Chapter 1 - Love Is as Deep as Sea

They have got married for three years, but this is the first time for him to go home……

"Ah. Isn't that what you want? The man snorted contemptuously, and only stopped for a while.

Melissa Noel was too pain to pay attention to this man’s word. She just wanted to push him away, but she can’t. She could only bite her lip and bear his plunder.

Nothing. It's all right.

She had waited this moment for so many years, didn’t she? This could not be seen as the pain.

The man rolled out of bed and left the bedroom.

When Marvin Hansom came in again, he turned on the headlights in the room directly.

The sudden light made her subconsciously raise her hand to block the light, and when she adjusted and opened her eyes again, the man's voice calmly came, "Let's get divorced. "

Melissa suddenly frozen, as if all her blood had coagulated. She looked at him incredibly.

"Marvin, what did you say?"

"I gave you what you wanted. Now Sally was pregnant. I'm responsible for her." The man's face seemed tired. He frowned at her and glanced at the bedside table with indifferent eyes. "Take the medicine and then sign it."

My sister Sally was pregnant? Was it his children?

Melissa looked back in a hurry.

Several bold documents of the divorce agreement came into her view.

Beside the document, it was a glass of water and a light pink pill.

Her palpitating warm heart was punctured by a cold sharp hook in an instant, and she was suffocated by pain.

This maybe is the so called fallen from the heaven into hell, but that's all.

She felt shamed and puzzled, and all was accompanied by deep pain.

"Marvin, why? I am your wife. Why do you want my sister to have your child?” Melissa asked with red eyes.

Marvin pressed her lips brutally, and then raised his hand to pinched her chin, and said, "Melissa, if you never framed Sally and never let her suffer humiliation, I will marry you?" From the day you get married, you should know what your ending is!"

Seeing his disgust and hatred eyes, Melissa sneered and said, "Marvin, you are really cruel."

"Compared with your disgusting ways, what I did was just a small trick!" Marvin said with fierce eyes and bit his teeth, then pushed her away, "Take the medicine."

"Do you think I'm willing to marry you, if your family never came to seek a marriage alliance, I would

rather marry a beggar than you!"

Melissa said indignantly, and then grabbed the medicine and ate it.

"Signing it when you finished reading. I'll arrange someone to pick it up tomorrow." Marvin left a cold word and then turned away.

Hearing the locking sound of the outside door, Melissa lifted the thin quilt of the bed and ran into the bathroom.

After a burst of disgust, Melissa looked at the pills spit out of her throat with a bitter. A sad and beautiful smile on her pale face.

It's so beautiful that people can't look straight at it.

Melissa can’t fall asleep after Marvin left.

In the bright-lit parlor, Melissa looked at the divorce agreement on the tea table, and then she smiled desperately.

Thirteen years! It is time for this humble love to end!

She knew that she shouldn't have fell in love with Marvin, a man who has been outstanding since childhood, and a man that her sister loved most.

Thus her love has been silent all the time.

Because she knew that compared with her beautiful, dignified and highly educated sister, she is not fit to stand with him for his bastard status.

But three years ago, on the eve of Marvin and Sally's wedding, Sally was raped by a gang of hooligans for saving her.

Naturally, the Hansom family would not agree Marvin to marry with a defiled woman, so they proposed to cancel the wedding.

Marvin Hansom, however, held out his hand to her and said, "Marry me, Melissa."

At that moment, when she saw the man's tender eyes, her heart seemed to blossom on a dead tree...

But she didn’t know that all this was his plot to retaliate against her.

Ten years of secret love, and three years of marriage, she had never receive his loved eyes.

Tears rolled down from her eyes after one night endured.

Melissa started writing and signed her name on the divorce agreement.

He treated her fairly well. He gave the apartment to her. Beside this, he even gave her ten million dollars.

It seemed that she was worthy of this money.



In Jiren hospital

Melissa was not influenced by divorcing. She came to the gynecology and obstetrics department in advance and went directly to the B-mode ultrasound room.

She made a ovulation detection for herself.

Seeing the full follicles beating on the screen actively, she smiled with console in her eyes.

Marvin , if you want to divorce, I will give birth to your child secretly so that you can never see him!

Melissa saw a familiar beautiful figure when she just came to the door of the office.