Chapter 3 - Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

Edison quickly locked the door before going back home with Sabrina.

Who could it be? One of my ex-girlfriends, perhaps? Impossible. I had been in a relationship with several girls back in college, but they had all ended. Some of them had gotten married and others had gotten a great job. Who would have time driving this far just to visit me?

Edison thought about who it could be as he followed his sister towards home.

After walking for a mile, Edison heard the sound of running water. Some of the women in the village were washing hands in the flowing river, giggling as if they are talking about something fun. Life in the village was dull but interesting at times.

He called them aunts because they were older than him, though they looked much younger. Nothing like those women of the same age that you would see on TV. The women in his village had radiant skin and barely any wrinkles; maybe it was something in the water or the herbs they used in their food.

The weather was hot and they were all wearing loose shirts and pants. Edison could see their big boobs when they bent down. Though they were nothing like Connie, who was a sexy slut, the view was still hot.

“Oh look, it’s Edison! How are you boy! You look so handsome!”

“Edison, come to my place for dinner. Your uncle is not at home. It’s only me. I’ll cook you a delicious meal,” they all giggled and winked, making fun of Edison.

The men at this time of the year were out in the fields tending to the harvest. Farming made little money, so they had to supplement their income with other ways as well. Their wives were left dying for a cock. And Edison was a handsome educated young man, nothing like their husbands. He was a hot anomaly in the village.

Edison smirked and stood by the river, staring at the sexy women. Girls in his college did not have boobs as big as these women, plus they wore bras that kept everything in.

“If you really want me to go with you, I'll spend the night there. You don't have to play with cucumbers. But I'm afraid that your husband will beat me up when he’s back!” Edison knew that they were just making fun of him. Nothing would happen if he actually ended up going with any one of them.

Their faces turned red, “You bastard, don’t make fun of us! Is this what you’ve learned at school?”

“No wonder you became a gynecologist. You dirty boy. I knew your dirty thoughts when I saw you the first time.” They all chortled at him.

Instead of getting angry, Edison grinned and waved at the women before taking up pace towards home. After Edison walked away, the women discussed with each other, “Gosh, I wish my husband was like Edison. So tall and handsome! I bet he could fuck me for a long time.”

“He’s a good boy, not only handsome but smart as well!”

One of the ladies in the group sighed, “I do not know what he thought about! Why come back to this backward place after graduating from college? Girls in the village would not want to marry a gynecologist.”

Most people living in the village took a male gynecologist as an indecent job. Some did not even want to say “hi” whenever they came across Edison on the street. No one wanted their daughter to be with him.

However, Edison knew nothing about this.

Edison’s parents’ house was on a slope; the large wooden beams on the roof could be seen from a long way back. His father, Albert, was sitting on the verandah smoking. Years of hard work on the farm made him look older than people of his age. His face showed hard lines from the journey of his life. Edison knew that his father was angry as soon as he saw the face.

“You little bastard!” Albert blew up as soon as Edison came into view. He had spent a lot of money sending him to college. Now his son was back in the village, as a gynecologist! A disgrace to his family! Back then, he was so proud of Edison that he had celebrated with the other men of the village. Now he felt shame and embarrassment!

“How can you say that? Edison gets a salary. He’s making more money for the family than you.” Edison’s mother immediately piped up, sticking up for her son.

This was not the first time that Edison had heard this. He knew well what his parents were thinking about. He smiled bitterly, “Why did you ask me to come back early from work? Whatever for?”

Albert says, “I’ve found you a fiancée. She’s a nice girl from a good family, and she’s supportive of your work. You have to accept Gina as your fiancée. Her family can help you climb the career ladder as far as possible. If she’s okay with it, you two can even get married tonight.”

Edison had been away for some time and he could not even remember who Gina was. “Which Gina?”

"It's the village head's daughter Gina! She wants to marry you!" Edison’s mother beamed brightly.

She had been worried as well about Edison’s future, though she was not as vocal as her husband. But when the news came that Gina wanted to marry her son, she had sighed in relief. Who could have ever guessed that Gina wanted to marry her son? It was like a dream come true for her!

“Puff...” Edison almost spurted out the water he just drank, “Gina, the village head’s daughter? No... I can’t do this.” Edison vehemently shook his head.

“Gina is here, Edison!” Sabrina shouted out from down the street. Edison followed the voice and saw a 17-year-old girl with a slim body and silky smooth skin. He could probably hold her slender waist with both of his hands. As he took a good look at her body, Edison could not help imaging putting his cock into her hot body and driving it back and forth inside her cunt.

But looking at her face, Edison felt disappointed. With such beautiful curves, there was a mole on her cheek which Edison disliked. There was a superstition in his village that a mole on a girl’s face symbolized an unlucky person and marrying her would cause the man to fall on hard times.

However, Gina’s face lightened up when she saw Edison, “Edison, do you remember me?”

“Of course, Gina! How are you?” Edison had not seen her for a few years. He felt kind of strange seeing her now.

Gina was the village head’s daughter. She did not have to do any work; she just stayed at home and enjoyed her life. If not for the mole, dozens of men would want to marry her. Her body was really hot: big boobs, hot ass, and slender waist. Men would get a hard-on as soon as they laid eyes on her.

“Gina, come here and have a seat. Join us for the dinner. You and Edison have not seen each other for a long time.” Albert thought Gina was the best option given Edison’s awkward job. Besides, Gina was from a rich family; what more could his son want?

On the dinner table, Sabrina glanced at Edison with an angry face. Edison glanced at Gina but could not figure out what to say. He had been home only for a few days and his parents had already found him a fiancée.

“Gina, have a seat,” Edison said. Gina smiled happily and immediately sat down next to Edison.

“Edison, you know that I want to marry you, right? I told your parents already and my dad also agreed. I will even ask my dad to pull some strings for you and make you a doctor at the big city hospital in the town.”

Gina had a crush on Edison since she was a little girl. Her addiction to Edison had not faded after all these years. She would do anything for him. After Edison went to college, she thought that they would never meet each other again. But Edison was back now. She had hugged him tightly and had pictured him lying down in bed and waiting for her to get naked so he could fuck her.

Edison did not miss the fact that Gina kept on shifting closer until she was right up against Edison’s chair, almost throwing her body towards his side.

Hearing that Gina would help their son get into a big hospital, Edison’s parents beamed with excitement.

“Thank you so much, Gina!”

They both then turned to Edison, “Are you going to keep Gina waiting for your answer? Say ‘yes’ now, son!”