Chapter 2 - Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement

Chapter 002 Look as Alike as Three Peas

Father’s words were like a blow in Theresa’s head. Even father thinks I am being unfaithful. Sha answered, “They are Jimmy’s children.” “Heh.” Sarah Cameron, who was standing next to Johnson, sneered, “Theresa, do you think we are stupid? The Wastons are so eager to have an offspring. If Jimmy is truly the children’s biological father, they would not force you to abort them. Just admit what you did! Dad made you our example. But I didn’t know that you are such a person!”

Sarah never liked Theresa. She would definitely not stand on Theresa’s side when

Theresa was facing such a scandal Johnson ordered, “Abort the children. Go back and say sorry to your mother-in-law. You might win yourself their forgiveness.” “I did nothing wrong!” Argued Theresa. “You really are…” Johnson looked at her, his eyes bloodshot with anger, “How would I have such a shameless daughter!” He didn’t know what to say and directly left the ward.

After Johnson and Sarah left, Jimmy came in. He stood by the door and looked at

Theresa. He again persuaded, “Abort the children.” Theresa looked up at him. Just a few days ago, she was thinking how lucky she was that she met such a good husband. However, at this moment, she only felt a shiver run down her spine. She looked at him and said numbly, “You deliberately ruined my reputation to make me kill my babies?”

Jimmy answered, “I just want you to know that I won’t see them as my children. And others won’t either.”

“You are so cruel!” Theresa looked at him and said, “How can you do such a thing to innocent children?” “Innocent? They are not human beings yet. You women are softhearted!”

“Then we shall divorce.” Concluded Theresa. Jimmy sneered, “So, you plan to bear the kids, huh? Fine then, divorce! Good! But the house will not be yours.”

“Why? We bought the house together. We each own half its property right.”

“Why should I let two bastards live in my house?”

“Jimmy Waston!”

Hearing the word “bastard”, Theresa felt sick and dizzy. She never thought that she would run into such a jerk. And this jerk should have lived with her for three years!

Four years later. It was an early morning and Theresa was sitting by the dining table. She read messages on a WhatsApp’s chat group, [Jimmy got married yesterday. He married Rose! Geez, I really envy him!]

[Isn’t he divorced? A divorced man can also marry a beautiful, rich lady!]

[Let me tell you! That was because his ex cuckolded him and got pregnant with others’ children. That’s how they divorced.]

The messages reminded Theresa of what happened four years ago and brought her gooseflesh. After so many years, she could still feel sick when Jimmy’s disgusting mug occurred to her.

God was really unfair. Jimmy should be climbing up the rung in his company and even have married his boss’s daughter. And she…

“Of course my mom is good-looking! If she is not, how could she give birth to good-looking us?” Ben Cameron’s voice came from the sofa, which brought Theresa back to earth. Theresa cast a glance at Ben and found him was again doing live stream with iPad.

“I wanna show you but mom won’t agree. She would get mad!”

“Where do we live? I can’t tell you! My mom warned me about bad people. They will come to my home and catch us.”

”Thank you, big sister, for your tip. Love you!”

Saying, Ben even made a finger heart. Looking at the little man, Theresa couldn’t help smiling. Though she had suffered a lot these years for the two boys, she still felt everything was worth it when she could witness Leonard and Ben Cameron grow up. Cristina Lagarde opened the door from the outside and walked in. She glanced at

Theresa who was still at home and asked, “Why are you still here?”

Theresa stood up and said, “I said that I’ll go when you’re here.”

“Alright, hurry up. Don’t be late!” Said Cristina, “Leave the boys to me. Just go. If you are late, they might be displeased! It took me some labor to network you for the job.”

Then, like a mother urging kids to school, Cristina pushed Theresa to the door. Theresa was changing shoes at the entrance. Seeing that mother was leaving, Leonard hurried ran over, “Mommy.”

Leonard was more reserved than Ben. When they were doing live stream, he would usually sit by Ben and rarely speak. Even though, many fans liked him because they thought Leonard looked cool. Seeing that Theresa was leaving, he also wanted to go out. Theresa looked at Leonard and stroked his head. She comforted him, “Stay home with sister Christina. Mommy will return soon!”

“Sister Christina? Theresa, you want to be my senior!”

“It was you said that Ms. Lagarde made you sound a bit too old for your actual age.” Theresa giggled as she saw Cristina’s reaction. It was Saturday and Cristina didn’t have to work. She came to help Theresa look after the boys. Theresa thought that she was blessed with this friend. If it wasn’t for Cristina, she didn’t know how to get over her plight after labor. No one except Cristina cared about her.

They would bicker from time to time, but Theresa had actually regarded Cristina as her best friend. After coming out from her home, Theresa stood by the road side. What happened in the past four year flashed through her mind and she let out a tolerant sigh. She then halted a taxi. Then, she went straight to the Calsis’s Residence. She entered through gate number two, and Brenda came to meet her. Brenda looked at Theresa and asked, “Are you the friend of Cristina?”

Theresa nodded.

“Yes. Greetings, Mrs. Lagarde.” Brenda was Cristina’s aunt. She had been working as a servant for the Calsis. It was she who introduced Theresa to the Calsis. Brenda looked at Theresa and told her the Calsis’s situation, “Our Master Calsis had a car accident two years ago. His legs weren’t in good condition and he wants an

acupuncturist to see whether acupuncture would be of some help. Christina told me about you so I called you over, “Thank you, Mrs. Lagarde.”

“You’re welcome. Let’s get in.” Brenda took Theresa upstairs. Calsis’s Residence was much bigger than Theresa had

imagined. She followed Brenda upstairs and met Mr. Calsis’s assistant Jonathan Gay. After checking Theresa’s credentials as an acupuncturist, he let her in.

“Master Calsis.” Jonathan introduced, “The appointed acupuncturist is here.” Theresa stood by Jonathan and she looked up at inside the room. She found Master Calsis sitting on a wheelchair by the window. A blanket wrapped his laps. When she heard Jonathan addressed this man Master Calsis, she

thought that the man must be old. But Master Calsis turned out to be a young man, which surprised Theresa.

The man made her think of her babies at home as he look so familiar to Leonard and Ben. They were as alike as three peas!

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