Chapter 2 - Mary's Bad & Great Husband

That evening, Kris Chen lay tossing and turning on the bed well into the early morning, and eventually fell asleep at that moment.

Soon after he fell asleep, he was roused by the voice of his mother-in-law.

"Kris Chen, get up as quickly as you can and take Mary to work!"

Feeling groggy and dull with sleep, Kris thought that was just a dream, then he turned over and went back to sleep.

Just at that moment, the door banged open. Jane Tang came in and gave him a kick impatiently.

"Are you deaf? Didn't you get what I said?"Jane looked down upon him from high up, her arms folded over her chest.

Though Jane was in her forties, she was well-preserved, and it looked like she was only in her thirties with a charm of maturity.

Feeling a pain in his back, Kris got up from the floor in a daze and looked at his grim-looking mother-in- law with a mystified expression.

Was the sun rising from the west? Though they had been married for more than two years, never had Mary Su made public appearances together with Kris, for she thought that Kris would be a disgrace. But that day, she actually asked him to take her to work?

At that instant, Mary entered the room wearing business attire."Are you deaf? Aren't you willing to take me to work?"

On hearing this, Kris hastened to nod his head like a chick pecking at rice, and said eagerly, "I'm willing to help!Yes,I am!"

Mary had been seething with outrage for the reason that the affairs with regard to finding investors were not going so smoothly. It was because of her bad investment that the company was on the brink of bankruptcy for lack of funds.

As the chairman of the firm, she had to be present at an emergency shareholder meeting that morning.

But when she woke up that morning, it occured to her that her car had been driven away by Mina Li.

However, she had no alternative but to ask Kris to take her to work.

Kris get changed quickly, and took Mary to her company on his electric bike. ...

"Couldn't you ride a little faster? If I should be late today, you shall pack your baggage and get prepared to get out of my house!" Watching as one car after another overtook them, Mary could not help but shout to Kris.

Before her voice faded down, she lost her balance all of a sudden and fell backwards!

The electric bike sped up sharply, going at double the speed before, which made Mary subconsciously clasped Kris round the waist in a panic.

A shiver ran down Kris's spine. They had never been so intimate since they get married two years ago,

had they? The leap from being alienated to having a close contact made Kris so exhilarated that he felt like he was full of beans.

In moments, they were at the gate of the company.

Mary looked at her watch, and to her relief, she was not late.

Mary was about to get off the electric bike when a BMW X5 pulled up beside the electric bike, and a well-dressed man got out of the car.

Mingdong Wei coordinated his suit before he came up to Mary and pointed to Kris, "Mary, who is this guy?"

Mary got off the electric bike and said gently, "He is Kris Chen."

"Oh, this is your husband, that wimpish man? "Mingdong Wei quipped as he glanced despisingly at Kris. The wedding held two years ago had startled the whole city, and everyone in Westriver City knew the news that the pearl of Su family had married with an incompetent man.

As he finished speaking, he took off his suit coat and hand it to Mary, "Mary, you must have been freezing all the way. Just put it on, and I had bought you a gift."

As he spoke this, Mingdong Wei opened the trunk to take out a delicate small box.

In the box was an exquisite sapphire necklace, which should look perfect if it was worn around Mary's alabaster neck.

Though jewelry was not in the scope of Su family's business, pursuing beauty is a woman's nature. If her eyes did not deceive her, the necklace should be the 'Heavenly City' series designed by the famous French jewelry designer, Allen.

The collection had 18 necklaces in total, and no woman could refuse such a gift. What's more, the necklace was not something you can buy simply with much money.

The necklace in Mingdong Wei's box was almost identical to the authentic item in design, but if you examine it carefully, you will spot that the sapphire was not very pure in color, and that its surface was not so smooth. The necklace, beyond doubt, was a fake that could be recognized at the first glance.

"Mary, I know you have always wanted that necklace, and it's my fault not to get you the genuine one." Mingdong Wei held out the delicate box, adding, "Though the necklace is a fake, I spent over 200 thousand dollars to order this imitation from a famous domestic jeweler. Just make do with this necklace temporarily, and I promise you to buy you the genuine one within half a month."

