Chapter 6 - Mary's Bad & Great Husband

“Mary Su, I just want to say, what kind of wife will let her husband wear like that? Are you being so poor now? Besides, is the dress on you non-branded and does it cost you a few hundred dollars?” Declared Hai Su with some satisfaction. “You’re so weird. How could you wear such shabby clothes to come here?”

“Did you see the suit on me? It’s privately designed for me by Italy’s Naples suit factory. It costs me fifty thousand dollars.”


“Oh my god, fifty thousand dollars, does he mean four hundred thousand RMB?”

Hai’s words made everyone there exclaim. Most of the women was stunned. Hai’s such a rich boy. If someone had the opportunity to marry him, she’ll definitely get rich and go into the upper class, won’t she?

Mary Su’s face went pale immediately. Her non-branded dress did cost her three hundred dollars.

Fifty thousand dollars for a suits. She didn’t even dare to think about it.

Seeing people’s eyes of ridicule, Mary felt so uncomfortable. Her face was pale, she was standing still like a clown being watched by everyone.

Then Kris walked over and gave out his hand, he touched the suits of Hai.

“Fuck off!” Hai was scared by him, he scolded, “You beggar! Did you ever wash your hands? If my suits is stained, can you afford to pay it?”

Kris smiled: “ You said your suits was designed by Italy’s Naples suit factory. I want to ask you which factory is called Naples? Don’t you know where is your clothes from? How can you tell it is the real deal?”

“I…I can’t remember. I just know it’s from a famous designer in Italy’s Naples suit factory.”

” “Haha…” Kris sneered: “So could you tell us who is this famous designer?”

“It’s.. It’s…” Hai was dumbfounded. How could he know the name of the designer?

“You don’t know it, do you?” Kris patted on his shoulder. “I can tell you. If I was right, you thought this suits was made by the founder of the Naples suit factory-CiroPanoe. The clothes he designed was unique in this world. You can’t find the same one. Besides, they always use the top fabrics in the world. Your suite touched so coarse, not to mention the crack on it. What’s more, a privately designed clothes will not have a brand on it. Please put off your fake brand before bragging, can you?”

“The suits on you is just a fake one, it couldn’t compare with my wife’s dress which costs three hundred dollars. You fooled us because you think we have untrained eyes, don’t you? Or do you think we’re not fashion so you can fool us easily?”

A series of questions made Hai speechless, his face went an ugly green.

People were all quiet.

Everyone was dumbfounded. They didn’t expect Hai would wear a fake suits. What made them even

more surprised was what Kris said.

“I’ll tell you what. My wife didn’t care about what she wears. But she’s particular about her decorations.” Kris stared at Mary and said. “My wife was wearing a necklace called ‘Heavenly City’. If you haven’t heard its name, you should google about the famous French jewelry designer-Allen, then you’ll know it.”

Someone immediately took out his phone and googled it. He was surprised by what he found. “Oh my god, this was the final work of a famous French jewelry designer-Allen. It had been sold for 20 million dollars on an auction last year.”


People were stirred up.

“No wonder it’s called the ‘Heavenly City”. How beautiful it is!”

“Look at the sapphire on it. I heard it was the best one selected from a few thousand sapphires.”

People were all stunned. Although they haven’t seen the necklace before, they can tell the expensive price from its beautiful sapphire.

Compared with the information they found online, it’s exactly the same! The necklace was real!

Oh my god, she’s wearing a necklace worth 20 million dollars!

Mary suddenly became the focus of people. Women all gathered around to see the necklace.

“Wow, it’s so gorgeous.”

The words showed their envy at Mary.

Mary couldn’t help looking at Kris. She didn’t hate him so much now. It’s the first time she looked at him so carefully during two years.

But Mary also knew Kris’s capacity. He must have searched the information online secretly.

Seeing Mary surrounded by the crowd, Hai was so angry, he shouted: “Nonsense. My suit was real!”

“Haha…” Kris smiled without words.


There was a “clap” sound.

Kris felt the pain on the face, he subconsciously covered his face.

The clap was so sudden, Jane did it without any signs. Kris failed to react.

The next moment, there was a dead silence in the manor, people all turned around to see them.

“You bastard! What are you talking about? Apologize to Hai, now!” Jane scolded.

Didn't this fool know that Hai is the apple of the old lady’s eyes? The Family Su was under the control

of the old lady.

If Kris offended Hai, the whole family will be incriminated.

“Mom, why did you hit him?” Mary walked out of the crowd and stood in front of Jane.

No matter how much she hated Kris, but he was the one who jumped in and defended her. Or she will become a joke tonight.

“Get out of my way, it’s none of your business.” Jane pulled Mary away and said.

Kris felt great pain on his face, but the only thing that pleased him was that Mary’s behavior.

They have been married for two years. It’s the first time Mary defended him.

Kris smiled, he glanced at Mary and left.

“Where…Where are you going?” Jane was so angry, she pointed at Kris. “Go back and apologize to Hai right now!”

Hearing what Jane said, Kris’s expression became more and more serious, he quickened his steps.

Right at this moment, the door of the manor was opened suddenly, an old lady came out.

“Is everyone here?”

The old lady o Su Family walked on the stage of the manor with the help of her granddaughter.

Her appearance made the scene silent. People were all staring at the old lady.

“Our family is growing bigger and bigger. I’m glad to see you’re so young and dynamic. That’s what you should be like.” Staring at the descendants of Family of Su, the old lady was happy “Don’t be so quiet. Enjoy your dinner, please. Besides, I have an announcement to make.”

The old lady was so old that she couldn’t stand for too long. So she seated herself under the help of others. Then she said: “I’ve heard that the president of Huanyu Group has been changed. It’s said that the new one is an important person in Family Chen. He’ll come into office tomorrow.”

“What? Someone replaced the president of Huanyu Group?”

“It can’t be true. The son of Chen’s master is the president of the Group, isn’t he?”

“Who is the new one? Is he more important than the son of Chen’s master?”

In a moment, people present all started to whisper, they were curious about the new president.

“Is he one of the elders in Family Chen?” Someone speculated.

Over 60 percent of Su Family’s business was related to entertainment. If they can cooperate with Family Chen, their business will be even better.

However, Huanyu Group is picky about their partner to cooperate with, a third-rate family like Family Su is not qualified to cooperate with Huanyu Group. After all, the family behind the Group is the first family- Family Chen in Jiangnan.

Despite the difficulties, Su Family wanted to give a try.

The old lady looked around and said: “Is there anyone who’s willing to discuss the cooperation with Huanyu Group? If someone succeeds, he will be the hero of our family, I’ll reward him.”