Love Is as Deep as Sea

Love Is as Deep as Sea

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Chapter: 15
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Synopsis about Love Is as Deep as Sea

Read Love Is as Deep as Sea by Hong Chen. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereMelissa Noel kept her love cautiously, never thought to be able to approach him, but eventually she could not bear it. He reached out and wanted to marry her. After all, she liked him and loved him. However, she fell into the abyss of eternity and died without burial.
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Chapter 1: The Divorce

They have got married for three years, but this is the first time for him to go home…… "Ah. Isn't that what you want? The man snorted contemptuously, and only stopped for a while. Melissa Noel was too pain to pay attention to this man’s word. She just wanted to push him away, butshe can’t. She could only bite her lip and bear his plunder. Nothing. It's all right. She had waited this moment for so many years,

Chapter 2: Pregnancy

Now it is late autumn, Sally still wore a dress, which exposed her white slender long legs, she wastalking on the phone while playing with her big wave roll hair. Seeing Melissa coming, Sally quickly hung up the phone, " Melissa, I’m coming to make the pregnantfile. Marvin told me that I can come to your hospital to deliver my baby. " As she was speaking, her hand, stained with red nails, touched her belly t

Chapter 3: Requirement

After work, Melissa hurried back to Bishuiyuan. Seeing the divorce agreement she threw down on the coffee table was still there, she suddenly felthappy, she hung up the agreement and took it to the study, and stuffed it into the shredder. Hearing the buzzing sound of shredded paper. Melissa bit her lip and twisted her eyebrow gently. Her cell phone accidentally recorded the words that Sally said in her off

Chapter 4: Threat

Then came the constant nausea, Melissa found herself pregnant. Looking at the two red bars on the pregnancy test stick, she seemed to see the long-awaited happinesswaving to her. She was so excited, she took out her cell phone and made a phone call that she had not been calledfor a long time. To her surprise, Marvin quickly answered the phone. "Have you signed?" The voice of the man's came to her. Her ex

Chapter 5:The Jealousy

“Melissa, I am sorry to keep you waiting! I’ve said I would not come here, but Marvin wants me toaccompany with him.” Sally apologized. Marvin didn’t cast a glance at Melissa. He pulled out the chair, and thoughtfully helped Sally to sitdown. “Never mind.” Melissa sat down and looked at Marvin face to face. Not seen him for nearly a month, he seemed to have lost some weight. Finding the profound eyes of him

Chapter 6: The Despair

“I will never let you have my child!” Marvin cruelly smiled, “it is impossible!” His voice was always low, and he never raised his voice even when he was very angry. But it just this kind of voice without any emotion, full of anger and resolution, sentenced her to deathdirectly. Melissa’s eyes was as clear as the precious stone and the light seemed to extinguish in bunches in theeyes of her. Her heart was al

Chapter 7: Really Tough

Who else could it be rather than Marvin? What a coincidence? Melissa was frozen for a second then she realized. He must be here to do the physical examination for the person he loved. Sally went to hold Marvin's wrist immediately and showed a pretty smile," Melissa is joking. She won'tpoison me at all! Our child gonna call Melissa little aunty in the future. Isn't it, Melissa?" Melissa did not turn her head.

Chapter 8: The Abortion

Melissa thought that Sally was just as bleed as last time, because her fetus had been a little unstable. To her surprise, Sally directly aborted... The reason was that she had taken abortion drugs at home bymistake. Not only that, her uterus could not be preserved because of the excessive use of drugs and theuntimely delivery of medical services. "Quickly, let the patient's family sign on it, excise the u

Chapter 9: Heartless

His big hand captured her slender neck. A red stain appeared on her snow liking skin instantly. The skin over the bone connections of his hand turned white because he put too much strength. He gritted his teeth and he was in furious evidently. However, Melissa did not try to escape from it. She didn't even open her eyes and just let him to pinchdeadly."Kill me!" She said calmly." If killing me can vent your

Chapter 10: Transplant

On the weekend, Melissa returned to the Noels. She didn't mean to visit Sally, who had been discharged from the hospital, just to come back to getsomething that was left at home last time. Her father was busy with work and rarely came back home, so only Sally and her mom had beenalways living here. Finishing packing up her stuff in the bedroom, she pulled the suitcase and was about to go out, butsuddenly, sh