Chapter 7 - Love You Enough to Leave You

Amelia removed the towel and changed into her dress. After leaving a note on the bedside table, she left the luxurious presidential suite unhesitatingly. The next morning, Amelia was woken up by the ringing of her phone. Still bleary-eyed, she glanced at it and realized that it was a call from Oscar. “What’s the matter, Mr. Clinton?” she drawled, sounding like she had just woken up. “Why did you leave first?” Oscar’s tone sounded hostile. However, Amelia was the best at consoling him. “I can’t fall asleep last night. Since you were sleeping so soundly, I left so I won’t disturb your sleep. What’s wrong? Do you miss me already?” she asked with a yawn. “Come to Clinton Corporations this afternoon. Let’s have a meal together,” instructed Oscar. She chuckled. “You miss me already after being separated from me for such a short while. ” “Drive to the company in the afternoon and let’s eat together,” he repeated coldly before hanging up. Amelia tossed her phone onto the bed, stood up, and chose the clothes and shoes that she was going to wear. In the end, she chose a yellow dress and a pair of high heels. After changing into them, she applied some light make-up, scrutinized herself in the mirror, and snapped her fingers in satisfaction. “Perfect! You’re gorgeous, Amelia,” she said to the mirror. Amelia was already very pretty, to begin with. In fact, she was a rare beauty. Her charming eyes were alluring and her face was in a classic oval shape. In addition to her tiny nose, rosy lips, and tall figure, she looked exceptionally seductive. Perhaps Oscar had chosen her to be his wife not only because she looked like Cassie, but also because of her flawless appearance. After all, men love beautiful women. Since he was going to marry a woman whom he did not love, he might as well choose a pretty and obedient one. With the latest Louis Vuitton bag slung over her shoulders, she strutted out and sat into her new Audi. She drove out of the neighborhood and headed to the Clinton Corporations, easily

finding her way to the parking lot. After parking her car, she strode into the building with the keys twirling around her finger. When the receptionist saw her, she said politely, “Good afternoon, Mrs. Clinton.” “Miley, your makeup today is fabulous and your skin looks better too! Did you use the cosmetic products which I recommended to you?” asked Amelia with a smile. Stroking her face, Miley replied, “You’ve got such a keen eye, Mrs. Clinton! After using those cosmetic products, my skin became much better.” Then, she beckoned at Amelia and whispered, “Mrs. Clinton, you should be more careful. Ms. Bailey’s here again.” Georgia Bailey was the daughter of Henry Bailey, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Not only did she have a slender figure, but she was also very capable. She was in charge of the recent collaboration between the Baileys and the Clintons. Everyone in the company had spread rumors about whether Georgia was going to replace Amelia’s position as Mrs. Clinton, but only she knew that Georgia was in a steady relationship with another man whom Henry disapproved of. Amelia continued grinning. “That’s great! I haven’t eaten with Georgia in ages, so this is an amazing coincidence. I’ll take my leave first!” After waving goodbye, Amelia strutted into the private elevator proudly and confidently like a beautiful peacock. She pressed the button to the twentieth floor and the elevator arrived there in an instant. When Lisa saw her walking out of the elevator, she went up to welcome her and said, “You’ve arrived, Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Clinton and Ms. Bailey are inside… Do you want to wait for a while before entering?” Daily Latest Updates