Chapter 8 - Love You Enough to Leave You

” “All right, go back to your work. I don’t want to hear such rumors again, understood?” “Yes,” mumbled Lisa before slipping away. Amelia knocked on the door and called out, “Darling, it’s me.” Oscar’s voice only sounded after half a minute. “Come in.” When Amelia entered, she saw Georgia and Oscar talking about work intensely. Hence, she sat on the couch at the side and waited for their discussion to end. It wasn’t until half an hour later did their discussion end. Georgia stood up and smiled at Amelia. “You’re here, Amelia.” Georgia was the classic example of a modern working woman with an independent personality and mindset. Furthermore, she was also financially independent. In addition to her slender figure, pretty looks, and rich family background, it was no wonder that those rumors would spread in the company. Amelia walked over and embraced her in a friendly manner. She grinned and asked, “It’s been a month since we’ve met, Georgia. Did you miss me?” Georgia returned her embrace and replied, “I’m glad that you’re back. I still have work to do in my office, so you go ahead with Mr. Clinton. Let’s have a meal together next time.” Amelia tried to hold her back. “Stay here and eat with us.” Gathering the reports strewn across the table, Georgia smiled. “It’s fine. I have a lot of work to settle. Let’s go shopping during the weekends! It’s been ages since we’ve hung out. I’ll leave first and both of you can go on with your date.” After Georgia left, Oscar beckoned her and said, “Sit here!” Amelia walked over, kissed his lips and sat down beside him. “I miss you, Darling,” she said sweetly. Oscar glanced at her, took out a stack of documents, and placed it in front of her. It was none other than the property transfer letter. Amelia sighed inconspicuously. She was afraid that Oscar would whip out the divorce contract right in front of Cassie. Although she knew that her contract marriage with Oscar would end one day, she did not want to be defeated in front of Cassie, for it would make her feel inferior.

Grabbing the property transfer letter, Amelia glanced through it. Oscar had transferred two villas in the countryside and an apartment in the city center to her. She knew that those two villas add up to at least a hundred million, while the apartment in the city center cost around four million. In other words, she would become a multimillionaire just by having these properties transferred to her. Although Oscar did not love her, he was generous with the splitting of his assets.