Chapter 8 - Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement

Chapter 008 Marry in Sarah’s Place

Charlie could find much better woman than Sarah. To the Calsis, it wasn’t about marriage at all. It was about Sarah’s breaking promises. How dare she escape marriage only because Master Calsis was injured! Jonathan would not lei her go easily. Since he couldn’t find Sarah, he would have to make the Camerons pay.

Johnson woke up on the hospital bed. Upon seeing Theresa, he immediately pulled a long face and asked, “Why are you here?”

“Dad.” Theresa looked at Johnson and found that her father was aging so fast. His hair became gray in the past two years. She had thrown all Leah’s tricks behind, and she asked with concern, “Are you feeling well?” Johnson said coldly, “Get out.” Jonathan had left and Leah came back in. She said to Johnson, “John, Theresa finally came to visit you. Don’t be like that. You’ve been quarreling for so many years. It’s time for you two to make peace. It’s not all Theresa’s fault that they divorced. Jimmy is also responsible for that. If he had been nice to Theresa, how would she…”

Theresa should be relaxing the tension between Theresa and Johnson. Theresa almost thought that she misheard. Sarah and Leah had made great efforts to alienate Johnson from Theresa for all those years. Theresa sneered, “It’s been a while and, Lean, you welcomed an all-around change. I even began doubting whether you the the real Leah?” In the past, Leah would have refuted. However, she needed Theresa to marry the cripple of the Calsis in Sarah’s place, and she couldn’t offend Theresa. Leah pretended to be in a dilemma and said to Theresa, “Theresa, the person came just now, you saw him. He is from the Calsis. They are trying to ruin us. They threatened to make us bankrupt.” Theresa said, “I wasn’t deaf. I heard from your conversation that they came to make you tell them where Sarah is. If you are truly wishing the best for our family, you’d better give Sarah to them! If it wasn’t for my father, you think your daughter could become Charlie Calsis’s fiancée? And now you see that he is disabled, you betrayed your promises. If I were Charlie, I would also make you pay.”

When Charlie was a healthy man, Leah put so many good words for Sarah in front of Johnson to make Sarah Charlie’s fiancée. After Charlie suffered the car accident, Sarah disliked Charlie because he was disabled and she ran away. That was why the Calsis was so eager to take their revenge at the Cameron that they even decided to make the Cameron bankrupt. Theresa didn’t think she should take the responsibility? Leah darkened her face and pretended to be innocent.

“I also want to give Sarah to them. But I don’t know where she is hiding. I can’t help it. Theresa, please, marry Charlie Calsis, okay? “As long as you become Mrs. Calsis, we will not be bankrupt. And your father doesn’t have to worry about the Calsis, and he could focus on regaining his health. Do you know that he fell ill because of the Calsis’s threats?”

As Leah spoke, she even squeezed out several drops of tears. She knew that Theresa was worried about Johnson and she knew how to take advantage of Theresa’s filial piety. Theresa didn’t reply. She just looked at the father’s gray hair, and a lump came to her throat. She said to Johnson, “Dad, i’ll handle it. Don’t you worry about it.” Johnson heard her words and said, “The Calsis want you to marry Charlie. Are you sure?” Theresa replied, “I could if I have to. I’ve met him. He seems to be a nice guy.”

Just a little narcissistic. Theresa added in her heart. “But he broke his leg. If you marry him, maybe you will have to serve him for the rest of your life.” Although he bore a little grudge to Theresa, he was actually reluctant to marry his daughter to a paralyzed man. He wouldn’t want to break with his own daughter if she didn’t shame the whole family. Leah sensed that her tricks worked. She hurriedly added, “The Calsis is so wealthy! Theresa has married once. It’s a good thing if she could marry into the Calsis.” In Leah’s eyes, Theresa didn’t have to right to pick and choose. Theresa looked at Leah and fought back. “Leah, why don’t you marry into the Calsis?” Hearing this, Leah was so angry that she wanted to kill Theresa.

“Theresa, what are you talking about? You want me to divorce your dad?”.

“You know well what I want.”

“John, hear what she said…” Leah pointed at Theresa and was exasperated. But she didn’t want to show her arrogance in front of Johnson. She could only pretend to be abused for no reason and said with tears, “It was like I owned you Cameron. I take pains to solve troubles and I am still considered at a wicked witch by you.”

Theresa didn’t want to waste her breath with Leah, She stood up and said to Johnson, “Dad, I’ll take my leave. I’ll come again later.” After she finished, she went out of the ward. She wanted to halt a taxi, but, when she went to the outside of the hospital, she found

Jonathan waiting for her.

She was to treat Charlie anyway, and she carpooled with Jonathan.

Johnson sat on the front passenger seat. He was texting with his phone. Theresa looked at him and asked, “Mr. Gay.”

Jonathan looked up at her and replied, “Dr. Cameron, what is it?” “If I find Sarah, will you spare the Cameron?” She hadn’t thought about marrying Charlie, and Charlie didn’t like her either. And finding Sarah seemed to be a possible option, Jonathan frowned when he heard Theresa mentioning Sarah. He said, “I didn’t expect Dr. Cameron to be that Cameron.”

His wasn’t being as polite to Theresa as he was the day before after he found Theresa to be Sarah’s sister. Theresa wasn’t stupid. She could sense the contempt in Jonathan’s eyes. She replied, “I’m not home these years. I don’t quite know what happened in my family. And I’m sorry about the trouble caused by Sarah.”

“Sorry won’t amend anything.” Speaking of which, Jonathan became angry.

“I’ve never seen such an ungrateful woman. Damn, when Master Calsis was healthy, she wagged her tail like a dog. And she runs faster than any beasts when Master Calsis suffered the accident!” Theresa heard his words in silence. She didn’t think it fair that Jonathan vented his anger on her.

Jonathan calmed himself down and coughed to cover his embarrassment. “I know that Dr, Cameron might have nothing to do with it. But I was just so pissed. As for Sarah, Master Calsis will decide whether he will forgive the Cameron or not. I don’t know his idea. You may ask him when we get there.” Charlie was the one who controlled the life and death of the Camerons. Theresa nodded, “Thanks.”

Soon, they arrived at the Calsis’s residence. Theresa followed Jonathan upstairs to meet Charlie.

Charlie was having a video conference by his desk. When he saw them come in, he ended the conference. Jonathan walked to his side, and greeted, “Master Calsis.” “What’s with the Cameron?” Asked Charlie. Jonathan cast a mixed glance at Theresa. He was to speak when Theresa said, “Mr. Calsis, I have something to tell you.”

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