Chapter 9 - Love in full bloom

Qin Yichen raised his eyes and saw her glumly.

Pang Xiaofan was arranged to come here by his mom, he had to achieve her mother’s wishes.

“Only if you have the ability, you can get rid of her.” the low voice was giving her the right.

“I don’t have that ability.” she put out her tongue.

“ Coward!” he scorned.

” She was the daughter of a wealthy family. I have no money and no power, how can I fight against her? If I have a strong backing, I dare to do that!” she raised her neck , as if cheering her up.

Qin Yichen’s dark eyes flashed,” Good, remember your words.”

“ I won’t forget my words. President, if you have nothing else, I have to go back to work.” Mo Qinyu turned her face away and walked to outside.

The movement was a silent provocation to Qin Yichen.

A grim smile appeared on his face.

Stubborn hedgehog was also interesting when she controlled the thorns to outsiders.

When Mo QInyu came back Design Department, all people stared at her with strange eyes, as if she had been fired.

No one knew the thing happened in tea room, expect Guo Lulu.

Pang Xiaofan was trembling in anger when she sitting in the car, how could she make Mo Qinyu live good! she ordered someone to spread the world through grapevine.

Mo Qinyu became crazy and unreasonable in the tea room, and splashed her and Zhang yan with boiling water.

Now, everyone was speculating that Mo Qinyu was called to the president’s office for a lesson.

“ She had a big courage! Only on a day of work, she offended Pang Xiaofan, doesn’t she want to be fired?”

“ She mustn’t know the thing between president and Pang Xiaofan.”

“A newborn calf doesn’t fear of a tiger.” “ Anyway, she has end her life in the company, stay away from her to avoid being involved in troubles.”

Mo Qinyu didn’t know what they were talking about, only felt that she was isolated more.

In the lunch time, she went to the staff canteen.

It could reached to the standard of Michelin, the food was very good. There were Chinese food and Western food and moreover, they both had a nice price.

Big company had great benefits.

She bought the cheapest meal as she did yesterday to save money.

Seeing a colleague from design department, she walked to her and was about to sit down, but the woman raised her cold face and said,” It had already been occupied here.”

Actually there was no people here, she just didn’t want to sit together with Mo Qinyu, avoiding being caught her misfortune.

It might her last meal, she would be fired this afternoon.

“Sorry.” Mo QInyu walked to a corner with her dish.

It wasn’t nice to be isolated, she just wanted to have a good job and didn’t want to be involved in the messy office politics.

“Mo Qinyu!” A fragile voice came from her beside, she turned her head, finding Guo Lulu walking to her,” Can I sit here?”

“Of course,” she nodded,” Thanks for your burn cream, I would give it back to you later.”

“ No, I still have one, you can use it.” she smiled brightly. Maybe she was the only person to speak to her in the canteen.

“Lulu, they all isolate me, don’t you afraid being involved by me?” Mo Qinyu asked.

“ That’s nothing. I just don’t want to bow to evil forces. The most terrible result is being fired. There must be a place for me to work.” Guo Lulu showed a light-hearted look.

She knew the truth, so she wouldn’t be afraid. But she never told the truth out, so that she could have a good relationship with Mo Qinyu.

If they all became friendly to Mo Qinyu, it couldn’t show her special. Mo Qinyu didn’t know her thoughts, just regarding her as a positive girl.

“ Lulu, I will treat you with Hong Kong-style milk tea.” she smiled lightly.

“Okay, I won’t stand on ceremony with you. I think we are both people who don’t fear forces, so we can be good friends!” Guo Lulu smiled.

“I think so,too.” Mo Qinyu was very happy to have friend now.

After wiping burn cream in the hospital, Pang Xiaofan went to Qin family and cried to Mrs Qin.

“Aunt Chu, Mo Qinyu burned my legs. I invited her to drink civet coffee, she scorned me was that people who drink civet coffee are savages who liked cat poop! I warned her to pay attention to her words and behavior, but she splashed boiling water to me. She said that she is the female master of Qin family, not only JVlear, but also the whole Qin family would be hers. If somebody offend her, she would give him a lesson. She was not for work entering JVlear, she only wanted to keep an eye on Yichen to avoid a mistress pegging him...”

She kept on crying and Mrs Qin’s face had already been livid.

Mo Qinyu scolded Pang Xiaofan, she was also insulted Mrs Qin, who was known for drinking civet coffee.

At night, when Mo Qinyu returned, she didn’t show any emotions, just asked her casually,” How about your work today ?”

“ Good,” Mo Qinyu replied lightly.

She lifted a subtle sneer on her mouth, then ordered the servant to pour two cups of coffee.

“ This is Indonesian civet coffee, and I like it very much. Try it”

Civet coffee again.

Mo Qinyu signed secretly, then picked up the cup pf coffee and drinked it.

She was not used to black coffee. It was too bitter, just like Chinese medicine, and it had a strong earthy smell.

She subconsciously frowned.

Seeing it and thinking of Pang Xiaofan’s words, a sense of anger appeared between her eyebrows.

“ Is it delicious?” she asked quietly. “ A little bitter.” Mo Qinyu said frankly.

“ People who are used to cheap instant coffee can’t find its good taste of good coffee.” Mrs Qin’s slow voice was full of sarcasm.

“ You are right, it is too wasteful for me to drink this kind of gourmet coffee.” Mo Qinyu said quietly, and her look was humble and respectful, as if she admitted the fact.

However, the anger of Mrs Qin didn’t decrease,” I let you do an assistant designer, is it too wronged for you?”

Mo Qinyu couldn’t guess her meaning , she had to replied slowly,” I just graduated from school without any working experiences, I am grateful that the company could give me an opportunity to develop, I will work hard in the future.”

Mrs Qin sharpened her eyes and her tone became sharp, too.” you are clear that if you go to work or not to the company. Company is a serious place, not a vegetable market which can say rude words and do mean things casually!”

She felt upset once seeing Mo Qinyu.

She thought Mo Qinyu was same as her uncle, insatiable and pesky.

Mo Qinyu was baffled, she didn’t know what she did wrong to make the lady annoyed.

“ Mom, I don’t know your meaning.”

“ do you really think you can hide me the things? You only work for two days, but make the company messy!” her face was dark and gloomy.

Seeing this, Aunt Mei said to Mo Qinyu lowly,” Miss Pang came here before and her legs are badly hurt, Miss, are you going to apologize to her?”

She was reminding her.

Mo Qinyu understood immediately, someone had complained to Mrs Qin.

“ So that’s what you said. It’s indeed my fault.”

Mrs Qin thought she had confessed her crime, the groaned and shouts out,” Bring the tool! I will give you a lesson with the family rules! So that you will not forget it and lose Qin family’s face!”