Chapter 9 - Love Is as Deep as Sea

His big hand captured her slender neck. A red stain appeared on her snow liking skin instantly.

The skin over the bone connections of his hand turned white because he put too much strength.

He gritted his teeth and he was in furious evidently.

However, Melissa did not try to escape from it. She didn't even open her eyes and just let him to pinch deadly.

"Kill me!" She said calmly." If killing me can vent your spleen then do it. Kill me!"

After she said that , she suddenly opened her eyes. She stared at him with her eyes full of provocation," Marvin Hansom, kill me if you have the guts!"

However, there was a despairing dreariness in the arc of her curved lips.

Marvin's eyes was frozen for a second when it touched with hers. The hand on her neck was paused.

Her eyes had always been pretended to be innocent. When did them turned to despairing and forlorn?

This damn woman. How could she deserve to be despairing? How could she get the right to be despair?

She should be the happiest one since Sally lost her baby and her womb, wasn't she?

"What's wrong? How could Mr. Hansom lost his guts? Afraid of killing? Or..." Melissa smiled with her lips bent," Or you are reluctant to do that?"

Her provocation ignited his furious again instantly. He hand got tighter and sneered," Of course I'm reluctant to kill you. I'm going to torment you! I will keep you alive and torment you slowly! I will let you to live in a hell!"

Word for word, just like poisoned, was so heartless.

Melissa felt the pain even though she could not be poisoned any more.

There was no grief greater than the death of the mind.

Marvin got more angry since he didn't receive any words from her. He pushed her to the wall," Transplant your womb to Sally! No man dare to keep the woman I abandoned anyway. You have no use of a womb at all. Transplant it to Sally as a pay back. Then I can let you live."

Melissa opened her eyes widely, she touched her underbelly naturally and pushed him away emphatically," Marvin Hansom, you damn fool, I had nothing to do with Sally lost her baby and her womb at all! I should transplant it to her on what ground?"

"On what ground?" Marvin sneered." On the ground of you being a malicious woman. You don't deserve to be a mother! You will raise the baby into a malicious and scheming person like you if you have one!"

After he said that, he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and smashed it on Melisaa's face," This is the record of you taking medicines from the pharmacy at that day. You took those tocolytic agents as a cover of taking the aborticide and that aborticide! And the medicine caused abortion of Sally was this for sure! Melissa Noel, you are still denying even now. "

Marvin gritted without giving her chance to explain," Take a good care of your basebred body and do the transplantation when Sally recovered better!"

"What if I refused?" She yelled with fury.

Marvin Hansom, how would keep your decision if you know there is a baby in me?

"Interesting!" Marvin laughed cruelly," Then we don't have to divorce! I will leave you alone at Blue Water Garden and keep you as Mrs. Hansom then let you die alone!"

When he said that, he squinted with contempt and left with big steps.

Melissa looked at that resolute back of him and her body slid down along the wall to the floor slowly.


She felt empty in her heart, very empty.

At least, it didn't all.

Her eyes were so dry but there was no even one tear flowed out.

The man she loved for all her young age but the man gave all his blandness to another one. He was reluctant to give any tiny blandness to her.

Melissa lay on the bed in B-mode ultrasound room. She looked at the screen next to her tenderly while

she was pressing the detector gently on her underbelly.

In the picture of her empty womb, a little black tadpole could be seen..

What a lovely guy!

This was her baby.

This was the first baby she got. She was pregnant for the man she loved.

It was there no longer than two months. It had not grown into a human form and it had not gotten any organs....It could not been told that which gender it was yet.

It had the right to born in this world, to feel joy and sorrow.

Did she, as a mother, have to deny the birth of her own flesh and blood?

How cruel it was to do that!

"However, my baby, you are not recognized. Even your real father does not want you to be born. You may not escape from those devils' clutches even though mother loves you." She thought by herself.

Melissa closed her eyes and cried with tears flowed all around her face.Her body was shaking too hard to realize that the detector in her hand had slidden down and fallen on the ground.