Chapter 3 - Mary's Bad & Great Husband

“Hello, this is Kris Chen speaking. I can help the family as you want, but two conditions must be met.”

“First, send me one of the ‘Heavenly City’ necklaces by the French jewelry designer Ellen. Second, is there a person called Mindong Wei of our family? I want to see him go bankrupt.”

After saying that, Kris hung up the phone, regardless of whether the other side heard him clearly or not.

At this moment, his cell phone vibrated and received a text message from Mary Su: “Kris, now that the annual meeting of the Su family is held tonight, go to buy a new suit, and don’t let me embarrass......”

The Fugui Mountain Villa of the Westriver City was the gathering place of all the rich people in the city. The people who lived here were either rich or influential, and even if you were very rich, you might not be able to buy a villa here.

And this was the place where the family patriarch and Kris met.

Kris was leisurely lying on the couch with Tianzong Chen, the head of the Chen family, sitting opposite him. This man was Kris's own second uncle.

Looking at Kris's uninhibited posture, Tianzong smiled and said, “Kris, though I haven't seen you for two years, you're still the same.”

“Don’t talk about the nonsense, my second uncle, I still have something to do tonight. Just tell me how much fund the family lacks.” Kris picked up the teapot and drank a mouthful of tea.

“Well...” As the head of the Chen family, of course Tianzong had seen all kinds of big scenes, but now he should become very overcautious. So it seemed that even the head of the family was still a little

embarrassed to ask the younger generation for help.

“About 5 billion...”

Oh my god, 5 billion?!

“Well... My wife urged me to go home for dinner, second uncle, let's talk about it next time.” Kris got up from the couch immediately and was about to leave.

“Kris.” Tianzong became anxious and he hurriedly stopped Kris, saying eagerly: “The family is at a crisis right now, and all the efforts made by several generations of hundreds of people in the family will be destroyed in an instant without this fund! Moreover, I promise you the two conditions you asked for. Mingdong will go bankrupt and lose everything tonight, and the ‘Heavenly City’ necklace will be able to send to you after a while since it is already being delivered.”

“I don’t mean to not help you, second uncle, but how can I get so much money?” Kris outstretched his hands and said helplessly.

“Kris, can you just bear to see the family that gave you birth and raised you break up in the end? Besides, you still have 6 billion in your bank account!” Tianzong said excitedly, trying to arouse Kris’s feeling and make him feel touched,“After all, what flows in your body is the blood of Chen family all the time, so you should be tolerant to us no matter how.”

Kris had a smile on his face initially, but the smile faded from his face as he said,“ My second uncle, two years ago, when I bought shares of the Jiangnan Energy, my cousin said That I laundered money and transferred our family property to embezzle. Hundreds of people of the family hit me when I was down, hurled insults at me, and kicked me out of the family just like beating a stray dog, did anyone

stand out and say something for me at that time?”

“As the head of the Chen family, are you not clear that I have made a great amount of money for the family in all those years? Moreover, the 20 million dollars that I used to buy the shares of Jiangnan Energy Group was saved little by little by my own efforts, which was not belonged to the family at all.”

“In the past two years, I have been in the Su family. And I have no place and dignity at all in there, has anyone of the Chen family ever come to see me?”

“If it were not for the break of the family’s capital chain, I’m afraid you have forgotten me long time ago!” Kris clenched his fists and the veins on the back of his hands stood out, obviously he was trying to restrain himself.

“Kris, it’s our fault, and I am here to apologize to you on behalf of the family... But now our family is at a crisis and we really need the money.”

Seeing Kris still be indifferent, Tianzong stepped forward to grab the arm of Kris and said to him word by word,“Kris, as long as you are willing to help the family overcome this difficulty, I can make decision to let you take the position of the President of Huanyu Group and tomorrow you can go to the company to take office, somebody will come to pick you up when the time comes.”

Huanyu Group was the most potential entertainment company of the Chen family, of which the Chen family held the 100% controlling share.

The company now had a few extremely popular A-list stars, several B-list stars, as well as some potential young stars.

All this time, the Group had been running by his cousin, Quan Chen.

And now the second uncle should be willing to give the company to Kris, clearly it could be seen that the Chen family was at great crisis.

“Well, then, just do as you say.” Kris thought for a moment and nodded.

Spending 5 billion buying the Group was indeed a little bit not worth it, but now that the head of the family nearly bowed his head to the ground to beg Kris, then he just had to agree. Anyway, Tianzong was still his second uncle.

As he said, Kris turned and left.

The annual meeting of the Su family was held tonight, but before he went to the meeting, he had another very important thing to do, which was the class reunion.

As the reunion was about to start, Kris thought he definitely could not be late.

He still missed those several good brothers of high school even they did not contact with each other after all those years.

All the classmates would attend the reunion, and it was said that even the beautiful teacher who was in charge of their class at that time would attend as well, so he definitely could not be late.

At the same time, in the Weimiao company.

Mary, who just finished the general meeting of the shareholders, got out of the office and saw several

female staff looking at their phones, laughing and talking at the same time.

She frowned, thinking that how could they not do their job during the working hours?

Mary went over and found out that they were watching a video playing on their mobile phones, and of course the protagonist of the video was Kris.

“Just rest assured, I will definitely revenge for you!”

The Kris in the video carefully picked up the electric car, being extremely aggrieved.

“Who is this weirdo? He’s so funny!”

“The weirdo you just called is the husband of Ms.Su.”

“What? Just that loser who depends on Ms.Su for a living? I thought it was rumor and didn’t expect it was true!”

Those women gathered around in a circle and laughed at Kris while looking at the video on their mobile phones.

“Just guess what I saw when I came this morning.” One woman mysteriously said, putting down her phone.

“What did you see? Come on, tell us.” Those women all looked at her curiously.

“Here's the thing...” The woman stood up and spoke eloquently, telling the cause and effect of the

whole thing clearly. When she said that Kris patted his chest and wanted to buy Mary the "Heavenly City" necklace, those women all laughed.

“Ha ha, now that he was so poor, he should still want to buy the necklace, that's definitely the funniest joke I've heard this year.”

“Of course, a loser who depends on his wife for a living even wants to buy the "Heavenly City" which costs 20 million dollars? He totally loses his mind!”

Just as they made fun of Kris unscrupulously, one of the girls turned back to take her bag, and she happened to see Mary who stood behind them.

The girl froze at once. The other women, feeling something was wrong, turned around and saw Mary as well, and their expressions changed instantly.

“Ms....Ms.Su, we...we......”

They all faltered and could not say anything, one of the girls was very timid and she was about to cry with tears filling in her eyes after seeing Mary’s angry look.

“ get back to work.” After saying this, Mary turned around and walked away.

When she went back to her office, Mary was so angry that her eyes became red, she bit her lip, feeling very embarrassed because of Kris. As the chairman of the company, she had no authority to run the company now that everyone in the company knew about her family scandal. She felt worried and anxious.

At the same time, Kris returned home in a happy mood. But as soon as he opened the door, he saw his mother-in-law Jane Tang sitting on the couch, crossing her legs and looking at him coldly, “You're back just in time. Come here. I have something to tell you.”