Chapter 4 - Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement

Chapter 004 He Made Her Bankrupt in Reputation

Rose looked like an innocent girl who knew nothing about Jimmy’s kind. Theresa even felt something on Rose familiar to the Theresa four years ago who was completely fooled by Jimmy. Hearing Heresa’s words, Jimmy darkened his face.. Is this bitch threatening me? GOOD!

Rose didn’t understand the implication in Theresa’s words. She just said to Jimmy, “Let’s go in. Grandma is waiting!”

She didn’t want to waste time on an irrelevant person.

Jimmy followed Rose inside the house.

Brenda heard their conversation and cast a glance at Theresa. She said, “Well, you go back then.” “Okay.”

At six in the afternoon, after Theresa had dinner with Cristina and her boys, she went back to Calsis’s residence. She had reckoned that Jimmy and his wife should have left. However, as she entered the yard, she saw Jimmy.

Seeing her coming again, Jimmy thought that Theresa was out of her mind. He walked over directly, grabbed her arm, and dragged her behind the rockery, “Bitch, are you crazy?” Theresa was hurt by Jimmy. She looked at the man and almost believed that she was kidnapped by a .. bandit. She struggled and cried, “Are you fucking crazy?”. As a woman, she wasn’t at physical advantage. Moreover, she was more sensitive to pain. Jimmy’s movements made her extremely painful. It was the first time that Jimmy had heard Theresa swear. He was stunned for seconds. He then glared at Theresa and and said in contempt, “Theresa, you have depraved yourself. You can even speak dirty words.”

His words made Theresa feel ridiculous.

She looked at the man and said, “I spoke. So what? It was you who turned into who I am now. Should you be proud of yourself? By the way, congratulations, Mr. Waston. You’re now the son-in-law of the Chairman of the Nandlall’s Group. If you didn’t dump me, you wouldn’t get your butt in this position. Am I right?” She suffered pregnancy and labor, and bore the bucks longer than the time she bore her boys in her belly. And she had to be a courteous lady after all the unfairness? When Jimmy heard her mention the pass, he defended himself, “It was you who refused to abort the children. I persuaded you and gave you the chance. It had nothing to do with me! Don’t drag me in!” “So, this could justify how you and your family keep saying that I cheated on you? And how you defamed me like that?” Jimmy answered, “I didn’t say you cheated on me!” “Yeah, you didn’t say it. You merely acquiesced in it and made no clarification!” Theresa looked at him and wanted to cut him into pieces. It was true that he didn’t say that she cheated on him, but he just allowed the rumors that she was a wanton to be spread by his families. His negative silence made her bankrupt in reputation and she was looked down upon by everyone.

Jimmy said, “Get out of here now! I warn you, if you dare to cause me to divorce Rose, I won’t make things easy for you.” “What? Afraid?” Theresa mocked, “Then give me my house. You own me that! That’s nothing to you! But My babies and I need to live in it.”

Theresa was living in a rented house with her boys. The rent would cost her a lot. If she managed to get the house, she could make life easier. She really hated the man who would even rob the house from her. Jimmy said, “No!”

Though he didn’t need the house, he would be confirming Theresa’s words and become the jerk if he gave the house to Theresa. Also, he would be unable to explain to Rose! Theresa warned, “Fine. Then you will divorce with your newly-wed sweetheart! I’m not living well. Neither will you!” She pushed him away and was about to go inside. She needed to do acupuncture for Mr. Calsis. Seeing Theresa walking inside, Jimmy thought that she was going to tell the seniors of the Calsis about their past.

Rose’s grandparent didn’t like him as Rose’s husband because he had married once and didn’t have a . family background. If Theresa went in and let out his past, he would be in trouble! He rushed towards Theresa and stopped her, “You can’t go in.” “Let go!” Jimmy grabbed her arms and dragged her towards outside. He roared, “I know you’re here to make things difficult for me You are being an acupuncturist for the Calsis? Stop daydreaming! You want the house, do you? I’ll give it to you! Why do you have to pester me like this?” He had to admit that she had her connections and some guts or she wouldn’t be able to come to the Calsis’s residence. Though she would definitely be sifted out as a fake acupuncturist, Jimmy couldn’t risk her appearing in front of anyone of the Calsis family. Theresa couldn’t believe that he actually agreed to give her the house.

But she didn’t come here for him or the house.

She was dragged out by Jimmy and her struggles were in vain. When she was feeling desperate, she heard a cold voice saying, “Dr. Cameron.” Theresa stopped struggling and Jimmy loosened his grip on her. It was in the Calsis’s residence. Jimmy didn’t want to be seen having too much body contact with Theresa

Theresa raised her head and found Jonathan standing not far away. Jonathan said, “Brenda is busy ņow. She didn’t see you coming in, so she asked me to come out and see whether you’re doing well.” Theresa’s words in the morning made Jonathan expect to see what her acupuncture skill could do. That was why he came out to meet Theresa in person. Jimmy recognized Jonathan to be Charlie’s assistant. Rose’s father, Pat Nandlall, was adopted by the Calsis family. Pat would call Robert and Leticia Calsis father and mother, but he had no blood relation with them.

Pat’s parents were good friends of the Calsis. After Pat’s parents passed away in an accident, he was

raised by Robert and Leticia. Therefore, thought Pat was supported by the Calsis, he didn’t have the right of inheritance. After all, the Calsis had male offspring. Their second son was in the army and he

seldom came home. Robert and Leticia had retired years ago and Charlie was in charge. All the Calsis’s business was in the charger of Charlie. But rumor said that Charlie broke both his legs in a car accident two years ago… Jimmy came today to let Rose introduce him to the Calsis so that he could have one more backer. However, he only managed to look at Charlie from a distance, and didn’t have a word with Charlie. As he saw Jonathan, he immediately produced a polite smile. He had a round-about change from his hideous look when he dragged Theresa. He said, “Greeting, Jonathan.” Jonathan cast Jimmy a glance and didn’t answer. He was totally focused on Master Calsis’s thing. He said to Theresa, “Hurry up and go in.”

After saying, he left. Jonathan should come to invite Theresa to go inside all by himself but ignored Jimmy. Jimmy was panicked… He cast Theresa a glance and asked, “What does he want you to do?” Theresa answered coldly, “None of your business.” Seeing his coldness, Jimmy felt more panicked. However, he could do nothing but threatened, “If you dare to speak one sentence, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Theresa shrugged and tidied her clothes. She then answered, “I’m expecting.” She wanted to see how ruthless Jimmy could be! After saying, she followed Jonathan into the house.

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