Chapter 5 - Mary's Bad & Great Husband

Rui Liu is the acknowledged beauty in everyone’s eyes, of course she’s not worse than those popular stars in Huanyu Group.

She is a beautiful woman, no wonder she’ll be discovered by the talent scout.

Despite the fact that she’s so gorgeous, people couldn’t help being jealous of her..

As they know, Huanyu Group is the top entertainment company in Westriver city, with the Group’s resources and capacity, if Rui can be signed as an artist, she’ll definitely go viral.

Kris Chen standing aside was interested in this, he didn’t expect Rui would sign the contract with Huanyu Group. After today, Huanyu Group will be one of his assets, and Rui will also become one of his artists.

Thinking of this, Kris smiled and went over to chat with Rui.

Before Kris started to talk, as soon as he sat down, Rui frowned and moved her seat farther from Kris, she felt disgusting: "You stink! Can you keep away from me, please?"

Kris was shocked and subconsciously explained, "I'm sorry that I didn't have time to take a bath in my hurry."

Covering her nose in disgust, Rui said, "Kris, can't you take a bath and change into some decent clothes before going this place? Look at the dust on you, I thought you were a migrant worker who broke in.”

The clothes has been washed yesterday, besides, there wasn’t any unpleasant smells on him, nothing

but have a faint smell of peppermint laundry liquid.

What's wrong with migrant worker? Can't migrant workers come to this place?

Kris just was about to argue, but was taken away by his best friend in high school-Zhi Sun.

While they were at school, Kris had good grades, but Zhi was always left behind by other students. It’s a surprise that these two boys with totally different characteristics and experience have become the best friend of each other.

Zhi pulled Kris away to the corner. He sighed and shook his head, "Kris, women like Rui are not the ones we can talk to. We gotta be realistic."

Kris was stunned, looking at Zhi’s depressed expression, it seemed that his best friend has went through a tough time over the years.

He smiled and didn’t argue. Instead, he changed the subject and asked about Zhi’s situation.

They had not seen each other for many years, but as soon as they opened their mouths, they won’t stop talking. This gave Kris an illusion that he has gotten back to school days.

After a few rounds of drink, people who were there were tipsy more or less, the scene was lit up.

As the centre of attention, Rui was toasted for many times, after a few rounds, she has been drunk.

Her peach blossom-like face was so charming, men who were there all fell for her at once.

Everyone was happy to attend the party, but for they had to work the next day, they didn't enjoy it to the fullest, so Hai Wang suggested that they should get together next weekend and call their head teacher to come.

Hai's proposal was unanimously approved.

After the party, a few men have rushed to send Rui home. However, after getting out of KTV, Rui directly got on a Mercedes G and left.

The women present all felt envy at Rui, they hated themselves just for not being good-looking like Rui.

"I'd like to take out ten years of my life in exchange for one night with such a beauty." Zhi swallowed his saliva and said.

Kris looked at the direction that Rui left and smiled.

“I hope I can give you a surprise tomorrow!” Kris sneered in his heart.

At this time, his phone rang up, the caller ID was: My dear wife.

He hurriedly put through the phone, before opening his mouth, he heard the voice of Mary Su which sounded cold: "Where are you now? Do you want everyone wait here for you to come? Are you trying to embarrass me?"

Mary's voice sounded so cold, also mixed with a trace of disappointment.

Damn it! Kris patted his forehead. How could he forget that!

Kris hurriedly said to Zhi: “See you next week.” Then he quickly took out the key from his pocket to unlock his electric motorcycle.

He failed to turn on it several times due to his rush action and he’s kind of drunk now.

"Haha, how poor Kris is, how could he drive an electric car to attend the classmate reunion, it’s so shameful!"

"Don't you make fun of his Emma. Emma is a national brand!"

"Hahaha, that’s right, a really famous brand!"

A few female classmates were making fun of Kris.

Of course Kris heard all of this, but he was too lazy to talk to these women with long hair and short knowledge. After unlocking his electric car, he ran out immediately.

At the gate of a luxury villa in Westriver city, Mary’s black evening dress emphasized her beautiful and slim body.

On her jade-like neck, it was a dazzling sapphire necklace.

The sapphire gave a nice contrast to her white and delicate skin. It looked like the most beautiful painting in the world.

Kris was so stunned that he didn’t know what to say.

Mary looked at Kris's dumb face, she was expressionless but said coldly: "A lot of family’s elders will come at the party, please don’t say anything to embarrass me.”

Kris finally reacted, he nodded gently without saying a word, he parked his new electric motorcycle and got on the car.

As a result, before he sat still, his mother-in-law Jane Tang started to scold him.

"Look at you! The alcohol and the dust on you! Where's your suit? Do you want shame us in front of our families? You’re such a bastard!"

Jane was wearing a white evening dress while her daughter was wearing a black one. They served as a foil to each other and looked like twin sisters.

Kris touched his head and smiled awkwardly without speaking.

Seeing Kris this way, Jane was so angry that she even wanted to throw the bag at his hand.

Mary tried to pacify her mother who’s furious right now: "Mom, don't be angry."

"Honey, you should listen to me, tomorrow you go to the civil affairs bureau and get divorced with this bastard. Even if you don’t consider for yourself, please think for me. If things go on like this, I’ll be mad sooner or later.

Mary didn’t speak, she looked at Kris through the rearview mirror, failed to hide the disappointment in her eyes. She didn’t know why she’s so disappointed.

Without saying a word on the way, three people came to the manor of Family Su.

By this time, the parking lot at the gate of the manor was already already filled, all of them were luxury cars without exception.

Almost all the guests have arrived, and the lawn of the manor was filled by the guests.

They gathered in small groups, toasting to each other and chatting.

When Mary came over, many of them greeted her.

On this occasion, Kris was almost invisible. He followed behind Mary, all the people subconsciously ignored him.But it’s not bad, less talk, less mistakes.

Kris only drank some wine on the classmates reunion. Touching his stomach, he felt kind of hungry, so he decided to find something to eat.

"Oh, aren’t you the dear husband of Mary Su, Kris?" Hai Su walked up to Kris, looked him up and down, and immediately exclaimed, "Wow, I think I have seen this clothes on a beggar by the roadside, did you take it from a beggar?"

Hai deliberately wanted to embarrass Kris, that’s why he talked loudly, people were all attracted by him, Kris immediately became the focus of the audience.

Kris touched his nose. Why does this idiot like making fun of him so much? Is he really disgusting?

Seeing Kris didn’t defend for himself, Hai added:" You see, I’m right. If you can’t afford to buy clothes, you can call me, I have a lot of clothes at home, I can give them to you.”

"Nonsense, my wife bought me this clothes." Kris explained. "Besides, if I really have nothing to wear, my wife will buy it for me."


People around laughed at him, it’s the first time them saw an adult man depending on his wife and being so proud. It’s wonderful!

"Kris... Come here!"

Mary felt shameful, looking at all the eyes of guests, she felt she’s never been so humiliated in her life.

If it’s not the family’s strict rule that all of the family members should attend the annual meeting, Mary won’t let Kris appear here anyway.

Right at this moment, Hai stood up and said something, the audience were stirred up again!