Chapter 10 - Love Is as Deep as Sea

On the weekend, Melissa returned to the Noels.

She didn't mean to visit Sally, who had been discharged from the hospital, just to come back to get something that was left at home last time.

Her father was busy with work and rarely came back home, so only Sally and her mom had been always living here.

Finishing packing up her stuff in the bedroom, she pulled the suitcase and was about to go out, but suddenly, she heard a violent quarrel came from the room of Sally.

"Even if you don't want this child, you can't even have your uterus?" It’s Nina Green's voice.

Sally’s mother, the stepmother of Melissa.

"Mom! I have said it many times. Don't worry about my affairs. I can deal with it well!" Sally said impatiently.

"Can you? You are killing a woman’s fatal chance that is to be a mother!"

"Who said that I won’t have a chance to be a mother? Mom, Marvin said he will ask the Melissa to transplant her uterus to me!" Sally said coldly. "This child isn’t Marvin’s. It can’t be born! Furthermore, we can frame Melissa by abortion, and also can get her uterus rationally at that time. Kill three birds with one stone! After marring Marvin, I can give him a bunch of children! ”

Nina Green was overjoyed, "Really? Will Melissa agree?"

"Her thoughts are worthless? She loves Marvin so obsessed, so if Marvin forced her to transplant, she won’t dare to say no!"

"I’m afraid that little bitch will play tricks on us!"

"Don’t worry! For so many years, when did she succeed in playing tricks on me? Every time she just hurt her herself at last. Ha ha-ha-ha..."


Listening to the creepy laughter, Melissa felt a pang of chill well up inside her.

Sally, in order to frame her, personally killed her own child, took off the uterus...

How could she be so cruel!

She remembered very clearly that her type-B ultrasonic had showed her child had been 15 months old until last time. In that case, the baby should have the form of human...


The stomach welled up an indescribable queasiness. Melissa supported the wall and vomited uncomfortably.

The sound disturbed the mother and daughter next door, and then they came out curiously.

"Melissa? When did you come back? Why are you standing out of my door?" Sally was a little surprised, and a panic look crossed her beautiful face.

This wicked girl should have heard her conversation with her mother!

Nina Green walked over to grab the suitcase from Melissa, opened it directly and poured out all the things inside. "Sneaking back, she definitely wants to steal some things from our house!"

The things in the box, not the clothes, nor the valuable items, were all stationery.

Many have been yellowed for a long time, but each page was full of handwritten words.

Those were all the confession manuscripts she had written to Marvin when she had pursued him in her young age.

Melissa gasped for a while, straightened up, and looked calmly at Sally. "Unluckily, I came back early, and also heard your scheme. Sally, you are not what you used to be. Why are you so heartless now? It is a life! How can you kill it cruelly?"

Crossing her arms on her chest and squinting the eyes, Sally stepped forward, and said ruthlessly. "It’s all because of you! Why did you steal my Marvin? You know that I like him from my young age, but you shamelessly pursue him again and again. This time I’ll give you a lesson! You will finally know what the consequence of grabbing a man with me is."

"But you also know that he has never looked at me before!"

"That's because you are stupid! You are an unlawful daughter, so you don't deserve a look, from him, let alone his love!"