Chapter 7 - Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement

Chapter 007 Other Intentions

Theresa didn’t struggle to free her throat. She continued infuriating him, “My words didn’t make you what you are. You made yourself! You wanna choke me? Fine! But that will not make you something better. And I will haunt you after I become a ghost!” .

Theresa looked at Jimmy, and her eyes unwittingly became moist. No one knew how she got through all these years. If it wasn’t for her boys, for Cristina… she must have died.

Jimmy stared at her bloodshot eyes and was stunned. He then let go of her and wiped his hands with his handkerchief as if he thought she was dirty. He looked aloof. In his eyes, he was superior to Theresa. He warned, “As long as you don’t mention our past in the Calsis, we will stay cool. But if you let out a word, you will go to hell with me!” After saying, Jimmy jumped into his car and drove away. in the darkness of the night, Theresa felt a breeze. But the breeze brought her chill.

It was summer.

She became more and more susceptible to coldness after giving birth to her boys. She rubbed her hands and walked into the apartment building. She took out her phone and checked. The latest message was sent by her stepmother Leah Cameron.

"Theresa, your father fell ill and is now in hospital. Pay him a visit someday.”

After she divorced Jimmy and gave birth to her boys, she hadn’t gone home once. Father didn’t want to see her or taik to her. However, when she heard that father was ill, she was still worried. Theresa’s mother passed away when she was little and it was father who painstakingly raised her up. When she saw the message, she hurried texted to see father’s condition. (How is he?]

[He’s in Victoria Hospital. Pay him a visit when you’re free.)

Leah was Sarah’s mother. Leah married Johnson after Theresa’s biological mother passed away. She was with Sarah when she married Johnson. And Theresa didn’t call Leah mom but by her name. Theresa replied, (Okay. I’ll be there tomorrow.) She wondered whether father was willing to see her. Father thought that Ben and Leonard were bastards. He felt ashamed for Theresa and refused to forgive her.

As Theresa opened the door, she saw her boys both standing at the entrance. One brought her slippers and another brought a cup of water. They were both attentive. Theresa looked at the little fellows and said, “Alright, mom got this.”

“No.” Cried Leonard, “Mom is tired for working. Leonard could be of some help.” Ben brought water to Theresa. Before handing the water to mother, he even took a sip.

“It’s not hot at all.”

Cristina was lying on the sofa playing a mobile game. Seeing the scene, she said enviously, “Your sons are so nice to you. Sweet little boys. I wonder how happy you will be when they are big boys.” Theresa also felt much better at the sight of her boys.

Though she had been through lots of unpleasant things, God seemed to be making it up for her through her boys.

However, when she looked at the two little fellows, Charlie’s face somehow occurred to her.

Theresa left early the next morning. Before going to the Calsis’s Residence, she went to the hospital.

Before she entered Johnson’s ward, she heard an emotionless and serious male voice coming from inside. “Due date has passed. Where is Sarah Cameron?”

Leah said tremblingly, “Mr. Gay, I don’t know where Sarah is either. My husband is sick again now. Could you please give us a couple of days’ grace?” Jonathan looked at the woman indifferently. He felt that she was buying time and that she didn’t plan to tell him where her daughter was. “How much time do you want to buy from me? I only need Sarah Cameron’s address. You hid her well. If you don’t tell me where she is, bankruptcy awaits you, Cameron!”

Leah pleaded, “You just want a wife for Master Calsis, right? Actually…we have another daughter. She is very good-looking and well-educated. She’ll come over soon. You can take a look. If you’re satisfied, let her marry Master Calsis in place of Sarah. What say you?” Leah wouldn’t marry her daughter to a cripple.

Theresa stood by the door and heard Leah’s words. She frowned.

She came to visit father. But it seemed that Leah had other intentions. To let me take Sarah’s place?

Theresa had a little memory about Sarah’s fiancé.

The two families’ grandfathers agreed on a marriage between the grandchildren of the two families. Later, when Theresa married Jimmy, the child to be married became Sarah. When Theresa divorced Jimmy, Sarah boasted in full complacency in front of Theresa that she was going to become the madam of a wealthy family. But something seemed to have happened to the bridegroom and Sarah ran away. And my stepmother wants me to take Sarah’s place? What am I in her eyes?

Theresa now knew why Leah informed her of father’s illness.

Hearing Leah’s words, Jonathan sneered, “Mr. Careron, isn’t your other daughter divorced? You want a divorced woman to marry our Master Calsis? Our Master Calsis wouldn’t marry a divorced woman even if he is now having some difficulty with his legs.” He insisted on finding Sarah because he thought

Sarah dishonest, and he was mad… Jonathan said, “Since you can’t find your daughter, then you will find yourselves bankrupt.”

After saying, Jonathan walked out of the ward. Two men in black was following him, which made the scene a bit frightening. Leah followed behind Jonathan with an attempt to stop him. “Mr. Jonathan. We could talk…”. As they got out, Jonathan ran into Theresa who was standing by the door. He was surprised. “Dr. Cameron.” As if Theresa was a savior, Leah said to Theresa, “Theresa, you’re finally here!” Theresa looked at her stepmother and sneered, “Since when did Mrs. Cameron become so eager to see

me?” Seeing that Theresa was being ironic, Theresa was blue in the face. Jonathan looked at Theresa surprisingly. “Are you Mr. Cameron’s daughter?” Theresa didn’t deny it, “Yes, I am the divorced woman you were talking about.” She didn’t think her divorce had anything to do with others and she disliked it to be talked behind her back

Hearing Theresa’s words, Jonathan was embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was you.” How could he possibly know that Theresa should be Johnson’s daughter! “It’s okay, we don’t know each other very well anyway.” Theresa walked into the ward after she was done speaking Leah’s voice came from behind Theresa, “Theresa, don’t talk to Mr. Gay like that! That’s too rude.” Theresa ignored them and went directly towards her father. Leah feared that Theresa’s words might infuriate Jonathan, and she flattered, “Mr. Gay, please take no offense. It’s not her normal self. My Theresa had been a good girl since her childhood. She is much better than Sarah.” Just as Theresa sat down beside Johnson, she heard Leah’s words, which was somewhat ridiculous to her. In order to make Jonathan agree to let Theresa marry Charlie, Leah even began putting in good word for her. Pigs can fly now! Jonathan cast a glance at Leah and said, “Don’t even think about it.”

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