Chapter 6 - Mafia Don And His 7 Sisters

Chapter 6 The Holland family is nothing to me.

In the elevator of the Queenie Building.

Amy looked at the young man beside her with disdain.

She had worked with Queenie for years and only knew that she had a brother called Gary, a scumbag who never do his job.

The man in front of her, Amy had never seen him before, so she thought John was Queenie’s toy boy, not her


But Amy couldn’t figure out, why Queenie chose him to be her toy boy.

He dressed in plain clothes and had an ordinary temperament. Although he was handsome, he was not handsome enough, at least he didn’t deserve Queenie.

In Amy’s opinion, he was more like a bodyguard than a toy boy.

“I don’t know how you deceived my boss, but I advise you to stay away from her.”

“It’s not easy for Queenie Group to develop into a huge company, and now the company is going to be listed. If this project failed because of you, I will surely let you pay for what you did.”

“Besides, before you set Queenie as your target, you’d better think over whether you are qualified to stay by her side. If you are a frog in the bottom of a well, just stay there quietly. Don’t dream of reaching the sky by a jump.”

Amy kept on talking, with contempt in her tone.

What she hated most were the toy boys, who didn’t work hard to earn the money and only thought about

crooked ways to reach their goals.

“Are you listening to me or not?”

Amy stamped her feet angrily.

Amy talked so much, hoping that John could have a little self-knowledge, but she soon realized that she was

talking to a wall.

Of course, Amy was angry.

It was not until the elevator door opened that John replied indifferently, “Amy, I understand your feelings, but.

you have no right to tell me what to do.”

“What did you say?”

Amy was first stunned, then anger surged up in her heart, and her chest also trembled a few times due to her deep breath.

She ran out of the elevator and was about to scold John more, but a man who came in front of her made

Amy’s face change instantly.

With gold-rimmed glasses, a Versace suit, and a Cartire diamond watch, the man was a rich child in every aspect.

And the owner of these expensive accessories was Karl, the eldest son of the Holland family.

“Amy, I heard that Queenie came back with a toy boy. Is that true?”

Karl was a fanatic for Queenie and had a lot of informers in her company. As soon as she brought someone back, he received the news.

The reason why Karl came here was to confirm whether the news was true or not.

Amy’s face changed slightly, “Where did you hear the rumor? You know what kind of person our boss is. How could she fall in love with another man?”

Hearing this, Karl breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I knew that Queenie would not do such a ridiculous


Looking at him, Amy felt a little jealous.

How could she not be tempted by a gentleman like Karl? However, Amy knew she got no chance because he liked Queenie.

Thinking of this, Amy glared at John angrily.

She didn’t know why Queenie liked this guy. Compared with Karl, he is nothing!

But just as Amy glared at John, what John said made her pale in an instant.

“I am the toy boy that Queenie just brought back.”


Karl’s eyes fell on John in an instant, and the temperature around him seemed to have dropped a little.

Amy suddenly came to her senses and snapped, “John, what nonsense are you talking about? Queenie has

nothing to do with you!”

She tried her best to wink at John.

However, John just ignored her sign and said, “It’s meaningless to keep it a secret. When I came in with my sister Queenie, many people had seen it already.”

Boom! Boom!

John’s words caused an earthquake in Amy’s mind, which made her face pale and bloodless.

Damn it!

This time, the company was completely over.

‘Damn you! John, are you trying to destroy Queenie Group?’ Amy stared at John and cursed him in her heart.

With a gloomy face, Karl gazed at John and said, ‘I’ll give you another chance to tell me the relationship

between you and Queenie.”

“Queenie, I will protect her with all my life,” John said honestly.

“Shut up! How dare you still talk nonsense!”

Amy was so angry that she couldn’t help but slap John’s face. However, John caught her hand before she could slap him.

“Let go of my hand, don’t you think that I dare not beat you because you are Queenie’s friend?”

John glanced at Amy coldly, which gave her an invisible pressure to keep quiet.

Karl sneered, “Brat, I’m afraid you don’t know who I am, do you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Let me tell you now. My surname is Holland, I’m the young master of the Holland family in New York.”

“So what?”

“What do you mean?”

Karl looked at him as if he was looking at a fool:

“Let me tell you what will happen. Our Holland family is the largest supplier of the Queenie Group. What do you think if I stop the cooperation with the Queenie Group?”

Hearing this, Amy’s body trembled, because what she worried the most was about to happen.

This John was the scourge of the Queenie Group!

But soon, Amy found that this was not the worst, and the worse was still to come.

“Not to mention the city of New York, even the powerful families in the US dare not to be so presumptuous in front of me. How dare you talk to me like this?”

It was just a supplier. As long as John said a word, there would be countless factions that were hundreds of

times stronger than the Holland family kneeling to ask for cooperation.

He didn’t care about the Holland family at all.

However, when Amy heard this, she felt that John was crazy. He not only wanted to destroy the Queenie Group but also wanted it to be destroyed forever!

“Right now! Kneel and apologize to Mr. Holland!” Amy ordered.


The response was a slap.

“I’ve told you, don’t tell me what to do.”

Amy was completely confused by his slap. Where did her boss bring back such an arrogant barbarian?

“I want to see Queeniel’

At this time, Karl walked to the elevator and was about to ask Queenie for an explanation.

The elevator door opened.

And Queenie just came down.

When she was in her office upstairs, she had already known the situation through the internal telephone and rushed here, but it seemed to be a little late.

“Queenie, you came just in time. Tell me, who the hell is this guy to you?” Karl asked loudly.

Queenie wanted to explain, but when she heard Karl’s question, her face suddenly turned cold.

“Who am I to John? It has nothing to do with Mr. Holland, right?”

Karl was stunned.


He burst into anger!

‘Bitch! you always pretend to be pure and innocent, I didn’t expect you to keep a toy boy. Shame on you!’Karl

scolded Queenie in his mind.

Then he said angrily, “Queenie, don’t forget that it’s the Holland family who made the Queenie Group a huge

company today. Do you want to force me to break off the cooperation?”

“As you like.”

Of course, Queenie knew that if she cut off the cooperation with the Holland family, her company’s business would be greatly damaged, but she really couldn’t stand Karl’s words, he talked to her frivolously as if she

was his woman.

And most importantly

Looking at John, Queenie thought to herself, ‘I only have one brother in my life. Who else can I love except


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