Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

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Synopsis about Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

Instead of staying in the big city, Edison went back to the village as a gynecologist after graduation. His village was economically backward and he was wanted by every woman as the only gynecologist. But was he popular just because he was a gynecologist?
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Chapter1 The Clinic

It was a hot and humid day during this time in the village. After days of working here as a gynecologist, Edison was surprised (in a good way) to finally see a possible patient walking inside his clinic. He quickly scanned the female visitor from head to toe. The woman standing in front of him seemed to be over twenty years of age. She was not so tall; perhaps around 5’3. Her skin was clear and bright. Wearing black silk stockings, her curvy yet shapely body was in full view of Edison. A blue blouse and a short dress made her look like a fairy that did not belong here. She timidly sat down, giving Edison a nice view of her big boobs that the small bra could not keep in. Edison shuffled in his seat and looked down at his notepad. Fuck. This was going to be difficult.

Chapter 2 Fuck Me Another Day

Connie spread her legs wide; her stockings were in a perfect place, giving a clear view of her white inner thighs. Edison swallowed and put his hands on her soft and silky thighs. It feels so damn good. He wanted so badly to bite her thighs and fuck her right here with his huge cock. He pretended to check her body as he touched Connie’s thighs again and again. As his hands reached deeper and deeper towards her cunt, Connie at the same time starts wiggling on the chair like a snake. Her body was so soft and she started panting lightly. “Ohh, it’s itch...itchy!

Chapter 3 She Wanted to Marry Me

Edison quickly locked the door before going back home with Sabrina. Who could it be? One of my ex-girlfriends, perhaps? Impossible. I had been in a relationship with several girls back in college, but they had all ended. Some of them had gotten married and others had gotten a great job. Who would have time driving this far just to visit me?

Chapter 4 What A Beauty!

Holding Edison’s arms, Gina’s soft boobs were against his elbows. He could clearly tell that Gina was not wearing a bra - he could feel her hard nipples rubbing against his skin.As excited as Edison was, he was shocked for everything was going too fast. Everyone in his family had known what was going on except him.

Chapter 5 Sabrina’s Decision

Edison was riding Gina, feeling Gina’s hands fondling his hot cock. Her hands felt like a piece of ice on his flaming hot cock. He groaned loudly. A shiver went through his body. But he sensed that someone was staring at them.

Chapter 6 Sabrina’s Body

Sabrina saying that she would be his fiancé surprised Edison. There was silence in the room. Even his father, who always had something to say, did not say a word at this moment. “So how about this idea? Marry Sabrina to Edison?” Edison’s mother nudged her husband. Edison frowned, he did not know what his parents thought about the idea. As for him, he did not want Sabrina to be his wife.

Chapter 7 Gary’s Return

“Hurry up. Your mom was asleep when I came over. Let’s keep our voices down so she does not wake up.” Sabrina urged softly. Edison was on top of Sabrina, covering her whole tiny body which was as soft as a marshmallow. He rubbed her cock on her pussy opening, coating it with his pre-cum and her wetness. He could hear her moaning and withering underneath him.

Chapter 8 Teach Chucker a Lesson

Edison was happy that Gary left him all the tools. He was going to catch as many pheasants as possible.Gary was a person who liked to have petty advantages out of every situation. He only needed three pheasants, but on hearing that Edison was willing to help, he wanted more than three to take back to the office. He was exactly the kind of person that people would call greedy.

Chapter 9 Obsessed With Fanny

Edison had been obsessed with Fanny since he was little. Back then, she wore only silk stockings unlike the other women in the village. After all, she was from the city near the village. She knew how to dress well.The image of her long legs in silky black stockings excited Edison, who would never forget that image. Because of Fanny, he had developed a yearning for silk stockings.

Chapter 10 I’m Not a Liar

On their way to Fanny’s house, Edison grabbed her ass, kneaded her tits, and touched her down there from time to time. Fanny’s pants were getting wet. After they walked for about twenty minutes, the house was only a few miles away. It was a three-story well-decorated building with a big yard, one of the best houses in the village.Fanny urged Edison to leave as they approached the house, “Edison, it’s late. You should go. If George sees that we are together, he may misunderstand you.”