, she thought Miss Pang hated me, so she rushed over and knocked the coffee out of my hand.” She raised the arms,” Look, my arms are full of blisters.” Mrs Qin glanced at her, finding she was indeed hurt seriously, then she said nothing just shrivelled her mouth. Mo Qinyu went on,” I wanted to settle the dispute with zhangyan and didn’t expect Yichen would see it.He was very angry and said that the rules of the Qin family are reciprocity. If I was splashed by hot water and run away in disgrace, I would be a coward and discredit the Qin family and him.He wanted me to splash them back, but I didn't dare to do it. As a result, he helped me to follow the rules of Qin family. Zhangyan held Miss Pang's leg, Miss Pang was also implicated." Mrs. Qin's mouth twitched. "since it was none of your business, why did you admit your mistake?" "I was wrong. I lost face to the Qin family.I am the daughter-in-law of the Qins. When they hit my face, they hit the Qins' face. I failed to protect the Qin family's face.”Mo Qinyu lowered her head and looked very frank. Mrs Qin felt forcibly stuffed a bone into her mouth, unable to swallow and unable to spit out. "Since Yichen had dealt with it, I will let it go .You must watch your manners in the future, and do not bring your bad habits here when you were in your family." She showed an air of fairness. “I see, mother, I will correct my mistake."Mo Qinyu took a breath secretly. Qin Yichen did not return for two days and reappeared on Saturday.

Old Mrs Qin ‘s treatment was over, she couldn't wait to meet her grandson’s wife.. Qin Yichen decided to take Mo Qinyu to visit his grandma. "Do you know what to do when you get to the hospital?" his voice was like to teach a pet. "How?”Mo Qinyu raised her eyebrows in confusion. He stretched his big hand around her shoulder. His hands were warm,but his heart was cold without any temperature and warmth. However, Mo Qinyu understood what he meant. Show affection! "I see, I will cooperate with you." As the car reached the intersection, her eyes looked through the window onto the sidewalk which was not far from the platform. There was a slender man standing there, white T-shirt and blue jeans, he dressed casually but handsome. His skin was white just like a fleshly shelled egg , his facial features were perfect with a hint of masculine,and he was also elegant with a sense of evil spirit. He stood out from the crowd, and though there were many people on the sidewalk, she could see him at once. She could not be more familiar to the face,which had been deeply engraved in her soul. A violent convulsion ran over her body, and her eyes grew larger than a bell and she could not believe what she was seeing now. The light turned to green and the driver started the engine. She became panic and tapped the window and shouted hurriedly, "Ming, stop the car. I want to get out. I want to get out!" Qin Yichen frowned. "what are you doing?" She didn't hear anything now. Her hearing had been shut off. All her attention was on the man outside. "Stop, I want to get out, I want to get out..." "No parking here, madam."

"I don't care. I want to get out. Please, I want to get out."She opened the car door recklessly. Her thoughts had become disorganized, her reason had been destroyed, only one thing in her heart: to find Cong. At the moment she was about to jump out of the car, Qin Yichen pulled her back immediately. “ Mo Qinyu, are you crazy now?” "Let me go, I want to get out!"She screamed at the top of her voice and kicked at Qin Yichen , trying to get rid of him. Qin Yichen was angry, then roared: "Parking!" The driver had no choice but to pull over to the side of the road. “Go away!” Qin Yichen’s brows twisted into a line. Before he had finished speaking, Mo Qinyu had pushed the door open and rushed out, regardless of the speeding vehicles. Cong! Cong! She kept repeating the name in her heart. "Master, what's the matter with Madam?"The driver was vacant, they were very calm before on back seat and he did not hear they quarreled. Qin Yichen’s eyes were full of flames of fury. He could only think of one explanation: the stupid women had intermittent psychosis. "Get off and have a look.""He ordered, gritting his teeth. Grandma was still waiting for them. If this woman disappeared halfway, grandma would must be very disappointed and might fall ill again. Mo Qinyu hurried up to the spot where she had seen the man. But there was nobody now. "Cong --Cong --" she cried, looking around anxiously. Pedestrians and cars passed before her eyes, just like colorful silhouettes, and then disappeared. Suddenly, her eyes focused on the mall gate, a tall figure quickly walked in. The back was familiar to her, along with the white T-shirt and blue jeans. It's Cong! It's Cong! “Cong”she ran excitedly toward the mall. It was big and full of people everywhere. She couldn't find the man who disappeared once entering the

mall. She looked everywhere, every shop and every corner, but there was no sign of him. Where did he go? Where did he go? Did he go upstairs? There were four floors of the mall, she didn’t want to give up, the took the escalator and looked to upstairs. Every floor and every place. She was out of breath and her legs were weak. She could not walk any more. Cong, was it you? Was it really you?Where were you?Why did you suddenly appear and then disappear? She sank to the ground, tears and sweat streaming down her cheeks. "Cong ...Cong ..." She began to cry, and her distraught appearance attracted many onlookers Qin Yichen was not far away looking at her, a pair of dark eyes was gloomy, flashing frozen light. What the hell is this stupid woman doing? Was it really a psychotic attack? Holding back his anger, he walked forward and pulled up Mo Qinyu without saying a word, then put her on his shoulder roughly and walked outside. As he stepped into the elevator, a handsome man in a white T-shirt and blue jeans stepped out of the next elevator with a woman beside him in brown hair.