Chapter 2 - Love Is as Deep as Sea

Now it is late autumn, Sally still wore a dress, which exposed her white slender long legs, she was talking on the phone while playing with her big wave roll hair.

Seeing Melissa coming, Sally quickly hung up the phone, " Melissa, I’m coming to make the pregnant file. Marvin told me that I can come to your hospital to deliver my baby. "

As she was speaking, her hand, stained with red nails, touched her belly tenderly, and smiled at Melissa. " Melissa, you will love this kid too, don’t you? "

Melissa felt hurt, as if her heart was hold by a pair of big hands, which made her feel so painful.

“Come in!” , Melissa resisted the pain which had spread to her whole body, pulled Sally into her office, and closed the door.

“Why, are you afraid the people outside will hear that the kid is Marvin’s?”Without the audience, Sally tickle her lips defiantly and laughed with full proud.

Melissa took a seat, she looked up at Sally’s belly . " My sister-in-law is pregnant with her brother-in- law's child. I am afraid you are the only one who is not ashamed to be proud of yourself. "

“Ah! Melissa, how did you get married to Marvin, have you forgotten? Do you really think you can be his wife forever as you married him? "Sally sneered disdainfully.

“If you are here today to show off, congratulations, you have achieved your purpose. I’ve agreed to divorce, so Marvin is yours! " Melissa’s plain face always indifferent as water, " From now on, What I owe you is paid off. "

As she finished speaking, someone knocked on the door outside, " Dr. Noel, there is something wrong with the pregnant woman in VIP2 room. The director asked you to come quickly. "

“All right! I will come soon! "Melissa stood up hurriedly , didn’t look at Sally for one sight, " I’m busy, you can go to the clinic to make pregnant file."

Then she took off her coat, put on the white uniform, opened the door and hurried out.

“Do you really think I’m here to make a pregnant file! Marvin has said that he will take me to America to give birth to the baby! "Sally Sneered.

Just as she was leaving, the phone rang and she saw the name on the screen. Her face turned white instantly and she shut the door and locked it back. Then she answered the phone.

“Well, I told you not to call me anymore. . . I am pregnant with your child by your seed, but the child will soon be named as Hansom. . . Don’t worry, I will give you lots of money . . . the child is still your child, I think you also want the child born with such a handsome father as Marvin, right?”


When Melissa finished checking the patient and went out from VIP2 room with the medical staff, her hand naturally reached into the pocket of her white uniform to look for her cell phone, but she found that she had forgotten to bring it with her.

Oh, she left too fast just now, the phone is still in the pocket of her coat.

By the time she got back to her office, Sally had already left.

She took the cell phone out from the pocket, and found that the cell phone was still in the recording state.

She is so careless.

Before, in the B-mode ultrasound room, she wanted to record the conversation with the future kid for the first time, but she forgot to turn it off.