Chapter 2 - Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

Connie spread her legs wide; her stockings were in a perfect place, giving a clear view of her white inner thighs. Edison swallowed and put his hands on her soft and silky thighs. It feels so damn good. He wanted so badly to bite her thighs and fuck her right here with his huge cock. He pretended to check her body as he touched Connie’s thighs again and again. As his hands reached deeper and deeper towards her cunt, Connie at the same time starts wiggling on the chair like a snake. Her body was so soft and she started panting lightly.

“Ohh, it’s itch...itchy!

“What?” Edison asked.

“Edison, help me. I don’t know why. It’s itchy down there. Help me!”

Holding Connie’s legs, Edison leaned closer to examine her pussy to figure out why she felt itchy. He could smell the sweetness of her cunt.

He could tell that Connie was embarrassed and was trying to avoid eye contact with him. Edison blows a breath into her cunt, making her move her hips up and down. It seemed that the next minute she would clench around Edison’s head with her legs.

“What’s wrong with me? Have you found out the reason? I can’t take it. It burns!” Connie shivered on the chair.

Edison did not expect that Connie would react like this. Her body was begging for his cock when he touched her pussy. She’s such a fucking slut. Edison almost came in his pants as he felt her panting underneath him.

“It’s inflamed. Don’t worry. This is very common. Do you shower every day?”

“Of course I fucking shower every day! I’ve no idea why it’s itchy all the time. Give me some pills, or do you want to treat it now?” Connie’s eyes are glassy with lust.

Edison was shocked. He had to cure his patient, but he and Gary were good friends since childhood. He can’t just fuck his wife. He can’t.

“Listen, Connie. Given the situation, it is either you or your husband. Does Gary take a shower before you make love? Maybe it’s him.” Edison analyzes the reason while looking into her cunt with his mouth watering.

“No, it’s not him. He’s been at work for half a month.” Connie put her long legs on Edison’s shoulder, bringing Edison closer towards her pussy. Edison swallowed loudly. Shit.

“Are you meeting someone else, Connie? If you take a shower every day, then it has to be your sexual partner,” Edison asked.

Connie stares into Edison’s eyes and lies back on the chair, her waist moves up, and her legs clench Edison’s neck tighter and tighter. “Cu...cumber...” she mumbles.

It was not her fucking fault! Gary had been traveling for work so what was she supposed to do? She had used a cucumber when she wanted to be fucked by a cock. Now Edison’s standing in front of her, she’s like a dry land waiting to be watered. She’s like a hungry animal eager to be fed.

Edison could not take his eyes away from her. Pulling his body right against hers, Connie whispers, “I can’t take it anymore, Edison. Help me. You’re a gynecologist, you know what to do with me. Please help me stop it. It’s itchy.” Before she finishes these words, her hands start to run all over Edison’s body.

Her boobs rise and fall against Edison’s chest. “Connie, let me go. You’re in the clinic. I’m your gynecologist!” Edison’s cock becomes even harder.

“So what? There’s nobody here except you and me. Come on, Edison. I don’t want Gary. I want you. You said that you want a baby. Let’s create one!”

The chair creaked as Connie pulled Edison onto the chair. Connie held Edison tightly and began to undress him. She kissed him on his chest.

Edison’s mind is exploding. His blood rushed to his cock and all he wanted to do is fuck Connie till she begs more. Edison was so fucking confused. Gary was her...fuck him, Connie is Edison’s ex. “Let’s do it. Gary wouldn’t have a chance to marry you if I didn’t go to college.”

Edison collapsed on her chest, grabbing her boobs hard.

“Ohh...Edison. Fuck...fuck me...!” Connie moaned loudly.

When Edison was about to thrust his cock into Connie’s cunt, a loud knock interrupted them. “What are you doing, Edison? Why is the door locked? Dad is looking for you.”


“Damn it. It’s my sister, Connie.” Edison started to get up from Connie’s soft chest but Connie firmly held him, “Edison, fuck me now!”

“I can’t. If Sabrina sees us, she will tell my father.” Edison managed to stand up. Connie was visibly upset and took on her panties, “You turned me on and now you don’t want to fuck me. What should I do with my wet pussy, Edison?”

Edison grinned, “Take this liquid with you. Mix it with water to clean your pussy. You’ll be fine.”

“Ouch!” Edison cries out while Connie grabbed his cock. She’s shocked as she stared at its girth, “It’s fucking huge!” Connie smiled.

She stared at Edison with a different look, like a woman who’s waiting to be fucked to death. She touched Edison’s pants gently, “Edison, I’ll come here tomorrow and you must examine me carefully.”

Edison swallowed, “No problem, Connie.”

Edison walked over to the door with her. When he opened the door Sabrina, his sister, stared at Edison, “What took you so long?”

“I was with a patient Sabrina and you interrupted us...” He replied in an annoyed voice.

“Well, do you have to lock the door when you’re with your patient? Connie is your ex and now married, you better keep that in mind,” Sabrina eyed Connie distastefully.

“What are you saying? Your brother is a gynecologist, not a rapist,” Connie replied in a naughty voice while nudging Edison. She stared at Edison’s pants and he could not help but swallow. If only Sabrina had not interrupted...

When Connie walked away, Sabrina spoke to Edison, “Dad told me to bring you home. Edison, do not talk to that slut again!”

Edison sighed, “Alright, alright, why does the father want me back home so early?”

“A girl is looking for you!”

A girl? She could have come to the clinic if she was sick? Why is she at my home?