"Don't bother," Mary took the necklace as she said calmly, "You can't have it.The 'Heavenly City' is Master Allen's swansong, and it has been either collected or worn by others. Last year, news came that one of the 'Heavenly City' was sold for a staggering price of 20 million US dollars.Therefore, you don't have to waste your time, and this necklace was delicate and beautiful enough."

"Haha..." Mingdong Wei swallowed hard and forced a laugh. 100 million dollars! Yet his total net worth was less than 20 million dollars, which was far below the necklace's value.

"Sweety, this present is too valuable. It is said that one shouldn't receive a reward without making a merit, and we had better give it back to him. If you want the genuine one, I will buy it for you."

Kris snatched the necklace from Mary's hand, and dropped it on the ground. After doing that, he took Mary by the hand and walked toward the company.

"Kris! Are you out of your mind?" Mary hissed.

This is the gate of her company, and how could she, the chairman of the company, throw a fit in public?

Mary tried to withdraw her hand from Kris, but Kris gripped her hand tight.

"Stop right there, you a twerp!" Mingdong Wei got heated. Damn it! He had spent 200 thousand dollars to order this custom-made necklace from that famous jeweler, and it would pain him a lot if the necklace got broken after hitting the ground.

"Didn't you hear what I said?" Mingdong Wei sputtered as he walked up to Kris and pointed his finger at Kris's nose, "Do you know that, bastard? Even if we sold you into slavery, you couldn't afford to break this necklace."

"First, Mary is my wife, please keep your distance from her."

"Second," Kris lifted up two fingers and threw Mingdong Wei's coat onto the floor, "If my sweety is feeling cold, she could wear my coat."

"Third, it was me who should buy her whatever she likes. And my sweety is so beautiful that a fake necklace doesn't go with her beauty.This evening, I will put the genuine 'Heavenly City' around her neck."

"You must be an idiot! Anyone who lives in Westriver City knows that you are a wimp, and you are

trying to brag about yourself to me on your electric bike?!" Mingdong Wei was incensed at Kris's tone, for no one in Westriver City had dared to speak to him, the heir of Wei family, in that way.

To made him even angrier, before he had finished speaking, Kris dragged Mary into the company,completely ignoring him.

"Damn it, that piece of shit!" Outraged, Mingdong Wei kicked over the poor electric bike.

They were in the Chairman's Office of Weimiao company.

Seated on an executive chair, Mary eyed Kris coldly with her lips pressed together, and she nearly choked with anger.

Mingdong Wei was engaged in building materials business, and Wei family of Westriver City was backing him up.

Her company was in dire need of an investment of 8 million dollars, and she would like Mingdong Wei to be that investor.

That's great. Mingdong Wei must have been annoyed with what Kris had done to him.

A phrase suddenly popped into her mind, "Never able to achieve, always able to ruin."

She shouldn't have asked him to send her to the company!

The more she thought about it, the more angry Mary became. Eventually, she shot him an angry glance and said icily, "Why are you still here? Get out of my office!"

"Alright." Kris replied in an injured tone before he turned around and went out of the office.

Seeing his submissive behaviors, Mary got so pissed off that she wanted to bite him!

Many of her female friends had got married during that two years, and their husband were either industry elite or outstanding personalities. Even the worst one among them could be financially independent, contrasting sharply with her own husband, who depended on his wife to feed him.

The grievance in Mary's heart was flooding out like a flood that had burst the dam.The annual meeting of Su family will be held that evening, and she was bound to be mocked by her families then.

"Damn it! Who smashed up my electric bike?" Kris exclaimed outside the Weimiao Company.

He had kept the electric bike for two years, during which he rode it to shop for groceries without stopping for a day. But then, it was trashed up, which made him feel bad.

Bloody hell, it must have been that asshole Mingdong Wei!

As Kris was gnashing his teeth, a couple of women wearing business attire and heels came near him.

They were all employees of Mary's company, standing a few feet away while pointing and talking about Kris.

"Look over there, is that guy the husband of President Su?"

"That's right. I attended their wedding that day."

"That can't be true, right? President Su's husband is riding an electric bike? He looked so poor! What a disgrace it is to President Su!"

Those women could not help but to burst out laughing.

Not even noticing them, Kris let out a sigh and picked up his crippled electric bike, "Rest assured that I will avenge you. Just wait for a while..."

As he said this, he took out his phone and dialed his family's number.