Chapter 5 - Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement

Chapter 005 Don’t Fall Love with Me

Rose was chatting with Leticia. When she saw Jimmy coming in, she said gently, “You are back! Where have you been?” Jimmy sat down beside her and said softly, “Just tooka walk outside.” Rose smiled and continued chatting with Leticia, “How is Uncle Charlie recently? I heard that he wants to hire an acupuncturist?” Leticia replied, “His legs are hopeless. But the doctor suggested that we find him an acupuncturist. Make every possible effort!”

On mentioning Charlie’s legs, Leticia sighed.

Rose held her hand and comforted, “Grandma, don’t worry, Uncle Charlie will get better. I’ll say hello to Uncle Charlie.”

Rose was the eldest child of her generation in the family. Ever since she was born, she was spoiled by the whole Calsis family, especially Charlie, who used to dote on her. However, in the past two years, he closed himself from the outside world for his broken legs. That was why he even absent from Rose’s wedding ceremony. Rose wanted Jimmy to meet Uncle Charlie.

“Okay, go.” Rose stood up and took Jimmy upstairs. They went directly to Charlie’s room. Theresa was preparing to have acupuncture for Charlie, She tried to calm herself down from her encounter with Jimmy. I can’t… can’t let that scumbag affect my work. She tried to be composed when she suddenly heard a knock on the door. Jonathan opened the door and said, “Mrs. Watson.”

Rose and Jimmy appeared at the door. Rose walked in and saw Theresa standing there at first sight. She was surprised, “Ah, she is also here!”

Jonathan glanced at Theresa and asked Rose, “What, you know each other?”

Rose said, “I met her in the yard when I came over in the morning. I heard that she came to apply for the acupuncturist. You’ve hired her already?”

Jonathan answered, “Yes. And Dr. Cameron will do acupuncture for Master Calsis from today on.” Rose asked, “She really can cure Uncle Charlie’s legs? Yeah!”

Theresa looked at Rose and smiled. Rose looked innocent. And she suddenly felt that Rose was like her daughter.

It’s a shame that such a cute girl was to be ruined by this Scumbag Jimmy Waston. Jimmy was skeptical about Theresa’s ability. He said, “What are you thinking? She? Cure Uncle Charlie?”

The distain in his tone couldn’t be more obvious. He didn’t know other acupuncturists, but he knew Theresa. He could bet that Theresa came to earn some easy money and take her revenge at him. He wouldn’t believe that Theresa could really cure Charlie’s legs.

Rose snorted, “You are so mean again!”

Jimmy said to Charlie, “Greetings, Uncle Charlie.”

Charlie looked at the couple and asked, “What are you two doing here?”

He grew fond of tranquility and quielness recently, and he hated noise extremely. Therefore, he didn’t even want to go downstairs to have meal.

Rose replied, “Of course we came to see you. You didn’t attend my wedding ceremony. And I can’t pay you a visit?”

Charlie shot Rose a glance and said, “You can. Get out if you think you’ve visited enough!” Rose held Jimmy’s hand and introduced him to Charlie, “Uncle Charlie, it is Jimmy, my husband. He is doing great

in the company! And he is nice to me.” She knew that Jimmy wanted to get himself acquainted with Charlie, so she deliberately mentioned

Jimmy to Charlie again. Charlie glanced at Jimmy and showed little interest to this man. He said, “I know. You’ve mentioned him many times!” Ever since Jimmy started dating Rose, Rose had been putting good words for Jimmy in front of Charlie.

She was naive, and she wouldn’t judge men or things from all aspects. Charlie didn’t think Jimmy as nice as he appeared to be. But, as long as Rose liked this guy, he didn’t want to be a garrulous uncle. Rose pouted. And Jimmy took the initiative to say, “Uncle Charlie, I happen to know some renowned acupuncturists. I can introduce them to you. We’d better find some experienced acupuncturists. Those unskilled acupuncturists wouldn’t be of any help and might cause trouble.”

After saying, he intentionally looked at Theresa.

Theresa darkened her face.

The villain brought suit against his victim. Is this scumbag so afraid of me? The rumors made her infamous. She had lost too many jobs for that in recent years. Even so, he still wanted to ruin her. Charlie looked at Theresa and then at Jimmy, and said, “No, thanks. She is good.”

Jimmy continued, “She doesn’t look like a good acupuncturist. I guess she doesn’t even have certificate.”

Theresa produced a bitter laugh. She felt ironically flattered that Jimmy tried his best to tarnish her. She showed Jimmy her certificate and said, “Mr. Waston, do you want to check it carefully?”

Rose took the paper and cast a glance at it. The certificate really surprised Jimmy. He didn’t expected Theresa to be so well-prepared that she even got herself a fake certificate. He snatched the certificate

and looked at it. He then satirized, “Where did you forge it? It looks quite authentic.”

Theresa gritted her teeth. “Check online to see if it’s fake! Mr. Waston, you seem to be a bit afraid of me. Do you fear the fact that I am doing acupuncture for Mr. Calsis? Or are you afraid that some shady business you did would be found out?. Am I right?”

I also know how to acid and ironic! For me, the worst was that I will have to find myself a new job. However, if the Calsis got to know about Theresa and Jimmy’s past, especially the Jimmy’s version of the story, what would they think of her? Timmy looked at Theresa and said, “You might get yourself into troubles for wronging people. You be careful.”

Rose watched the whole quarrel, and she tried to mediate, “Jim, why are you being so unkind?” She didn’t know why Jimmy was being so mean to Theresa. She had felt that something was wrong with Jimmy in the morning when they met the acupuncturist. Jimmy replied, “I’m just worrying about Uncle Charlie’s health.”

Charlie was sitting aside and he ended the quarrel. “I know best about my health. You may go out!” jimmy said, “Please do take care of yourself.” After speaking politely to Charlie, Jimmy raised his head and cast Theresa a lofty glance. Then, he followed Rose out of the room.

After Jimmy had gone out and Jonathan had closed the door, Theresa finally came back to herself and found that she had been clenching her fists so tightly. “Can we get started, Dr. Cameron?” Reminded Charlie as he found that Theresa stood blankly aside and seemed to be daydreaming. Theresa came back to herself and turned to Charlie. She said, “Please wait a moment.”

She took out the needles and sterilized them. Then, she began giving Charlie acupuncture treatment. She didn’t know why she somehow felt Charlie a nice person. Perhaps it was because he took after Leonard and Ben… or perhaps it was because he didn’t believe Jimmy’s evil speaking. Jimmy was contemporarily Rose’s husband, which made him Charlie’s relative. She almost thought that Charlie

would fire her and find a new acupuncturist. Charlie felt Theresa locked her gaze on him. He finally raised his head and looked at Theresa.

“What? You an acquaintance with my niece-in-law?”

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