Chapter 3 - Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement

Chapter 003 Jerk in Calsis’s Residence

Charlie Calsis saw the acupuncturist standing at the door blankly and he broke the silence, “What’s your name?” His voice was attractive but also reverential and dignified. Theresa lowered her head. She thought that she was being impolite when she stared blankly at him. She answered, “I am Theresa Cameron. It is my name card.”

“Dr. Cameron, you may begin.” Said Charlie in a low and calm voice. He took her name card but he didn’t read it. Theresa cast him a glance and put her kit on the ground. She wasn’t an acupuncturist at first. When she was pregnant with Leonard and Ben, she quit her job and planned to take care of the children at home whole-heartedly. After the boys were born, she apprenticed herself with Leo, who was the grandfather of a friend of Cristina.

Later, Leo found Theresa talented in acupuncture and passed on all his knowledge on acupuncture to her. Leo could be considered as an authority on acupuncture. Many people trusted in his skills.

But he was getting older and didn’t have that much of energy to treat as many people. It wasn’t the first time that Theresa had done acupuncture, but she was extremely nervous today, especially when Charlie’s assistant Jonathan was still staring at her as if she was to hurt Charlie. Fortunately, the treatment rounded off. Theresa finally breathed a sigh of relief. While putting away her things, she said, “It’s best to keep the length of one acupuncture around half an hour. I will come again in the evening. When I inserted the needle in, I found Mr. Calsis’s muscle is very taut. It is probably because the muscle has not yet completely recovered from its injuries caused by the car accident. Keep the acupuncture for a week, and it should get better.”

“Get better?” Said Jonathan who was standing aside. He looked at Theresa in disbelief and doubted whether she was talking nonsense.

“You mean that it is possible that Mr. Calsis’s legs will recover?” Theresa asked in confusion, “Didn’t you ask me to come here to help Mr. Calsis restore his health?”

Jonathan heard her words and showed joy on his face. He cast Master Calsis a glance surprisingly and continued to speak to Theresa, “If Mr. Calsis truly recovers, we will thank you.”

Jonathan was taking a helpless attempt to cure Master Calsis. But he didn’t expect that luck actually came to them. He just hoped that this Dr. Careron wasn’t boasting for better pay.

Theresa came out of Charlie’s room and Brenda was waiting for her at the door. Brenda led Theresa downstairs and asked, “Have you had breakfast? You can have some before leaving.” “I’m good.” Said Theresa, “Cristina is waiting for me. I gotta go. I’ll come back later.”

“It’s troublesome to run around like this, isn’t it?” “It’s okay. It’s Saturday today. And the traffic is fine.” Theresa was not at ease when she thought of her boys. Brenda said, “Alright.”

It was the first time she had come to the Calsis’s Residence and she was not familiar with this place. The taxi driver dropped her at the backdoor and now Brenda was leading her towards the front gate.

Just as they walked into the yard, they saw a couple walking in from outside. It was Theresa’s ex- husband Jimmy and Jimmy’s newly-wedded wife, Rose. Rose held Jimmy’s arm, and Jimmy helped her carry her handbag. As they were newlyweds, they looked extremely affectionate to each other. Theresa had been completely disappointed at this man. Seeing this, she just felt it ironic. She only regretted that she didn’t get the ownership of the house when she divorced him. She had just given birth to two children at that time. She was in poor health and had no energy to fight over properties with him. Jimmy had kept the materials to prove her artificial insemination. After their quarrel, he hid all the materials, so that no one would believe Theresa’s words. Everyone thought that her story of artificial insemination was to smother her wantonness.

After the divorce, he ruined her reputation by saying that they divorced because she cheated on him. And their friends actually believed him! Many even blacklisted her. Jimmy got married yesterday and he and his wife Rose were visiting Rose’s grandfather. He didn’t expect to run into Theresa at this place. After seeing Theresa, his face darkened. What is this woman doing here? Is she taking her revenge after she knew I am marrying Rose? His new wife had a great family background. If Theresa dared to ruin his marriage, he would also make her pay! Brenda saw the couple coming in and welcomed, “Welcome, Mrs. and Mr. Waston.”

Rose replied, “Greeting, Brenda.” Rose seemed to be a typical young lady from a wealthy family. Her gaze fell on Theresa, and she found Theresa staring at Jimmy.

Jimmy was handsome and many women in his company had a crush on him for his ability and appearance. But Rose wasn’t mad at Theresa when she found Theresa staring at Jimmy. Many women covet her husband, but Jimmy would love her only. As for Brenda, Jimmy wouldn’t possibly fall in love with a servant. Rose was confident in herself. She looked at Theresa and asked Brenda, “Is this the new maid Uncle Charlie hired?”

Brenda introduced Theresa to them, “This is Dr. Cameron. She came to apply for Master Calsis’s acupuncturist.” “I see!” Rose didn’t know too much about the people coming to the residence as Uncle Charlie became physically challenged and many would have to come to the residence to see him. She couldn’t recognize every one of them. “Acupuncturist?” Jimmy looked at Theresa in surprise. When did she become an acupuncturist? Rose heard Jimmy’s voice in surprise and looked towards her husband. She asked, “Honey, what’s wrong?” Jimmy showed some displease in his eyes and said to Brenda, “Are you sure she is reliable? Don’t bring anyone into the house. She wouldn’t afford to hurt Uncle Charlie.” I got married yesterday and she comes to apply for a job here? Theresa had been asking Jimmy to transfer the house to her, and she caused quite a lot trouble for him. Jimmy wouldn’t believe that

Theresa came merely to be an acupuncturist. He was sure that Theresa came to cause more trouble for him. As he guessed so, he showed less politeness to Theresa. Rose had thought Jimmy to be a gentle and refined person. He was polite to servants at home. But she was surprised to see him being so harsh to Theresa. She tried to calm Jimmy down. “Honey, she needs to earn herself a living. Don’t say that.” “Rose, you’re being too kind. There are many frauds. Do you think she looks a bit like an acupuncturist?” He had known Theresa for a long time and Theresa had never been anything close to an acupuncturist. You don’t want to fool me, Theresa Cameron!

Theresa looked at Jimmy and felt that he acted as if she owned him a huge amount of money. He had been against her since the moment he appeared. If she didn’t know what happened in these years, she would believe that she really owned him something. She made an ironic laugh. Jimmy looked at her and asked, “What’re you laughing at? You think I’m wrong?”

“No, Mr. Watson is right. Mrs. Waston, you’re still young. You should know that there are many lairs who are not only swindlers and abductors, but also cheaters who would not only hurt your pretty purse but also your feelings. You’d better be careful.”

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